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Re: Question for Sami Caius posts good generic ideas, and we have tested them already quite some time ago.
I mean, would you believe that we have pondered marriage in the game a lot.

Back in 2002, we introduced wives somewhat in the manner of resource generator - resource drain, and slow process.
What didn't the next year, or in 2004, or in 2005, was that we couldn't find any more big task that would have a longer lifespan of featured enjoyment than marriage.
[If we exaggerate, for some who find there's nothing more to do in the game than eat, it could turn into situation where there's nothing more to do than eat and feed one's wife.]

Well, here's snippet from 2002 news.txt, the system was pinpointed like this. It still wasn't holy grail, and after some years I found it all too sloppy.

Code: [Select]
version: 2.70
released: Dec-14-2002

- added possibility to get a wife

       * It takes some time to  get  her  interested.  You
         must be a known person in the village where  your
         sweetheart lives,  so  remember  to  visit  there
         pretty often.
       * It all starts by talking with a girl. You can ask
         her some directions or anything at  all  to  make
         a contact. After you get to know each other a bit
         you can occasionally greet her or have  a  little
         chat with no particular reason. You know...
       * You'll notice when the girl gets interested.
       * Women love gifts, so be sure  to  give   valuable
         items to your sweetheart. (There's finally a good
         use for anklets and necklaces) You propably  know
         that  women like   expensive  furs  and beautiful
         clothes more than weapons and tools.
       * Talk to the girl a lot,  leave  the  village  and
         come back after a while, let  her  miss  you  for
         awhile, then return and surprise her with a  gift
         and so on...
         Do this for days, weeks or months -  whatever  it
         takes. Patience is  good.  If  you  think  things
         aren't going fast enough you may try to give  her
         more and more gits. Listen to her -  you'll  then
         know where you are going.
       So what's so special about  a wife  then?  If  love
       doesn't count there's still something left;
       If  you are wounded or suffer from a disease, every
       night slept with your  beloved  one  improves  your
       healing rate. So it's a good idea to  come home  to
       rest with your wife if you've got hurt  during your
         Cookery made with your wife is twice as fast  as
       alone and you'll make better meals  too.  So  it's
       very reasonable  to come home to your wife  afer a
       succesfull hunt, and prepare the prey together.
          Wife can be told to stay at the certain place.
       Usual procedure is to tell your wife to wait  for
       you, at your cottage for example,  when   you  go
       hunting or on a dangerous expedition. Chat option
       'Greet' is used to tell your wife to  stay  where
       you are or to walk with you.
          After you've got  yourself  a  wife  your  main
       objective as a man is to  keep  her  fed.  If  you
       leave her alone without food for a long  time  you
       can be sure she'll be gone when you come back.  So
       always remember to give her enough food  when  you
       are going away for days.

December 19, 2017, 04:52:16 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
The toughest squirrel I've encountered.

Shall we call it a... wait for it... R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Strength)?

December 22, 2017, 02:09:44 PM
Huge big seasons greetings -- plus winter sales and late year releases The time has come to say seasons greetings to all of you. It was the winter solstice yesterday, and now we're slowly heading towards the increasing daylight.
And I'll be heading towards the holiday season and wish you all great times whatever you may, or may not be celebrating.

In case you are wondering whether or how you would go about getting your hands on the fresh 3.50beta version, we'll let you know that show-stopping bugs haven't been found since the last hotfix and Steam Winter sale is going on our UnReal World store page beta being available for purchasers. We'll release 3.50beta as standalone version as well, but that will take place after the holidays, closer to new year 2018.

Here's the huge big seasons greetings to each and everyone of you, from the tiny dev and the winter tree. This very tree is kind of a local Ent to me.
Merry whatever, fellow adventurers!

December 22, 2017, 05:06:40 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
The toughest squirrel I've encountered.

Shall we call it a... wait for it... R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Strength)?
I don't think they exist.  ;)

December 22, 2017, 10:37:27 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority When marriage is added, I would like gay marriage to be a thing too - or at least partnerships of some kind where two people would go off and live together and make a life together.
December 31, 2017, 08:17:02 AM
3.50 (beta 2) released for everyone All the best to everyone for 2018!
We'll hereby start the year with release of 3.50 beta version for everyone.
You can grab it at homepage downloads section.
For those interested in venturing into the far north on Steam, notice that the x-mas there still continues, and you can find your way there from the above download page as well.

January 01, 2018, 08:32:18 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I am a bit afraid it would turn the game community a bit weird as seen in different games that deal with such features such as stardew valley, rimworld... Maybe a  mariage that does not say its name would be enough, lifetime companion? A way to hire both genders as companions would do the trick, a little love for all these village maiden that are useless as for now.
January 09, 2018, 06:36:14 PM
Re: Fine Items Hm, if that applies to tools as well, then the answer is actually no, as that would mean a Fine broad knife is no better than a Decent one for skinning. You get a fighting impact bonus, but no fighting skill bonus.

It can also be noted that the quality/type of tools can prevent you from producing items of high quality. If I remember correctly (which might not be the case), a broad knife worse than Decent is incapable of producing Superior skin, while a Decent knife of any other kind isn't sufficient to reach the Superior level (I think Fine is OK, but it might require Masterwork).

Acolyte posted while I typed...
See above. You should definitely get your hands on a Broad Knife because it's the right tool for skinning. Upgrading a Decent one to a Fine one may or may not achieve anything, however (you can also chase Njerps, as they frequently carry broad knives).

January 21, 2018, 01:43:57 PM
Ending up far up on land when using punt I used a punt to cross a river by zooming out, traveling one tile, and then zooming in. I then ended up far up on land (while still on a river tile), presumably because I've gone there during the winter, and thus have zoomed out from the water. The tile is a river bend tile and my location is some 5 tiles diagonally from the river course changing point (on the "outside" of the "knee").

There's a need for a check that the stored zoomed in location is valid for the traveling mode, and use the default one if it isn't.

This is a minor inconvenience as I'm using a punt, but I wouldn't like that to happen with a raft loaded up with logs...

February 20, 2018, 09:56:21 AM
February life Hey good people and fellow adventurers,

time for a little february life update as I've seemed to be semi-absent for awhile. What went down is that I took some time to travel to Norway to meet some friends,
came back and discovered the beauty of february winter snow blankets and increasing sunglight,
equipped my new cross-country skis and had a blast with them in the woods for days,
then developed a nasty flu -- and now recovering from all that.
Because of all this I've been very slow on e-mail as well, but as the week goes on I'll be replying at least to the urgent stuff.

On coding front I'd like to fix just a little more and then release 3.50 stable while the winter still continues - cause now I've got probably the greatest skis I've ever owned.

These are Taiga cross-country/hunting skis of russian origin. The proportions comes close to the great ancestral skis of ancient Finns - and many other ugric / north eurasian peoples.
They are naturally all wooden, and after this picture was taken a decent layer of pine tar has been put on the underside, and ties attached.

February 27, 2018, 05:57:27 PM