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Balanced that spirit, fixed them sacrifices Two important things to help us get along better with the spirits in the upcoming patch:

 - balanced: forest spirit's attitude in regards to hunted animals - size and significance matters

        When an animal is felled the forest spirit's mood change and need for compensation by sacrifices
        now depends on the size and significance of the animal. Previously almost all the killed animals
        were valued equally by the spirits which resulted in small game hunters often receiving unreasonable
        disgrace. Now it is far more tolerable to hunt smaller game and get along with only casual sacrifices
        every now and then.

 - fixed: only one sacrifice allowed per day

        If any kind of sacrifice to any spirit was performed even the different kind of sacrifices during the
        same day were considered excess. This was not intentional, and is now fixed back to normal:
        You can perform multiple sacrifices on daily basis as long as they are targeted at different
        spirits, ie. forest or water spirit, or if the act of sacrificing is a part of unique spell.

These are future additions not yet functional in current version 3.50 (stable).

June 07, 2018, 01:59:14 PM
Re: long layover in helsinky No matter where you are going to sleep the night, I'd definitely recommed taking a small midnight stroll outdoors - just to get an impression of the midsummer white nights.

In the morning, depending on your budget and how adventurous you feel, I could imagine a few options. For example, take a commuter train, route I, but instead of driving it all the way down to Helsinki central station, stop at some smaller station. Like Vehkala or Pohjois-Haaga, which both have parks to walk around, rather close to the local train stop. (I'm not completely sure, but I'd guess the same train line is labelled P when it drives the same route but opposite direction, so you'd probably like to take that on your way back to the airport).

Or, if you'd like to see the actual Helsinki city, take a train or bus there. Near the central station you could either take a walk around Töölonlahti, or head west to Hietaniemi - area, which has parks (and a cemetary), a beach, and a few nice cafeterias here and there.

But, all of that naturally depends if you are suffering a jet-lag or something. So, back to basics; if you feel like skipping all the other activities, the only thing I recommend is a little walk outdoors either at midnight or in the small hours. After living here for more than forty years I still feel that there is something special in the light of the northern summer nights.

June 08, 2018, 11:07:56 PM
arto paasilinna The finnish author Arto Paasilinna died last sunday (the 15th of october).

His books had me dreaming of Finland, of its nature, and maybe of a very special finnish way of being.
For those who don't know him, I really encourage you to read his stories. And re-read, for those who knew him already.

The one which touched me the most was "Jäniksen vuosi" ("The Year of the Hare" in english, and "Le lièvre de Vatanen" in my langage, french). After that read, Unrealworld's sessions might have a new taste

October 17, 2018, 08:17:51 AM
Re: Traps should be nerfed
I'd support nerfing traps again, but I've been playing for about 12 years and I'm aware that newer players tend to find the game pretty difficult already, and if the learning curve is too steep then maybe newcomers will get too frustrated. It is hard for me to put myself in the shoes of someone new and figure out what would be balanced for them.

I wonder if Sami would consider giving players a difficulty option when creating a character?
- Beginner
- Average
- Expert

November 08, 2019, 05:06:34 PM
Difficulty Scaling I believe the game would benefit from adding difficulty options during character creation. Options that will add extra challenge for those of us who want it. Without ruining the base experience for new players.
What I suggest are things that affect the entire game world such as animal spawn rates, bandit spawns, average item quality in villages, average temperature and so on. All of which intended to make the game harder only. I think it would be a fair design decision to avoid adding anything that would make the game experience easier.

Here's what the Difficulty menu should look like before you roll your character.
  • Average World Temperature( The world is becoming colder... ):
  •   Normal
  •   Cool (Base Temperature - 5 Celsius)
  •   Chilly -10 Celcius
  •   Absurdly Cold -15 Celcius
  • Bandit Spawn Rate( Outlaws are on the rise ):
  •   Normal 100%
  •   More 150%
  •   Double 200%
  • Njerpez Spawn Rate ( The Njerpez are going to war ):
  •   Normal 100%
  •   More 150%
  •   Double 200%
  • Enemy Skill ( The outlaws are well trained ):
  •   Normal
  •   Elite Raiders +20% skills
  •   Legendary Raiders +50% skills
  • Herbivore Spawn Rate( Prey is scarce ):
  •   Normal 100%
  •   Fewer 75%
  •   Scarce 50%
  • Dangerous Carnivore Spawn Rate( The wolves are hungry):
  •   Normal 100%
  •   More 150%
  • Metal Goods Cost (Iron is expensive):
  •   Normal 100%
  •   Expensive 150%
  •   Outrageous 200%
  • Food Cost (Food can't be wasted):
  •   Normal 100%
  •   Expensive 150%
  •   Outrageous 200%
  • Trade Goods Quality (Masterworks are rarer):
  •   Normal
  •   Poor

November 08, 2019, 10:52:26 PM
Towards end of the year, towards more updates Let's drop a few lines about the near future stuff. Let there be discussion if you feel like it.
So, the calendar year is turning towards its end and I guess it's been pretty evident that we've mostly been fixing bugs during these ever darkening days.
Luckily the bug hunting has been so succesful that there's time to slowly start thinking of new features as well. Even a little patch update still during 2019 seems like a possibility.

This might make some of you think if and when might 3.60 (and so on) to be released outside Steam, at the game homepage. Now I can assure that it will happen still in 2019, after the seasonal Steam sale periods are over. If you've been itching to buy the game on Steam but have hesitations there's this forum thread which may help you out. In any case we'll inform about the upcoming 2019 sales loud and clear to make it more affordable for some.

On our way towards end of the year update the intention is to add fistful of features that are relatively small but significant for many. For this purpose we're also browsing the Suggestions section. I guess I've said it many times that everything there is always read, even though my time for actual discussion is unfortunately limited. Well, soon you'll see that something was not only read but also coded :)
(Maybe, just maybe, we could also try running the good old "replies to suggestions" marathon before the year is over. )

Well, maybe this is enough for now. Take care, fellow adventures, and if something is puzzling you feel free to ask.

November 19, 2019, 07:07:05 PM
Winter Update, Steam Autumn Sale Firstly, Autumn Sale on Steam has started, so those who've been itching to enter the far north on Steam can now do it for discounted price.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier we're also planning a small patch update still this year. It's coming up nicely. News about some features will follow next week.

Thirdly, for those who are wondering when might 3.60 (and so on) to be released outside Steam, the answer is after the seasonal Steam sale periods for 2019 are over.

And lastly, here's some winter greetings to all of you!

November 27, 2019, 06:28:46 PM
Re: Any active modders?
Quote from: aat
I think that's great that you are delving into memory editing of URW.

We need to think what are the main limitations of the current system and what memory editing can do.

One current limitation is that not all object properties can be set in the txt files. I'm thinking of
  • Accuracy
  • Works as a ski stick
  • Works as a beater
And many other hidden properties.

I can access a bunch of these, its just a matter of documenting them and then combining them properly w/ or w/o an official mod, possibly making some sort of interpreter to read the mod files for custom script to apply could be a project.

Quote from: aat
Ingredient matching is based on names or object property inheritance. If you inherit from "Club", your object will match the "Beater" ingredient; or if you inherit from "Northern spear" you will be able to use the object as a ski stick.

Would be nice to have direct control of these hidden properties, and even define new ones, so that we are not limited to name matching.

Some of these are directly tied to other areas of code/data within the game, in particular I noticed I wasn't able to find some herb effects while documenting herb addresses in the item struct, I noticed that they changed when i edited some of the strings to a different base herb, probably indicating the default values are hardcoded or stored elseware, currently I've just been looking at CharacterName.OBJ file which contains the data for objects the game has generated over play time, the default object list is CONSTANT.OBJ, which could contain the data, but I haven't gotten around to looking at this in more detail as I'm mostly still documenting other objects generated by the game, some of which aren't included in CONSTANT.OBJ such as corpse's and different states of hides/meat cuts from cooked to uncooked, soaked hides, tanning hides, etc. There are some flags for weapons, but I haven't identified them with certainty, my best guess is some sort of identifier as to weather the weapon damages hides or not when used, but I haven't verified this, only a conclusion based on a comparison of weapons which lacked the value seemed to be non-edge based weapons. I don't have a Northern spear in my characters data so I'm not able to compare that currently, but if anyone would like to donate game files for research purposes I could certainly use them, as I want to have multiple comparisons of data files for the best estimate as to what data is what, additionally many people have far more progress than me in the game and generally have more save data to work with. I can also provide modified versions of files for testing purposes if someone would like to help me in documenting the effects of the data changes. Lot's to talk about on the subject of data and files, would be better to talk about it over IM.

Quote from: aat
A concrete example would need having a [TAG:property1] syntax, to assign to a object, and then being able to require such type of ingredient with the {[TAG:property1]}. Much more diversified and streamlined recipes.
But I'm not sure if this would really be feasible only with memory editing

You'll have to explain what you mean here better, I'm not sure what kind of limitations I have when it comes to recipes yet, I could possibly learn more by tracking a mod's recipe data (if i can find it), but I'm not familiar with the actual official modding syntax yet so I'd be shooting in the dark for a little while (not even sure how to install an official mod yet aside from copying over the main files? lol).

Quote from: aat
Some other limitations are intrinsic to the recipe system. For example, you can make only one type of object at a time (no multiple products from a single recipe).

This is probably possible to do with relative ease.

Quote from: aat
Another limitation is that we can't add new buildings.

This along with NPCs, terrain, possibly some other types of data may be possible to manipulate (in theory, likely) its only a matter of documenting the data and the addresses in memory. What this means to me is,

A. I need to know what I'm looking for in terms of what numbers I'm trying to find (for example, an item on the ground has an X Y location in memory).

B. The data needs to be editable, and the edit needs to create the desired effect to be a feasible modification (I edit the X Y location of an item on the ground, it teleports to the edited location, I now have the power to use this as an "action" for a mod, or as a "condition", such as determining if a particular item is at a particular location to trigger some other "action")

Usually, when I'm looking for a particular piece of data, other data relating to the object is also close by in memory, so finding one thing can lead to indications of other things within the data (hence documenting the item struct)

This is the main limitation of what I can do, I am nowhere near close to the best memory-editor's out there, as there are many other people who can manipulate sections of assembly code to change the way the game functions entirely, most of what I do is reliant on changing data that the code interacts with to produce the desired effects. I can do other hacky workarounds with C# and manipulation of the data and using C# code to create some hacky effects, but this can be hard to get stable (for example, I have created a feature for my next update of URWCharacterMenu that allows you to click on a tile, and teleport to it. I was unable to add support for zoomed-out views however, though it is probably possible the math required to do it is beyond what I'm willing to figure out to fix a minor inconvenience).

Quote from: aat
Finally, if memory editing really enables more modding possibilities, they would be limited only to the windows platform, right?

My app in particular would be limited to windows yes. I'm not familiar enough with other operating systems to say yes or no on their limitations, I do know their op-codes tend to be different, so it would be a matter of weather they have memory editing support for their operating system + a matter of re-documenting the data for that particular operating system, I think anyways. The data itself should be similar, so the methods for finding and documenting the data should be similar, I think. If anyone using linux or ios (if that's even supported, gosh I'm so ignorant!) wants to experiment on their side with this, I would be happy to provide the methods in which I have found my addresses, but they would be starting nearly from the ground up as far as creating an app that can read/write to memory, and the actual design of the app (be it a standalone mod or something that can interpret custom mod files to enable a richer scripting environment for that particular OS) Just my thoughts, I could be completely wrong.

Quote from: aat
Anyway, I'm currently working on a mod, which is an evolution of caethan self sufficiency mod.

I'm not really a pixel artist, so I'm ignoring all the custom sprites for now and just focusing on the recipes themselves. I was planning at the end to slowly and painfully do the artwork with gimp, but if you can make the icons instead it would be great!!!

Funny I was just looking at caethan's mod files the other day, admiring his work and efforts. I would defiantly be up for this, if you wanna chat more about it we can hookup on IM and get a workflow going on my side.

I'll be updating the main thread with some contact info, and I'm considering opening up a group chat on discord or somewhere else to get at least some connections/conversations started, forums are great for long, clear, thoughtful thinking but this is closer to sending a letter than having a conversation where our ideas can evolve at a more rapid pace.

Also just wanted to throw it out there, the more things we can get documented in memory, the higher the chances are someone (maybe myself, maybe someone else) can make things like map editors and tools not currently available, however the line is drawn where-ever the Enormous elk team decides to draw it, making mods to enhance the game is one thing but we need to respect the creators wishes as to what they want made publicly available, being that the game isn't inherently pay to play (protection wise, I believe), I don't want to be the guy creating tools that will create a run away effect where the game is effectively used as an engine, rather than enjoying and expanding its original content. It would be a dishonor to this games development history and DECADES of continuous passion from the developers, and for most of you this probably doesn't seem like it's a big deal, but I've developed and been apart of communities of developers and modders for several different games over many years, and I can tell you from experience, modifying memory can be fun, creative, innovative, and an overall enjoyable experience for everyone, but it can also ultimately, destroy an app from its core, for its developers and users. Most people are familiar with this experience in the form of multiplayer game cheats, such as aimbot and ESP in the case of FPS games, but there are many dangerous ideas that can be executed using reverse engineering processes which can have a longer lasting negative impact, It's only a matter of imagination and code. Just my two cents on it.

edit2: Spent a good amount of hours starting a guide on using cheat engine, should give anyone who wants a swing at it a good chance to succeed. I'll be posting it when I have completed it.

December 03, 2019, 12:55:09 PM
A few selection related additions The last update of year 2019 is coming up. Here's sneak peek of selection related additions to make your journeys in the far north a little more comfortable:

 - added: target selection if multiple creatures occupy the same location where an action is to be done

          If there are multiple creatures at the location where you proceed to execute certain actions
          you will be asked to select the target creature. This applies to following actions:

          - melee attack
          - packing and unpacking animals
          - looking at the location

 - added: when [C]ommanding animals the animal name is displayed in the menu title

          For example, if you would command a dog called Rekku the menu title appear as:
          This helps owners of multiple animals to be sure they chose to command the desired one.

 - added: tree in front of the character automatically selected when cutting branches

          You don't have to specify a direction for cutting and peeling actions if there's a tree in
          front the character you. That tree is always automatically selected for these actions.

 - changed: need for heated room, fireplace or fire are checked first in cookery recipes

          It's more convenient that way as you aren't bothered with meaningless ingredient selections
          if these requirements aren't met.

These are future additions, not yet functional in the current version 3.60.
The update featuring these additions - and more - is to be released still in 2019.

December 04, 2019, 05:04:13 PM
Naming:First Word Tag Please for Modding TL;DR:
I'm able to mostly accomplish what I want with modding with the [naming:last word] tag but there are times the naming would be a lot less awkward and allow for more precise modding if a [naming:first word] tag.

For example, if I want to be able to make a single fiber craft "Weave wool cloth" I can have the game label my cloth "Green wool cloth" only if I named the yarn "Wool yarn dyed green" so that "green" is the last word. Otherwise I'd have to have 8 different crafts each calling for a specific starting material "Green cloth" from "Green yarn", "Blue cloth" from "Blue yarn" etc, and if I then wanted to make clothing the menu would get completely out of control for 15 different clothing options (shirt, cloak, apron etc) times however many colors I wished to represent in my dyeing mod.

If there were a [naming:first word] tag I could streamline it to only a few menu options where the color tag gets carried through the process and I still get the fun customization I'm working on. So "blue wool yarn" could get processed through a single weave craft into "blue wool cloth" through a single "Make a shirt" craft into "blue wool shirt" each time renaming the previous item into the next one based on the first word.

November 04, 2020, 11:39:14 PM