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Re: Cursed Wolf Quest - Indirect spoiler warning!!! If you don't mind the spoiler, this quest has been discussed in the Steam forum as well.

For some reason, I couldn't post the full link, so if you can go to the Steam Community page for Unreal World and go to the Gameplay Questions sub-forums, just search for the 'Of Wolf and Woman quest - help!". Someone managed to figure out how to feed the bread to the wolf.

Good luck!  :)

PS if anyone knows how I can post 'external links', I'll post it here to save the hassle.

March 22, 2024, 03:24:13 AM
Springs Yes, it's springtime! (pun intended)
We'll be adding springs, water sources bringing groundwater to the surface, in the terrain generation. Springs can be found at varying environments on zoomed-in maps.
A spring found in the wilderness may provide a great spot for a homestead for those who like to live further away from the lakes or rivers. And moreover, springs remain unfrozen even in the winter.
   Some time ago there was also a suggestion to have village water supplies to remain unfrozen for easier spotting. Now we'll make it so the village water supply ponds will be actually springs from now on. And for the migrated characters, the existing village ponds will be turned into springs as you visit these villages.

I guess will also take a little browsing of the old Finnish spellbooks to see if there are inspiring magical means or remarks related to springs. Springs were traditional places of mystical powers and certain guardian spirits. New spells or quests potential is high.

These are future features - not yet functional in current version 3.83.

March 27, 2024, 12:12:18 PM
Re: Springs That’s a great addition to have.

Will you work on adding brooks and creeks from those springs also?

March 28, 2024, 05:52:13 PM
Re: Cursed Wolf Quest
I'm still struggling with this one. I've been at the quest location for two weeks now, and every couple days I go find the wolf and leave stacks of bread and bones/raw meat as close to it as I can get. A couple of times upon zooming in to the tile I've seen the wolf standing on top of one of my piles, but it has never eaten anything from any of them. Is there something obvious that I might be doing wrong here?

Try to leave a single bone and a single bread in one small stack at like a 5-6 tiles distance from the wolf. if you approach it it kind of hangs out at that distance, you can drop them then. I think the "tricking" them is getting them eating something and it being the bread because there aren't many to choose from.

I used a single elk bone and a normal-quality flatbread. after coming back after 2 in-game days (same time period) then coming back, the elk bone was there and untouched the bread was gone, and when i went back to the village it was complete.

March 30, 2024, 09:11:55 AM
Re: [3.83] How much flour needed to bake a flatbread, again?
Are you counting the weight of the empty bowl?

Not yet.. I also had the same thought just after I posted this, but haven't had the chance to check it out since I had to go out..

Can I put this bug report on hold until after I have had the chance to test it?

Thanks, and sorry if it turns out to be a false alarm..

Edit: Did some testing by moving the flour from the wooden bowl to an empty skin.. the skin changed weight from 136 gr to 160 gr, while the bowl changed weight from 0.70 kg to 0.68 kg.. looks like I really did have less flour then required by the recipe.. oops..  :-[

In my previous playthrough, I put the flour in a bag, which weighs much less than a bowl, hence my initial confusion of "it wasn't like this back then".. I will now put my head in the nearest bog in shame.. :-[

So.. what should I do with this post? Delete it as though it never happens? Put it in the 'not a bug' sub forum?

Thanks, and once again, apologies for the confusion..

March 30, 2024, 10:03:52 PM
Re: Springs
Will you work on adding brooks and creeks from those springs also?

No, just springs for now.
Brooks and creeks would be a great terrain feature, but that requires kind of a world generator overhaul to have them find meaningful pathways into the larger bodies of water.

April 01, 2024, 05:19:04 PM
Pausable weapon crafting The current pausable crafting mechanics have been tested quite extensively by now and only a few adjustments have emerged.
This is promising as eventually all the item crafting will be come pausable - and lesser the problems at this point, the sooner it happens.
For the time being we're still proceeding in small sections and next the crafting of weapons listed [M]ake->[W]eapons category will become pausable.
There will be some adjustments to certain weapon production times as they can be now increased to more reasonable levels.
Shortbows for example will get an average production time of 12 hours or so. A skilled character with quality tools may still be able to craft a shortbow in a day, but with mediocre skill and tools it's a process of several workdays.
Stone-axe will get the greatest production time increase - we'll be talking about 50 hours or so. It really is a slow process to get the stone blade knapped and grinded out to shape that is efficient for felling trees. Thus, stone-axe will become a survival option which you won't take up too lightly.
For other weapons the changes won't be that dramatic, but changes are still to be expected.

These are future features - not yet functional in 3.83.

April 01, 2024, 09:09:47 PM
Re: Pausable weapon crafting
Will there eventually be a modding tag for marking a task as pausable? I don't see it on the development page yet.

Yes, there will, in a few versions - likely to be reached still this summer. When we're there the pausable crafting will be the default, so the tag is likely to be [unpausable] etc.

April 08, 2024, 07:58:58 PM
Spring things, pausable things, future things Springtime is busy time - both out in the nature and inside the development chambers. We're preparing for a new version release still this month.

Pausable crafting additions is proceeding strongly. Quite a batch of craftable items will be using the pausable crafting mechanics in the upcoming version.
At this point the pausable crafting mechanics will cover all the weapons, lumber items, hafts and  item traps such as paw-board fox trap and loop snare - and some more are likely to be added.  So, with the upcoming version more than half of the craftable items will become pausable tasks. And in the version after that we'll likely manage to have all the crafts pausable, allowing it also in all the diy_*.txt modding.

A new skill, bowyer, will be also added. It's quite self-explanatory that this is the ability and knowledge to make bows and the craftable bows now call for bowyer skills in their crafting. And longbow will be made available as a new craftable bow type for the player character.

So, for the next few versions we'll be working mostly on item related additions, and hope to have these released in decent pace. After that, when all the crafting is pausable, we'll move into adding new quests. Some of these will be small and casual, but some will be most exciting for the  players who'd enjoy the presence of marriage or permanent companions.
Let that be a sneak peek in advance further into this year's plans.

April 08, 2024, 08:43:26 PM
Re: Be ready Indeed, JP_Finn, I guess if one sticks around a forum for long enough, some personal info will be known out there :) Born, raised and schooled in Ukraine, family moved to Toronto in 1996 and I've been actively living and working in both countries from late 2000s or thereabouts.
April 12, 2024, 06:37:33 AM