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Random little additions... Summer days are truly different. Oh how easily one can end up being carried away with all sorts of recreational activities and events. But I'm frequenting the coding chambers as well,  especially on rainy days :) -- and now, instead of organized update post, here's a completely random bunch of few small additions to expect in the next patch:

 - added: skinned/cut/burnt carcass coloring

        Skinned carcasses now appear in fleshy red color.
        Cut or eaten carcasses appear dark reddish, and burnt carcasses blackish depending on the cut/burn degree.
 - added: BUTCHER_CONFIRMATION configuration option

        If the option is enabled a confirmation prompt appears if you try to butcher a carcass before skinning it.
        This is to avoid accidentally cutting up the whole carcass and losing the skin.

        To enable the option add the following line to urw_ini.txt setup file in your installation folder:

 - added: SPEND_DELAY_ADD configuration option

        This option can be used to slow down all the time consuming actions if you find the game turns running too fast for your taste
        during the time spending dialog. The given value is in milliseconds adding that much more delay for each game turn.
        Good value to try slowin things down a bit would be 10 and nobody wants to go for more than 100.

        To use eg. 10 millisecond custom delay add the following line to urw_ini.txt setup file in your installation folder:

 - added: winter skin/fur descriptor

        And as we know winter furs are more valuable, and it's been like that for a long time. Now there's finally
        also an indication of wintertime furs and skins within the item description.
        For example:
        "Fine winter fox fur" or "Poor winter bear-skin"

 - renewed & optimized: drawing of rain and snowfall

        Previously rain and snowfall were drawn in putpixel fashion which was a speed issue on some systems.
        Now rain and snowfall presented by tile graphics, with improved look and fast rendering.

 - added: redrawn 8 directional tiles for watercrafts

        Both punt and raft now appear bigger and prettier in completely redrawn fashion. Credits for these tiles goes to Paulo Spinola.
        Watercraft tile direction changes based on the last actually rowed direction.

July 02, 2017, 08:09:25 PM
...fails to deliver a summer release || ...enters summer vacation.
Code: [Select]
You dream of a summer release.
You aim your fingers at the keyboard and code.
You fail to deliver a summer release.

You know, that's what has happened to me.
Like mentioned in earlier posts I dreamed of a summer release, and a proper long holiday afterwards.
But...we're behind the schedule with several planned goals and just can't make it.
Deadlines and summer - I should have known they don't go together.

So, hopes to come up with a new patch is thus postponed after the summer. I'll be entering summer vacation shortly, for the whole august.
This means I'll be more absent in regards to game related forums and e-mail activity.
Coding is to be continued in the autumn then, but some additional content is still to be expected sooner...

Steam Trading cards

Yeeees, the trading cards. That's what we will be releasing before I leave the development chambers. It's actually the trading cards (with emoticons, badges and all that extra) which have postponed my general working schedule more than expected. Ambitions can take time, you know, but we already love the outcome ever so much. So at least for Steam players there will be something new in UnReal World to browse during the summer.
A proper, loud and clear announcement of Trading Card release will be posted when the time is at hand.
You can still prepare yourselves, foreign and domestic card traders -- it's going to be beautiful!

Greetings from horseback

Code: [Select]
You aim your bow at a target from the horseback and shoot.
You are doing horseback archery.

You know, and speaking of dreaming, that has also happened to me.

For as long as I've been doing primitive and traditional archer I've dreamed of one day going for horseback archery. Until this summer it's been horseback riding and archery separately, but this very year I've picked up and entered this form of archery and horsemanship I've always craved for. This is going to be a dedicated horseback archery year for me, and whether I'm on a vacation or not, we just might see the next video greetings consisting of horseback archery footage.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with these few still shots. First from the horseback, then by the tranquil summer lakes around my neighborhood.

Best wishes. We'll catch up with everything in the autumn. But I'm sure at some point I'll be tempted to post a few holiday greetings as well.

July 27, 2017, 02:01:46 PM
Add "wetness" penalty to clothes You are in the coldest days of winter. The "cold bar" is empty. You should stay indoor like the many game guides say, treasuring your firewood, but you don't care: you are fully clothed in deer with woollen footrags, mittens and cowl. You could dip into a frozen river and come back up, and instead of freezing to death you'd warm back to optimal.

Why? Because the warm system of clothes (which is simple but works very well, usually!) fails to take "wetness" into account.


  • Every wearable piece must have two additional fields: wetness and wet-warmth. When wetness is full, the effective warmth is equal to the wet-warmth. When wetness is empty, the effective warmth is the usual "warmth" field for this item. If willing to go the extra mile, effective warmth decreases linearly with wetness, with minimum being the "wet-warmth" and maximum the base warmth.
  • Dipping increases the wetness very rapidly for some materials, and less for others. Linen/nettle/wool should go instantaneously to maximum wetness. Fur would only be half-wet if you go out immediately. Leather and, special case, seal fur, go 25% wet at every turn: so getting in water and coming out immediately only makes you 25% wet. I would also make the wet-warmth closer to the effective warmth for seal fur and leather (as well as iron/mail/lamellar, for all the good it'd do).
  • Rain and snow make you wet little by little, proportionally to the rain/snow strength and the material of the cloth, like above.
  • Ambient temperatures reduces the wetness with time, proportionally. Changing clothes to dry your wet ones by the fire/in your smokehouse becomes a thing.

This would make seal fur great again (as well as leather), excluding the coldest months of winter, because of its reliability under wet conditions. Your nice reindeer suite is still great but you need to keep covered, as one supposed ancient Finns did.

Extra happiness if the first to get wet is the outer layer (the last worn) for each body part, so that having a seal overcoat over your bear/stag suite makes a lot of sense.

August 31, 2017, 03:33:08 PM
Re: Pig in forest cover quest I can't say for sure if it's a bug or not, but I can take a look at the saves, so just send 'em along.
The animals may also fail to reach you sometimes as the quests work in organic fashion, but in that case you maybe should have spotted released animal tracks at least - or found the carcass if it had been attacked by a predator or something.

But I'll be wiser after checking out Reko, for example.

When it comes Talvikaksi, there's been something hasty with quest flagging. It doesn't happen so that these Shamans are generated when this quest needs them, but the shamans existing in the village already come part of quest if the quest comes along. We dearly try to avoid generating stuff based on the quests needs, we try to utilize the world as it exists as seedbed for quests. And as seen, it's both revolutionary and problematic :D

September 07, 2017, 02:00:11 PM
Re: Empty container and loose contents Like people explained it's always been like that. You can't take things out from a container. You can pour from one container to another though.
This is confusing for many, so it would be best to add confirmation message to warn about losing contents if emptying is proceeded. (And those who've gotten used to the mechanics would probably love that confirmation message to be configurable on/off.)

The reason why emptying containers isn't featured is because the quantity and unit of the original items is lost when they are put in a container.
14 pinches of seeds come just a pile of seeds, and 7 perches become just a lump of perch when put in a bag. Getting the contents out could be featured so that you'd simply get "pile of salmon" or "pile of blueberries", but further utilization of those ingredients might cause conflicts elsewhere. To have containers remember the original quantity and units would need quite a bit of reworking the container code.

September 07, 2017, 06:34:12 PM
Just Wow I have never played something like this quite in my life before.

The attention to detail and the realism is actually quite amazing. Being someone who has never played a rougelike (I think thats right), before, once I started I was instantly hooked. I could easily see myself playing this for many years to come. My like character drowned from swimming too far. It was a sad day indeed. But i say walk it off!

Seriously brava!

September 13, 2017, 07:16:21 AM
[NPC dialogue] Asking about other folks in town. Sometimes when you head into the civilized world, it's because you're looking for a specific NPC or specific kind of NPC. (E.g. you need healing and now are looking for a sage; you got a quest in the middle of Driik lands and you're trying to figure out *which* of the dozen villages 'a couple kilometers to the north-east' this Mielitty the Driikiläis craftsman actually lives in; hell, perhaps you're looking to hire a companion and you want one with specific skills.)

In those cases, it would be nice to be able to actually ask that tribesman that keeps crossing your path if the town has a sage/they know of anyone in town good at the skill you want your companion to have/they know [name of the person you're meant to give a message/etc to].*

*Considering how common some names are, this'd probably occasionally result in a false positive. "Oh, you're here to visit Old Man Ruuri? He doesn't get many visitors these days..." and it turns out that while yes, there is a Ruuri the Old driikiläis man living in this town, it's not the one you're looking for. That might actually be a good thing, though--after all, how is Random Townie supposed to know that you really mean Ruuri-the-Old-man-from-two-towns-away?

This could work in the same way as asking about locations does, in that sometimes you get a 'well, I wouldn't really know' kind of response (especially when it comes to skills; the towns are small enough that probably everyone at least knows whether or not they've got a sage and/or someone by a specific name).

Relatedly, it'd be nice that, when you've finished a quest and now are back in town looking for the quest-giver, you could ask other townspeople about the whereabouts of said NPC, at least similarly to how they act when you're first *looking* for that person. (So basically, the quests where there's no secrecy going on. Old man's punt, gathering branches for kindling, stones for rebuilding the sauna, etc.--stuff where the player most likely heard about the quest through the 'how's it going' option from someone else than the questgiver)

September 18, 2017, 06:04:02 AM
Re: Homeland Robbers (Spoiler) I found them, in what can only be described as the most galling way possible.

I started marking lines and doing systematic sweeps of areas whether I'd been there or not. I started where I had spent the least amount of time. I felt like I had hit 90% of the squares, so I figured that chances were I had been where they were and just not seen them somehow (it is winter and very forested). I marked a sweep and said it would be my last (this was a lot of hours in the Real World).

All of a sudden, I noticed humans on the zoomed out map in an area I had already been through a fair bit and not that far from where I had built my searching shelter. I manage to find their tracks, saw nothing, then noticed they were surrounding me. Now for the most galling part... when they talked to me they called me "frequent visitor". They're all dead now, and rightly so.

September 21, 2017, 03:57:30 AM
Re: [Fixed - persists in 3.40] Pig in forest cover quest This has been taken care of now.
We'll make it so that losing a lost animal trail under (lots of) new tracks means losing the trail for good, so the tracks that are said to belong to animal you're after are the ones that matter. It's also adjusted so that the small animal tracks don't that easily mess up the bigger tracks even if the smaller ones were numerous.

Fixed - Persists in 3.40

September 27, 2017, 10:55:19 AM
Re: Bridge Building Plotinus you're my hero
September 29, 2017, 03:44:45 AM