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[Fixed - persists in 3.50b2] Some clothes weigh too much I think there are a few pieces of cloth that escaped review, at the previous version.

Cloak: weights 6, 6.5 and 14 lbs for nettle/wool/fur respectively. However, it covers pretty much like a tunic (only difference: cloak covers knees where tunic covers upper arms). The tunic weights 2.8 for nettle/linen and 5 for wool, so the cloak should be reduced a bit. Incidentally, fur cloak weights too much compared to wool. Maybe a bit less? Or wool should be raised, since it should be quite a bit heavier than cloth.

Overcoat: wool weights 5.5, fur weights 15. Even worse than cloak. A bit too much difference?

Leggings: woollen 3.5, leather 2.9, fur 3.5. In other pieces of cloth, seems like leather should weight more than wool and less than fur. So here 2.9 is strange.

Undergarment: covers as much as a tunic, and less than an undershirt. However, it weights 4 for linen and 7 for wool, much more than tunic (2.8 and 5) and still more than undershirt (3 and 5), which is supposedly bigger. Incidentally, tunic and undershirt have the same weight for wool, while undershirt is bigger. I'd probably notch woollen tunic down by a bit, eg 4.7 or something.

February 22, 2018, 12:12:26 PM
Re: Tracking Njerpez I have had much better luck with finding things that I see in the distance, many thanks to PALU.  I don't use his method exactly, because I don't want to take for granted that I'm in the center of the tile when I zoom in.  Instead I move around until I'm sure i'm in one of the corners, and proceed to walk the entire perimeter.  This is much easier if the tile in question is bordered by different biomed tiles, but even if it's a sea of coniferous forest it's still doable.  I'll often add a marker to the search tile with a big red X that way when I zoom out I can see if I've wandered too far.  In my experiments the width and height of a tile is around 60 paces, but I rarely count each pace as I'm looking for tracks, I just have an idea of how much of a tile fits on my screen and keep it in mind as I move.  If I'm ever not sure I'll zoom out and see if my dude is still on the X that I put on the map.

To Bedlam: I only started playing recently, but I've found the tracking skill to be incredibly handy in difficult tracking situations where the fresh tracks I'm interested in are all mixed up with half a dozen other animal tracks spread out over a two week period.  True you can use it to identify tracks that you can already see on the screen, but it can also make new tracks appear that your character didn't notice before.  For instance, if I see very fresh stag tracks leading northeast, but I don't see the next set of tracks, I'll use my tracking skill on that spot and quite often my character will discover that next set of tracks that wasn't visible before.  Once he does discover them, they will magically appear on the screen so you can see them too.  If I'm dealing with a numerous and mixed tracks situation and I can't figure out which way the bugger went, I'll hit "x' on the keyboard to examine each tile surrounding the last known tile the prey passed through, this will automatically use the tracking skill on each of those tiles without having to actually move there, and will frequently uncover tracks that weren't visible before.  This does not count as using a turn in the game, so you don't lose time walking back and forth while the prey gets further away.  This little trick is what took tracking to a whole new level for me.

February 25, 2018, 11:22:48 PM
Re: Some clothes weigh too much Yes, it seems for example those fur overcoat and cloak weights are slightly too heavy. These pieces came in with armour glossary updates and weights never reasoned properly.
Some other pieces could be tweaked too, some clear errors can be spotted. I'll be taking time to go through the armour clossary weights.

March 04, 2018, 08:29:21 PM
Ski archery in traditional, northern and asiatic fashion video Today's clip (from my archery channel) is so UrWish that it needs to be here:

Archery on skis in northern fashion:

Skiing archer can be quite effective, and Sami people even had ski-taff bows with rim and head attached to lower part of the bow so no separate ski staff was needed at all.
The video also makes you think that the the game [w]ielding rules could be adjusted a bit. :)

March 06, 2018, 07:58:56 PM
Spirit relation re-balancing The spirit and magic enhancements are good in general. However, there are a few things I think need re-balancing:

1. As far as I can tell, sacrifices now use a joint pool, as opposed to separate pools (and spells) for different targets earlier. I think they need to be split up again, so sacrifice of fish automatically goes towards satisfying the water spirits and meat to appease the forest ones, and these pools being independent, i.e. having made an offering to the spirits of the forest shouldn't block a sacrifice to the spirits of the water. Whether there should be a regional split up as well can be discussed, as I don't know if there are regional differences or not, but if there are, sacrifices to one region/realm spirit shouldn't affect sacrifices to another.
2. Spirit mood feedback should likewise be split up more. I keep getting messages of unity with the water even though my character haven't fished for half a year, and the sacrifices for almost as long have been of meat (I had some roaches that needed sacrificing).
3. The "cost" of kills should be re-balanced so it's possible to live off small game without being hated by the spirits of the forest. It should be contemplated whether the value (in some currency, e.g. amount/nutrients of meat and/or fur value) of a kill and sacrifice should affect the spirit relation adjustment. Currently it seems a sacrifice of a spoiled hazel grouse lump of fat has the same impact as a whole salmon or fresh bear cut.
4. "Special" sacrifices (of which I know a single one) should not be blocked by the standard ones, and given their cost, they ought to give a larger boost to the relation than the standard one.
5. Spirit moods ought to move towards neutral over time if nothing affects them, so a relation of unity should decay towards neutral if you neither sacrifice nor "harvest" from the spirit's domain, and the same should a furious relation.
However, some folklore seems to have rather petty supernatural actors with long memories, so it might not be wrong to let good relations decay a lot faster than bad ones are repaired.

March 10, 2018, 10:43:34 AM
[naming: last word] functionality extension Talking about modding crafting recipes

Currently, the [naming: ] tag, together with [name: %s] tag, offers the possibility for greater customisation of recipes and item names.

However, only two options are currently available:
[naming:last word] - %s will get value of the last word of selected material/item name
[naming:original]  - %s will get value of original and complete selected material/item name

I propose a small extension that could greatly improve customisation and simplify many mod recipes I've seen.

In addition to "last word",  it should be possible to use integer values:
"1" :  get the value of the first word
"2" : get the value of the second word
"n" : get the value of the nth word

In a similar fashion,  as it happens in python lists:
"-1" : get the value of the last word (synonim with "last word")
"-2" : get the value of the second last word
"-n" : get the value of the nth last word

If the number exceeds the word count, it should reduce to the last word in the former, positive case and the first word in the latter, negative case.

It should be just a small modification to implement, but the advantages are sizeable. I hope you (Sami) can consider this

November 18, 2019, 10:42:52 AM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority
Found out topic about companions so this already implemented. Now I dont see a necessary to add marriage additionaly.

My suggestion also would be not adding marriage as a lone standing feature, but having npc action and interaction becoming more complex. Like, making the world more alive with autonomously acting beeings, may they be animals or humans.

And at some point, any given individual would perhaps establish some kind of binding to the player's character.
Depending on your interactions, perhaps some simple differences in "npc personality" (like, "naive", "simple-hearted", "trusting", "unprejudiced" "neutral", "skeptical", "wary", "distrustful", "unapproachable"...)

that would automatically implement a kind of life partner/companion, neutral speaking, whatever you make of it.

It could be a woman/man you made gifts to for an exceedingly long time,
or an outcast hunter that you helped with an injury and becoming your friend,
a child you care of after having rescued it from a njerpez village raid

or an old man, who asks you for food and shelter, and gives back some teaching about wooden crafting, cooking, trapping, herbs, or just telling you some stories, because he has nothing else to give...

March 11, 2020, 01:20:27 PM
Re: Village Food Status and Charity (both ways)

This brought me to a new idea that villagers' food stocks could naturally fluctuate and lead to different relationships or even "mini quests" in the process.

If the village has plenty of food and the PC is starving and has a decent relationship with the village, how about some occasional offers of food to the PC when they chat with villagers? Or increased chance of chores quest being offered to give PC trading credit?

On the reverse side, if the village is doing poorly ("bad hunting" or "crops failed this summer") perhaps there could be an opportunity for the PC to earn status/gratitude/friends by gifting some of their food supplies? Some of my long termers have pretty astronomical amounts of food hoarded and it would be nice to have a social purpose for it.

Yep, this would suit the game nicely. One thing that it requires would be to track and generate village resources in more detail, and that leans heavily towards accomplishing village and society simulation. It’s been discussed before that our time and interest is limited to go into that direction too heavily, but to some extent yes.
Charity, or actually generosity, can be witnessed already to some extent as characters with good reputation may be asked for lower prices. But just asking and offering food could be added – again.
See, we’ve had asking for food in action back in the day. Villagers did decide individually if they would hand out some food. This was often exploited as players could toss away their carried food, starve a little, and then run around villages asking for food. But now if this was linked to reputation it would work in better fashion.

April 28, 2020, 04:10:05 PM
The first snow and back from holidays Hey, it's been a good two months without a word here at dev. news section, so it's about time to break the silence,  although you may have spotted my slowly increasing presence at the forums bugs section already.
We had the first snow few days ago, so the summer season is evidently ceasing.
See, I went on summer holidays quite late this year, in august, and thought "it's likely autumn, or early winter, before I get back to development chambers again."
Looks like that the time is at hand now.
Hunting bugs has always been a good way to get oriented back into coding, and I guess focus on that will continue for a good while. But yeah, the endless to-do lists also awaiting for us. So let's continue from here, and see where we get by the end of the year.

October 23, 2020, 09:16:19 AM
Re: Do livestock animals follow the player character unleashed? I haven't heard of it being changed, so I expect them not to follow (and while I think they'll be lost, I don't think it's in thought [@Privateer ;) ]).
November 09, 2020, 08:56:39 AM