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Re: Keeping the game fresh Another thought on this is to that as I get hopes/plans for camping/hiking I watch youtube channels like Survival Lilly and Far North Buschcraft and Survival. Those get me thinking of getting out. When I can't get out of the elevated concrete cave that is my city apartment I can put myself 'in the mindset' by playing Unreal World.


There have been some tragic moments in my life where the survival mindset has helped me make it through far better than many others in similar situations. "What do you need? What do you have?" and "The forest will provide" mental repeats encouraging my mind to think of solutions to overcome a problem rather than that there is nothing possible.

PS... dear Saami, thanks for that.

May 22, 2017, 08:10:21 PM
Re: Can you be a Bandit?
bad ass
Speaking of which, I really liked that you could not just persistence hunt an animal (non-predatory), but also kick its breathless ass barehadedly, since it doesn't really put up any fight in that state. A good way to save the skin and train unarmed for those tricky njerpez situations. I also tried flails and clubs but they tend to leave marks from time to time. Especially flails.
But, going back on topic,  I wish there were means of dealing with people without actually killing them. They should ask mercy in some situations, especially women and children. Maybe, like, a beaten up guy with noone on his side would start a chat where he could trade for his life by items. Thet mechanic would actually allow a ruffian RP without a need for murder.

June 24, 2017, 01:11:59 AM
The underdog of weapons: the short sword Since Sami has been tweaking weapon values for the next release, I think it's important to discuss how this poor little weapon, the short sword, can be valorised.

Right now:

  • Handaxe is beaten ONLY by the battlesword in all three damage categories. I love handaxes dearly, but they are OP when compared to swords (and, IMHO, other axes as well)
  • Short sword has the same point damage of bastard sword and battlesword, where it should shine, and is beaten by all other swords in cut damage (fair). It also has the worst bonuses in the sword category. And even more weird: it's worse at stabbing than the Handaxe!
  • Three knives have more point damage than the short sword, and other three knives have exactly the same point damage, while all six of these are MUCH lighter. Also three of these knives have the same attack/defence bonus compared to the short sword
So, briefly, the short sword sucks. Which in itself is not a huge deal (of course some weapons are going to suck) but coupled with the fact that it's crazy expensive, it becomes a "useless weapon", so to speak.

My proposal would be:

  • nerf Handaxes slightly: 3-5-4 is probably more than fair for a tool that is in everyone's inventory. Perfect if associated with a shield.
  • up point damage of short swords slightly: 5 instead of 4. This makes it the best stabbing sword, on par with the three best knives

If you are asking yourself whether giving 5 point damage to short swords is unfair to the three best knives, I would argue that:

- all of those three knives are MUCH lighter and cheaper (which is the point of using a knife). Also if I'm not mistaken, light weapons should consume less fatigue when fighting
- they can double as tools, whereby the shortsword is a pure weapon

The only knife that I think gets the short end of the stick is the Skramasaksi, which is supposed to be a Seax, thus essentially a short sword. I have a small suggestion for this, too:

- instead of having damage 2-3-4, make it 2-4-4. That is, exactly equal to the current short sword but slighly worse than my suggested shortsword (but lighter!).

August 16, 2017, 04:42:32 PM
Re: The underdog of weapons: the short sword In the old forum, Sami recently fixed several weapons that had wrong values. Several axes were nerfed but the handaxe got away with it :) I think it's just hard to do a global rebalance.
August 18, 2017, 02:47:09 PM
Add "wetness" penalty to clothes You are in the coldest days of winter. The "cold bar" is empty. You should stay indoor like the many game guides say, treasuring your firewood, but you don't care: you are fully clothed in deer with woollen footrags, mittens and cowl. You could dip into a frozen river and come back up, and instead of freezing to death you'd warm back to optimal.

Why? Because the warm system of clothes (which is simple but works very well, usually!) fails to take "wetness" into account.


  • Every wearable piece must have two additional fields: wetness and wet-warmth. When wetness is full, the effective warmth is equal to the wet-warmth. When wetness is empty, the effective warmth is the usual "warmth" field for this item. If willing to go the extra mile, effective warmth decreases linearly with wetness, with minimum being the "wet-warmth" and maximum the base warmth.
  • Dipping increases the wetness very rapidly for some materials, and less for others. Linen/nettle/wool should go instantaneously to maximum wetness. Fur would only be half-wet if you go out immediately. Leather and, special case, seal fur, go 25% wet at every turn: so getting in water and coming out immediately only makes you 25% wet. I would also make the wet-warmth closer to the effective warmth for seal fur and leather (as well as iron/mail/lamellar, for all the good it'd do).
  • Rain and snow make you wet little by little, proportionally to the rain/snow strength and the material of the cloth, like above.
  • Ambient temperatures reduces the wetness with time, proportionally. Changing clothes to dry your wet ones by the fire/in your smokehouse becomes a thing.

This would make seal fur great again (as well as leather), excluding the coldest months of winter, because of its reliability under wet conditions. Your nice reindeer suite is still great but you need to keep covered, as one supposed ancient Finns did.

Extra happiness if the first to get wet is the outer layer (the last worn) for each body part, so that having a seal overcoat over your bear/stag suite makes a lot of sense.

August 31, 2017, 03:33:08 PM
Re: Whittling away So, a year passed and I thought on writing a minimod on this idea  :)

I thought in using generic terms, so artifact or figurine could be an animal, person or anything you like.

Here it is, hope it is what you guys were thinking:

November 29, 2018, 04:19:36 PM
Re: Whittling away @Iago.Hach

Brygun of the BAC mod here.

I had envisioned deocrated boards long, long ago. Im going to take a look at your whittling now to see if it can fit into the BAC menus.

Let me know if you have any objections to this.

January 02, 2019, 10:00:43 PM