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Re: Varied handaxes? There are 2 types of hand-axes defined in-game.  One hand-axe has 3 blunt, 6 edge, and 5 point damage, while the other hand-axe 4 blunt, 6 edge, and 4 point damage.
May 28, 2020, 09:18:19 PM
Re: map not loading Hi Sami, I was able to open my saves on another (newer) Chromebook running Crouton! (EDIT: I simply installed the Linux version and am running it successfully, instead of trying to get Chromebook to run Crouton/Linux to run *Steam* to run URW.) Not sure if my former issue is still worth you looking into since my situation was so weird.

Happily playing now. p1m lives!

June 07, 2020, 08:17:05 PM
Re: Bloodscrapes disappeared on reloading Got this fixed (with Cornan from Brygun. Thx!).
I seem to have flipped certain routine parameters which then broke bloodscape timestamps. It's back to normal now, which means bloodscapes are removed after two days from their first appearance. Would be better if they faded gradually, and according to elements - maybe to adjust that in the future.

Fixed - persists in 3.62.

July 06, 2020, 03:08:12 PM
Re: Who were "Njerpez" ? If the game change log said: "Based on historical references it has now been verified that The Novgrod Russians never did thing X, and therefore in this game release The Njerpez also don't do thing X" then all the questions and arguments by user1805 would be highly on-point.

But, at the moment to me it seems that user1805 just slightly misinterpreted what Sami meant to say in the game change log. I believe Sami meant only to say that "It is intended that Njerpez behave in a way X, and it has now been verified that they really do X in the game."

Then, of course we can have another discussion about if Njerpez should behave this or that way based on fully accurate historical facts about Novgorod Russians. But, to me that seems to miss the point. The game doesn't claim to be 100% historically accurate. Many things are simulated based on historical facts, but not all the things need to be so. Especially the tribes, they contain a lot of artistic freedom. Therefore the game creator can say that "in the fantasy world I created the element X behaves in a way Y because I wanted it that way", and I find it hard for anyone else to counter that. Like, can anyone say that "I don't believe you imagined it that way, you need to imagine it some other way!". I always thought that the very essence of imagination is that anyone can imagine the way they do.

August 24, 2020, 01:01:27 PM
Gaining the high ground; Elevated hunting blinds/tree stands Elevation is crucial in UrW, both when hunting for game and exploring for encounters on the map. Finding game in a coniferous forest without a vantage point is a losing proposition most of the time.

Hence why I suggest; tree stands or raised hunting blinds! Wooden towers with a little optional windowed shed perched atop from where a character might be able to have a good view of the surroundings - and possibly shoot game within range. I figure they might have two different useful modes to them giving them increased versatility;

- A local zoomed-in mode, where you could physically climb up into the hunting blind and get a good overview of the local terrain just like when climbing a tree (and possibly not alert nearby game to your presence quite as much as on the ground) while still being able to take potshots at game coming close (bait coming in handy here).

- A wilderness map mode, giving that one map tile better vision over the surroundings by raising the effective elevation by 1 level (for example; a hunting blind built on a Coniferous Forest tile would raise it to the effective elevation of Heathland, giving sight over surrounding Coniferous Forest tiles and lower, but not over Heathland and up).

The cost is left to be determined, but trading wood, time and effort for one of these could be an attractive option for lots of players; hunters active and passive, merchants, explorers, Njerp headhunters ...

Hunting blind in a field in Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

A small hunting tower made from logs in Salo, Finland

A deer stand in Bavaria, Germany

August 25, 2020, 05:56:04 AM
Re: "The Challenge" Day 101 14% injured, 0% starved

Checking out a new village in case they have any silver.

Day 102 14% injured, 0% starved

Checked another village, this one had the robber's quest. I accepted it but I am probably going to let it lapse. Returned home, found a glutton in my traps.

Day 114 13% injured, 0% starved

Finished my 1x2 sauna.

Day 119 10% injured, 0% starved

Visited some villages in driik, didn't find any silver but did get a travelling companion quest. Luckily, my character is actually is Sartolanian so it's going to be easy to take him to a village.

Day 123 7% injured, 0% starved

Traded 10 lb of superior elk fur for a perfect shovel. I'm going to go find the island where the reward from the travelling companion quest is, though I can't dig it yet of course.

Day 141 0% injured, 0% starved

Visited a new village, got the branches quest, bought some rye grains and flax seeds. The flax does rely on a mod but winter will be over by the time i plant them, and the OP says that's okay after winter. It's late soil month right now so I'm almost there. I still have 7 cloudberries left from way back at the beginning. I've been using them to bait my traps slowly and replacing them as they get eaten but soon it will be swidden and they'll go stale and I'll eat the rest of them.

Day 153 0% injured, 0% starved

It's Swidden (April) now. I have been building a little cabin just a few steps away from the sauna, mostly for lack of other things to do. The snow is thigh deep still and I'm checking everyday [alt-a s] to see if I can start preparing a little field yet or not, but it's not yet. I guess I should gather up my furs and wander around looking for travelling traders to get some silver, or failing that, explore the driik villages until I find one.  The robbers quest did expire, I never went looking for them.

August 30, 2020, 03:09:33 PM
Re: Let salt be salt, not preservative
You can mod thee recipes to ask for dried meat.

That’s quadrupling the recipes. Raw, salted, smoked and dried. And same for fish.

You put it like this:
Code: [Select]
{* cut} then it accepts raw, salted, smoked or dried meat cuts.

Alas there is not a similar workaround for fish.

September 05, 2020, 07:46:10 AM
Disengage command & Shouting function for human companion I know currently companion already have several functions, but what I would like to suggest is adding some commands that distinguish them as intellectual human beings from simple-minded hunting hounds.

One of the commands I want to suggest is to ask companion to disengage from enemies. Dogs, although no disengage command available, leash can make them at least stick around you and even stop them from being aggressive by unleash & leash them spontaneously. However human companions cannot be leashed (of course) and more importantly, cannot communicate during the fight, which doesn’t really make senses to me. I already have two companions died from stupidly charge to large pack of beasts without my command/ help and that’s frustrating. Their deaths are really unnecessary if we could just retreat from those animals since most of them are not willing to fight us to death and will flee if injured.

One more thing about the command to companion is the shouting function. We can command dogs out of our sight but can’t command human companions out of sight? This really make no senses to me and I really hope this function get added into game soon.

September 15, 2020, 05:01:37 AM
tanning terminology + rinsed should not spoil I have had several thoughts about the tanning of skins in this game for a long time. Here's my suggestions on how to make the tanning feel more right - at least in my experience.

I updated this post after I wrote a suggestion about curing:

1) Rename the 'rinsed' * skin to 'hard' * skin and remove it's ability to spoil. Rotting at this already-tanned stage doesn't make any sense to me. Also the 'hard' adjective describes better what is expected to do next. Also IRL this is how we refer to skins at this stage.

2) Remove the need for water for cleaning skins. When I do that IRL, don't require water.

3) Curing should be immediately available for fresh skins, not after laborious cleaning (fleshing), which is easier on dry skin. (The membranes break off more easily on dry skin.) Moved to the curing thread.

4) Rename all fur-bearing fresh skins to 'pelt' (ie: "cleaned ermine pelt") with the exception of:

5) Rename all big fur-bearing skins to 'hide' (of the size available to use in kota construction, for example, so 8lbs in my understanding)

6) Dehairing seems to have an odd step after it. A dehaired skin is not dry, but very wet. It doesn't need to be soaked, quite the opposite. The membranes are scraped off or at least broken when they are dry. A thorough wash and salt water are beneficial after dehairing, to slow the rotting which caused the dehairing in the first place. I'd alter the soaking step to a wash and dry. (I'm aware of many methods of tanning, but in this rubbing method the game uses this would be appropriate.)

7) Make dehairing process rename previous 'pelts' and 'hides' to 'skins':

Like so:
Spoiler: examples • show

fresh snake skin
(wait too long and it becomes spoiled snake skin)
(optional step: cured snake skin)  no spoilage
clean fleshed snake skin
tanning snake skin
hard snake skin                    no spoilage
snake leather                      no spoilage

fresh hare pelt
(wait too long and it becomes spoiled hare pelt)
(optional step: cured hare pelt)   no spoilage
clean fleshed hare pelt
tanning hare pelt
hard hare pelt                     no spoilage
hare fur                           no spoilage
fresh hare pelt
(wait too long and it becomes spoiled hare pelt)
(optional step: cured hare pelt)   no spoilage
dehaired hare skin
cured hare skin                    no spoilage
clean fleshed hare skin
tanning hare skin
hard hare skin                     no spoilage
hare leather                       no spoilage

fresh elk hide
(wait too long and it becomes spoiled elk hide)
(optional step: cured elk hide)    no spoilage
clean fleshed elk hide
tanning elk hide
hard elk hide                      no spoilage
elk fur                            no spoilage

fresh elk hide
(wait too long and it becomes spoiled elk hide)
(optional step: cured elk hide)    no spoilage
dehaired elk skin
cured elk skin                     no spoilage
clean fleshed elk skin
tanning elk skin
hard elk skin                      no spoilage
elk leather                        no spoilage

8 ) No cutting weapon needed in dehairing.
9) Tanning by smoking, in the same style as smoking meat.

My reasoning apart from what already been said:
a) one could instantly recognize which animal skins become leather and which fur
b) currently one cannot distinguish a dehaired "tanning elk skin" and a fur bearing "tanning elk skin" before the whole tanning process is finished
c) curing is not very useful nor realistic atm. Suggestions would help that. Moved to the curing thread.

d) using 'hide' only for bigger skins is more proper English in my understanding. English is not my mothertongue, but I understand all these terms are a bit vague and interchangeable at least to some degree. I would love the get some native English feedback on this. Anyway, IMHO it would be good for the game interface to establish a terminology anyway to easily distinguish between fur-bearing and non-fur-bearing skins and their states of progress.

EDIT: after reading this: I find using the 'fleshing' term is indeed more appropriate

October 23, 2020, 12:03:21 PM
Re: Third party programs?
Run a grep on the msglog.txt

‘grep’ should be in about every Linux distro our there.
Good idea! For anyone unfamiliar with "grep", it is a utility that searches for keyword(s) in file content.

For the Windows platform, here is a grep for Windows package (free software) which I have been using for years:
There is find, findstr etc. but I still find 'grep for Windows' useful enough to install on any Windows system I regularly use.

October 28, 2020, 10:29:19 PM