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Re: Various questions from a new player I've never tried to get my Companions killed, either, although I've lost a fair number of them to combat and one to nature. When they die, their gear goes into my stash.

Unlike many folks here, I've never hired a large crew to hunt down robbers or Njerp villages. In fact, I only really want them (one of them) to help me deal with the individual Njerp I run across in my general area. I just consider it necessary because they can, and do, find their way to my settlement. It's been a shock to me to look up from some activity near home and find a Njerp, or a robber gang, heading for me.

Anyway, after taking a few arrows in the back, and from the stories people have related of their experiences with Companion gangs, I usually won't hire a Companion that has a bow and arrows. However, since they often offer the arrows in trade, I sometimes trade for their arrows and THEN hire them.

When they leave your employ, Companions often have pathing problems. My last one such forced me to open a hole in my fence because he wouldn't climb over it. When they reach a river, they can take a long time crossing over it. I've had another just stand in the road for weeks, even though his village was close by. I thought he was a robber and finally hired a guy and went to confront him, only to find it was a previous hire.

This is NOT gospel, but, supposedly the weapon quality affects the amount of damage inflicted, so, presumably, the armor quality could affect the damage taken. Otoh, I've been one-shotted by an arrow through the eyehole of my Masterwork Iron Spectacle helm, so, 'put not your faith in the works of Man' It makes a difference, too, what weapon type is used against you. Dark green can change to a lesser color, depending on the damage type the weapon causes.

(Edit: I took a Companion into a grove next to a village and told him to fell trees. He walked right through the grove, ignoring all the trees, and was heading into the village, apparently to cross it and get to some spruce trees on the other border.)

February 15, 2020, 10:51:46 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player Questions first:
Wet clothes do not exist. If you get into cold water you warm up faster with your clothes than without them, and I assume the fire effect is combined with the clothing effect to warm you up.

I don't think clumsy hands (or other parts) due to cold affects crafting.

Dogs on ice are in circumstantial danger. If you use a craft to get out on the water (smashing ice to go forward), the dog is in no danger, nor is it swimming in ice cold water while traveling by craft.
While you are on land the "normal" animal rules seem to apply. Normal traveling along the shore with the dog falling through occasionally is probably not dangerous, but traveling around a single tile lake is, because the dog tried to move towards you, which means further out on the ice. I've lost a dog due to this.

Fighting Njerps and robber while on a craft and they're in water occasionally leads to them going unconscious and dying, with no bleeding accounting for the death. I think it's cold rather than drowning.
The concept of cold as such probably applies only to the PC, but the combination of cold and water applies to NPCs as well (the villagers keep drowning in the village "well" bug has mostly been fixed, but not entirely, I believe).

What would I do?
- Best option: Go a short distance to the homestead to pick up a punt, return, and smash the ice to get to the carcass.
- Usual option: I don't think I wouldn't risk it with a wolf, but usually do with an elk (it sounds like a wolf is light enough that you're guaranteed to fall through): Prepare a fire on the shore. drop all carried equipment and then lie down. Crawl out on the ice (UrW takes position, and weight into consideration, and skis also allow you to move on thinner ice safely, although I assume it doesn't combine with prone), and retreat if it sounds like it's going to break. When reaching the carcass, pull it towards the character, crawl backwards, pull, crawl,... until reaching the shore (with the carcass still lying on the ice). Rest, as the fatigue tends to be very high (I've had cases where I had to retreat, rest up, and then continue to pull the rest of the way). Skin only when fully rested.

February 22, 2020, 12:31:11 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player I just had the same sort of thing happen, an apparently lone wolf came to my cabin and attacked my two dogs.  I poked my head out the door to see what all the noise was about, then grabbed a javelin and chucked it at wolfie.  I got him and he ran out onto the ice about 8 tiles before falling through and expiring.  I got a fire going, stripped off, went prone and crawled out to him, and as expected i fell through a few times.  I even ended up with a harsh skin too!  I think because my dogs got a couple of bites in before I appeared.

However!  I didn't strip off everything - I kept a javelin and handaxe on me as I understand they help you climb back onto the ice after falling through.  I remember reading that somewhere, but I can't remember where. 

February 22, 2020, 07:59:21 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player
More questions:

Can the player craft 'fine' clothing? Can the player craft 'fine' javelins? Is there any gameplay difference between fine cord and inferior cord (does fine cord tend to create better tasting dried cuts for example?) or does it only matter if you were to want to trade it? Has anyone done a fairly recent analysis of all of the damage protection profiles for various furs and leathers? Is there a crafting difference between winter fur and non-winter fur of the same animal type? I'd heard/read somewhere that winter bear fur is the best fur to make clothing out of, is that generally true? Is bear leather also the best leather? I can't imagine there's such a thing as 'winter leather', but just in case, is there?

If I put my dog on a 100 foot leash and tie him to a tree, will he use that 100 feet or will he stay within 1 hex of the tree?

I usually play a modded version of the game so the following is my best recollection of vanilla behavior.

I am not sure about clothing, but the player can indeed create 'fine' javelins, especially if using fine staves (which are based on your timbercraft skill to craft). Cord quality does not seem to impact food quality; however, it does impact the quality of other quality-bearing items crafted with cords such as bows.

There has been a lot of historical work on damage resistance and so forth but unfortunately I haven't found good documentation on exactly what versions were tested, so I don't know how up to date it is. To synthesize the most recent information I've read: bear fur is very protective, so if that's what you want, go for it, but there are some warmer furs. Winter furs should be warmer but I don't know about other qualities. There is no "winter leather" and I am not aware of any species differences in types of leather either.

I haven't observed any changes in animal behavior depending on the length of the leash, but admittedly I have not experimented with a 100 foot leash.

February 25, 2020, 03:45:00 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player - You can't craft fine clothing, because clothing is crafted using the Common skill which has a fixed skill rating that's not sufficient to produce fine result.
- I have to correct marginoferror regarding javelins: You can indeed craft fine ones, but to do that you have to buy fine staves for your input material, as you can't make better than decent ones yourself, because the starting material is for staves is always decent, and the result quality can't exceed that.
- I'd expect the protective value of leather to follow that of the corresponding hide (apart from the cold protection, of course), but haven't got any data to back that up.

When crafting, input material can either influence the quality of the output, or explicitly be exempted from doing that, causing the result to instead be based on the other input materials (and other factors, such as tool impact, skill, penalties, etc). You'd have to look at each recipe to determine which input affects the result.

February 25, 2020, 08:45:32 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player You can only craft fine staves in modded versions. Highest craftable in vanilla is decent. You can get fine cords from fine cloth or better, and sometimes you can craft fine javelins if you can find fine/master work staves for sale. I believe it's easier to do so if you have the applicable master work tool, as it should add 10% skill to common. Also easier if you limit your penalties. I think the only reason you can get fine cords is because you're using fine or better cloth.

Winter fur doesn't add anything as far as protection. Fine/masterwork designation for clothing seems to increase protection for fur/leather/iron/chain, as to how much I'm not sure. My guess is value*1.25 and 1.5 respectively, rounded down. Wool/linen seem unaffected by those tags

February 25, 2020, 07:36:04 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player Small pointy things, knives, absolutely help you get out of broken ice, I can't remember where but I've seen a post where Sami mentioned it. And ya like you I would have started a fire, dropped all my gear except for knives for less weight and crawled out to the wolf. On a side note I'm more like to risk it for a wolf over an elk. Generally once established I have a good food stock pile and I am more interested in high value pelts.
February 26, 2020, 10:13:13 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player
Of course it's possible that even with a fine staff, you can't craft a fine javelin. The one time I tried, I created a regular javelin. And there was no failure message like there is with fur when you downgrade something. But maybe that failure message ONLY shows up in the case of fur?

The failure message only shows up in the case of fur. Other crafted items, there is a message if you roll higher than the source material allows (you could have done better, but you can't make good out of bad) but no message if you roll lower than the source material allows.

February 27, 2020, 10:16:48 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player There's only one kind of slender trunk. It can also be noted that both the kinds or regular trunks->logs are of Decent quality. They differ only for the purpose of a particular quest.
February 27, 2020, 11:20:04 PM
Re: [3.61, Windows 10] Items are no longer showing as unpaid when I pick them up This has to me too in the past. i'm also a player that does a lot on the zoomed in map, sometimes i'll build a house about 10 world map tiles away from a village that you can get to the village by following a path like "go south and whenever you hit a tree go east until you can go south again", and then visit the village once a week. I usually keep the goods I'm interested in buying in a pile in one of the buildings, and then if the building was one of those 2x1 buildings then i'd drop all my stuff too on top of it to do crafting or whatever and then when i picked up all my stuff i would notice that all the stuff was mine, so my hypothesis was that I was picking them up too much and dropping them and that reset it, but maybe that was a red herring.  I'll try to submit a save next time it happens to me.
March 01, 2020, 08:17:52 AM