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Re: Various questions from a new player As you state any structure will do. That being said 'IF' a village / settlement has (taken the time to build) an actual 'shelter' set up, I usually stay there as RP.
February 12, 2020, 10:57:09 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player Likewise, if roleplaying and had only visited that village rarely enough to be a stranger to them, I would use the shelter. If well known to the villagers, I would use the common building.
February 12, 2020, 11:04:04 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player
Does either raw meat or cooked meat or both spoil more quickly on the ground than it does in your possession?

Is dumping raw meat or cooked meat in a hole in the ice so it won't spoil as quickly a viable thing to do?

Has anyone done an in-depth spoilage analysis? Like the exact date when food starts spoiling again and exactly how long food lasts at various times of year, and whether it's actually weather-dependent or simply date-dependent.

Does the 'wrap yourself in furs' while sleeping message confer any actual tangible bonus to the quality of your sleep or is it just flavor?

Edit: And another:

Do the foreign traders despawn or do they just move around very slowly? If they despawn, do the same ones reappear somewhere else or is that particular group with those particular items not coming back?

Hmmm, I just realized I forgot to put my clothes back on after I cooked up the reindeer. It was nice of the villagers not to mention anything.
Haha, is your character extra hairy? Maybe they thought it was an animal?

My only answer to your questions is that I don't know about the spoilage, 'wrap yourself in furs' does improve something, I think they despawn at some point, and I doubt the same ones would reappear, they wander though.

I know this didn't help you. But just so you know, I deliberately DON'T want to know analyzed details because that goes against my style of play. Have you read any of my stories, perchance? Those would *illustrate* my playstyle if you're interested.

* They have lots of pictures!

February 13, 2020, 02:22:45 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player "Wrap in furs" has at least one benefit: it can keep the character warm even if the temperature is such that you'd wake up shivering halfway through the sleep without them.

Spoilage is randomized. It seems a spoilage roll is made at the turn of every day for every item subject to spoilage, with different outcomes for different stacks. The roll is influenced by temperature and cellar storage. It makes logical sense and I don't think that's too detailed to be an issue for JEB Davis. Sometimes you can get unlucky to have things degrade almost immediately, and sometimes they can last a fair bit longer than expected.

A bug/exploit/feature is that things don't seem to be subjected to spoilage when your character is away, so it's possible to go away on a two week trip and then return to find that the raw meat left behind in the cellar hadn't spoiled (I tend to leave raw meat to either spoil or be used for cooking a bit at a time, as dogs can eat spoiled raw meat, but not spoiled cooked meat, so if it spoils it can be used for dog food).

I haven't hired any companions with the new capabilities yet, but in the past I hired them only for the game course event and for robber quest posse collection. Those that died were given a fire burial (which is a pain, as leaving the site blocks the burning process to complete correctly, so you essentially have to sit around in the area through the process, rather than return to the village where you left your cow of burden to collect it so you can bring home the spoils).

I've never encountered the same foreign merchants twice: they're always shown as nameless when looked at (if you return to the same group during the same trip they're known, of course).

February 13, 2020, 10:22:44 AM
Re: Greetings I bet on the wolves, due to AI mechanics dogs and companions will chase enemies with no way to recall them. Wolves are some of the toughest things to fight. They attack and and flee and then turn about and attack again. They will pull your companion away and tag team him dead.

February 13, 2020, 06:36:06 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player
I haven't heard about the new cooking system. I assume there's a thread somewhere. I assume it hasn't been implemented yet? I'm still drying in batches of 19, assuming that's the correct amount if you want to maximize your rope/cord-efficiency?

 Cooking used to use #1 cord for 10 cuts by default AND up to 19 cuts manually '20 cuts' the increment of the tens column to two used to trigger a second cord.
This used to 'provide' an opportunity to max cord usage.
NOW, cord length is used according to the specific number of cuts you enter.
Cord can be recovered after process.

February 15, 2020, 01:29:42 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player Yes,
 Cord used to be 0.5 lb with no length designation.

February 15, 2020, 03:29:05 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player I believe the maximum batch size is now 50. However, you might waste your time slightly by still doing 19 at a time, but you don't waste much time for your character, as the time it takes used to be 2 minutes per cut, and I don't think that's changed, so the wasted character time is the time it takes to pick up an additional batch of cuts and typing equipment.

Also note that a larger batch increases the risk of having to abandon the task (with all progress lost) due to cold, frostbite, or interrupting hostiles.

February 15, 2020, 08:48:34 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player I don't think the amount of wood affects the chances. I use 3 twigs for cooking and one cutting of branches for lighting a warming fire (so I can cut more while being heated by the newly lit one).

I don't know about heated cabins: I never heat mine (the stove is for looks only, and smoking/cooking is done in the "sauna"), and all perishables not kept in the character inventory are stored in the cellar (as soon as one is built, which is a very high priority task, and certainly built before a cabin has been built).

February 15, 2020, 01:34:55 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player Now nearing the 4th year with a character. I've had some smoked meat that spoiled even in the cellar. I made a habit of hiring Companions and buying items with the smoked meats, thereafter, to get rid of it before it went bad.

I've also had some foods like grain/beans/flour that spoiled, that I'd not kept in the cellar. I've still got lake reed roots and flour from the first year that has stayed viable in the cellar. I have not had any herbs go bad yet.

There doesn't seem to be any correlation to the amount of wood and the chance of starting a fire. I've failed a dozen times to light a cabin fireplace with 16 branches and likewise failed a dozen times outside with only 3 branches.

I've gotten messages saying I'm cold INSIDE my cabin when the temp drops significantly. I've been awakened from sleep by the cold, inside the cabin. Having lost my first established character to the cold, I always try to keep the cabin warm. The only way I can think of to test the cabin's warmth is to try to bake bread, or cook a stew. If it says I can't, I assume the cabin is getting cold.

Note that you can make cooked food spoil by leaving it too long by the fire. So, cooking inside village houses with their long-lasting fires can result in spoilage if you walk away for a while. Palu's "3 twigs" fires are always safe, but you can't do the more advanced dishes with just a campfire.

Regarding that Masterwork staff, it will probably result in a FINE javelin. I've made Fine javelins from Fine staffs. I'm keeping my Masterwork staff...heh.

As for cooking large batches of meat, I pick it all up and keep pressing the 'R' key, to get it done quickly. That's always been with newer characters who had not the needed cords or the like to smoke/dry it.
I've had meat that spoiled before I could finish the roasting even as I raced to cook it all. At least it's still good for dog food. Occasionally, I've traded the whole of a kill, cut down, while it's uncooked.

Re: Companion skills- Companion's fires last a goodly amount of time. They don't use any wood, it's just magic!

They seem to fell trees in accordance with their given skill level, possibly even faster. I've had a master down a dozen in a day with a handaxe! My guy would be too tired out to do so many. On the downside, they'll cut down trees randomly. They don't care if that tree is part of your fence. It seems they ONLY cut down large spruce trees. I could be wrong on that, but, they've avoided the birch and alders around my cabin. Think I'll take one to a grove and test that.

They'll make logs from tree trunks, nothing special. Maybe it's just me but they seem to take a long time doing it for small results.
They are acceptable at skinning/butchering. The pelts I've gotten from them have been either Decent or Fine. Otoh, waiting around for them while they skin a kill is monotonous. I'd like to hear how timely they perform this when you, also, have a carcass to skin/butcher.

They roast whatever uncooked foods you give them. If you don't take it from them, they'll eat it, too.

February 15, 2020, 04:44:43 PM