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How did you discover UnReal World? -- 10 choice poll Here's the good old poll reposted here at the new forums.
Let us know how you ended up into the UnReal World.
Also, feel free to reply here to tell your story.
(You may also consider to find and copy&paste your reply from the old forums poll thread.)

April 24, 2017, 08:24:58 PM
Re: Keeping the game fresh
I always try to play a likeness of myself, and then basically roleplay as myself.  Basically, would you do something in the game that you wouldn't do in real life?


- Are you really a god of combat, stealth, and a master hide-worker?  Specifically?
- Would you deliberately hunt down and kill somebody to take their stuff?
- For that matter, would you really seek out warriors from another culture to fight?
- Would you really gather a whole bunch of people from different villages, arm them with weapons and armor, and go destroy other camps?
- Would you really subsist on a mono-diet knowing how bad for you health that is in real life?  Like mono-dried meat or mono fish, or mono milk?
- For that matter, what kind of allergies do you have in the real world?
- Would you really feed your dogs spoilt meat?  Or try and sell that to others (not sure if you can still do this or not.)
- Would you really build a cabin, by yourself?  Would you really cut down 300 tree's, put them all on a raft secured only with small pieces of cloth you cut from your underwear, and paddle upstream, to a building site so close to the river that it could potentially be flooded?
- Would you really build a trap-fence 10 km long?
- Would you really work your character so hard that they are constantly on the verge of fainting?
- Use the "Oath of Iron" ritual on throwaway weapons?
- Ect, ect.  You get the point.

Basically there's a ton of things you end up doing in the game because they are incredibly favorable or they take out some of the tedium, but they totally wreck the intended balance of the game.  Now, of course, being to strict with those ideas can also lead to a boring or frustrating game, so you should have some leeway if you choose to re-imagine yourself.  Perhaps you from 1,000 years ago would be very talented in something.  You would have to be, or you wouldn't last very long.
Very well said  :)

May 24, 2017, 03:57:08 AM
Midsummer greetings and pictures Almost equally bright days and nights go by as we're approaching the midsummer day, Juhannus, 24th.
I'm travelling from Kiesse to Kaumo (in the real world, but with unreal world region names) to welcome and celebrate the midsummer.
This post is to wish you all happy midsummer time, or best of the season, wherever you are.
And this is how the nature looked around here yesterday during the darkest hour of the night.

I'll be offline for a good few days, see you around next week,

June 22, 2017, 10:53:24 AM
Random little additions... Summer days are truly different. Oh how easily one can end up being carried away with all sorts of recreational activities and events. But I'm frequenting the coding chambers as well,  especially on rainy days :) -- and now, instead of organized update post, here's a completely random bunch of few small additions to expect in the next patch:

 - added: skinned/cut/burnt carcass coloring

        Skinned carcasses now appear in fleshy red color.
        Cut or eaten carcasses appear dark reddish, and burnt carcasses blackish depending on the cut/burn degree.
 - added: BUTCHER_CONFIRMATION configuration option

        If the option is enabled a confirmation prompt appears if you try to butcher a carcass before skinning it.
        This is to avoid accidentally cutting up the whole carcass and losing the skin.

        To enable the option add the following line to urw_ini.txt setup file in your installation folder:

 - added: SPEND_DELAY_ADD configuration option

        This option can be used to slow down all the time consuming actions if you find the game turns running too fast for your taste
        during the time spending dialog. The given value is in milliseconds adding that much more delay for each game turn.
        Good value to try slowin things down a bit would be 10 and nobody wants to go for more than 100.

        To use eg. 10 millisecond custom delay add the following line to urw_ini.txt setup file in your installation folder:

 - added: winter skin/fur descriptor

        And as we know winter furs are more valuable, and it's been like that for a long time. Now there's finally
        also an indication of wintertime furs and skins within the item description.
        For example:
        "Fine winter fox fur" or "Poor winter bear-skin"

 - renewed & optimized: drawing of rain and snowfall

        Previously rain and snowfall were drawn in putpixel fashion which was a speed issue on some systems.
        Now rain and snowfall presented by tile graphics, with improved look and fast rendering.

 - added: redrawn 8 directional tiles for watercrafts

        Both punt and raft now appear bigger and prettier in completely redrawn fashion. Credits for these tiles goes to Paulo Spinola.
        Watercraft tile direction changes based on the last actually rowed direction.

July 02, 2017, 08:09:25 PM
Animal Husbandry I have some comments about animal husbandry.  I'm excited to see that in the developer list.  I've amassed quite a collection of animals with my latest character (8 cows, 12 bulls, 6 big dogs, 3 small dogs, 12 regular dogs, variable reindeer - they become food) and I have kept pigs, sheep, etc. in previous characters.  I have some comments for your consideration:

Animal Products
I love the development plans to have more useable materials come from animals. 
  • Hides/Leather
    Obtaining leather from cows/bulls/pigs is great.  The hides for others are also good.  There doesn't seem to be anything special though about livestock hides/skins/leather/furs.  Maybe domesticated animals might have the potential for higher quality hides?
  • Milk
    What good is milk other than to drink?  I'd love to see milk as an option, rather than just water, in current cooking recipes (porridge, stews, etc.).  Also, I'd love new recipes based on milk: butter, cheese.  I can imagine butter and cheese being high value trade items as well as optional ingredients in other recipes.  Also, milk doesn't seem to spoil or go bad.  I've carried around bags of milk for days (during the summer) and keep drinking from them with no problem.
  • Wool
    I look forward to harvesting wool and processing it for making things.  Building gear for spinning wool and eventually a loom would be a great set of higher-tier craftable items.  I also imagine that would really prompt the need to advancing the carpentry skill to build an improved loom grade to allow higher quality wool fabric/clothes.
  • Horns, Antlers, Bones
    I'd love to be able to make my own hunting horn from a bull or ram.  Also using these materials in weapons and other craftable items would be great.
  • Left-overs from Butchering
    In reality, there is a lot of mess left over after a carcass is butchered.  I encourage you to consider adding a blood spot icon where an animal is butchered.  This might discourage a player from butchering animals on their sleeping bunk.  Also, maybe there is a residual carcass mass left over that must be disposed of.  This could create a trash pile that attracts scavengers, crows, bears, etc. unless it it burned.
Comments on Animals
I also have some comments on animals and interaction with specific animals.
  • Neglecting Dogs
    Dogs are a huge help/advantage for hunting large game, and a player can treat them very poorly for their huge help.  I recommend some tweaks to augment their obvious advantages so that the player needs to balance the cost/benefit of keeping a pack of dogs (I currently have 20+ dogs and have stopped collecting them because of the annoyance of naming them all).  A smaller number of dogs could be more manageable for use in hunting.
    For example, I've kept a pack of dogs in a pen for weeks while I go roaming and they always sit in their pen until I wander back.  It could be that dogs leave their pen (dig out, jump over) if they stay starving for too long.  It could be that those escaped dogs then become a feral pack near my cabin.  Another option is to have starving dogs become aggressive until they are fed.  They would attack other dogs, domesticated animals, other animals, humans (including the player) until they are fed (no longer starving).  Also, I've kept dogs in a pen with other domesticated animals (reindeer, cows, etc.) until the dog is starving for days.  Yet, the dog doesn't kill and eat the other domesticated animal. 
  • Rams
    What about ram sizes?  I'd love to search for a big ram in order to harvest his horns for crafting. 
  • Pigs
    Are there male pigs (boars)?  I assumed pigs were female, but I guess they are genderless in the game. 
  • Bulls
    It seems that bulls have different carrying capacities, even beyond the size.  For example, I have normal sized bulls that can carry different amounts of slender tree trunks.  Is there a way to note or differentiate that carrying difference beyond naming the animal?
  • Killing Domesticated Animals
    I can have several animals leashed and can slaughter them in the middle of a pen of animals, and none of the other animals will bat an eye.  I'd recommend that animals become aggressive if they see another domesticated animal be slaughtered. 
    Also, I've totally changed how I kill my domesticated animals after a reindeer went aggressive after my first blow failed to kill it.  It kicked me in the eye, I passed out, and my eye started bleeding.  I woke up to an angry wounded reindeer.  I killed the beast and smoked the heck out of its meat.  I went blind in that eye until it healed weeks later. 
  • Capturing and Domesticating Wild Animals
    This would require traps for some animals that keep them alive and unhurt.  Some domesticatable animals could include capercaillie, ducks, etc..  The birds would require some form of cage or pen to prevent them from leaving.  Maybe the player can clip their wings and keep them in a pen?  Can a player leash a bird?  Maybe feeding birds grain could help domesticate them. 
    Carnivores, even small ones, and larger animals (e.g. reindeer) probably shouldn't be domesticatable. They would require constant attention and feeding to prevent them from becoming feral.
  • Animal Pens and Overcrowing/Animal Compatibility
    Currently, animals can stack on spaces within a pen without penalty.  For example, I can pack 12+ animals in a pen with a 3x3 open space.  I've seen this also happen rarely in towns.  This also allows multiple animals to be tied to trees than there are spaces around the tree.  Maybe make animals so they don't stack?  Would this affect the number of animals that are leashed at one time around the player? 
    Also, there seems to be no issues with animal compatibility.  I can put sheep, pigs, dogs, cows, and reindeer all in the same pen without any penalty.  Maybe some animals are incompatible when in the same pen (or adjacent pens) to others?  That would require the player to better manage the layout of a farm with multiple animal pens.
General Comments about Animal Husbandry
If you are considering a new "Animal Husbandry" skill, there are several activities that can be associated with it.  It could be used for:
  • gathering of useable animal parts separate from hide working (wool, milk, horns, etc.)
  • breeding, if that is going to be incorporated
  • domesticating wild animals - high skill levels needed?
  • butchering
  • creating pens, cages for animals, etc. that goes beyond trapping skill.  This could also be used to create a pen that is separate from just building fences.
  • Using domesticated animals for labor/hauling - loading animals; hitching them to sleds, wagons, carts; building pack saddles or other carrying slings
  • managing several leashed animals at once (currently, unlimited leashed animals at once - maybe limit that number?)

Love the game!

July 06, 2017, 07:03:18 PM
...fails to deliver a summer release || ...enters summer vacation.
Code: [Select]
You dream of a summer release.
You aim your fingers at the keyboard and code.
You fail to deliver a summer release.

You know, that's what has happened to me.
Like mentioned in earlier posts I dreamed of a summer release, and a proper long holiday afterwards.
But...we're behind the schedule with several planned goals and just can't make it.
Deadlines and summer - I should have known they don't go together.

So, hopes to come up with a new patch is thus postponed after the summer. I'll be entering summer vacation shortly, for the whole august.
This means I'll be more absent in regards to game related forums and e-mail activity.
Coding is to be continued in the autumn then, but some additional content is still to be expected sooner...

Steam Trading cards

Yeeees, the trading cards. That's what we will be releasing before I leave the development chambers. It's actually the trading cards (with emoticons, badges and all that extra) which have postponed my general working schedule more than expected. Ambitions can take time, you know, but we already love the outcome ever so much. So at least for Steam players there will be something new in UnReal World to browse during the summer.
A proper, loud and clear announcement of Trading Card release will be posted when the time is at hand.
You can still prepare yourselves, foreign and domestic card traders -- it's going to be beautiful!

Greetings from horseback

Code: [Select]
You aim your bow at a target from the horseback and shoot.
You are doing horseback archery.

You know, and speaking of dreaming, that has also happened to me.

For as long as I've been doing primitive and traditional archer I've dreamed of one day going for horseback archery. Until this summer it's been horseback riding and archery separately, but this very year I've picked up and entered this form of archery and horsemanship I've always craved for. This is going to be a dedicated horseback archery year for me, and whether I'm on a vacation or not, we just might see the next video greetings consisting of horseback archery footage.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with these few still shots. First from the horseback, then by the tranquil summer lakes around my neighborhood.

Best wishes. We'll catch up with everything in the autumn. But I'm sure at some point I'll be tempted to post a few holiday greetings as well.

July 27, 2017, 02:01:46 PM
Reindeer genders One of my recurrent "themes" for playing is as a pure northern nomad. Small kota and furs carried by my docile reindeers Astrid and Gudrun and off to explore the north.

It occurred to me that reindeers should be "gendered" just like cattle and sheep. This would allow the collection of nice reindeer milk from domesticated female. Antlers grow on both sexes apparently, so that'd be the same, but males are bigger (eg, carry more and yield more fur/meat).

This would make my northern experience much more complete :)

According to this paper, this is the nutrition of reindeer milk:

Proteins: 9.9
Fats: 15.5
Carbs: 1.2

It's now clear why Sami people took good care of their reindeers!

This is a very nutritious milk but I believe it can be balanced by milk output: should be less than cows, maybe like sheep?

August 25, 2017, 01:39:31 PM
Wounded or starving dogs refusing to attack on command Let's announce just one small but significant upcoming addition....

 - added: wounded or starving dogs may refuse to attack on command

        If your dog is seriously wounded or starving it may refuse to attack on command. Even the suffering dogs still defend
        their masters and themselves from charging predators and enemies, but are just reluctant to act as war dogs who always
        run after a given target completely despite of their own condition. This addition may encourage you to keep your dogs
        more safe and better fed from now on.

This is an upcoming feature, not functional in the current version 3.40.

October 04, 2017, 02:21:40 PM
"Spirit of the forest, I presume" Now that sort of a phrase may actually slip from your lips in the next version of the game as the Spirit of the Forest gets added to our small cast of otherworldly creatures.
Reworked spells and many kind of spirit world additions has a major part in the galore of upcoming features, and manifestation and actual appearance of spirit of the forest is now featured and off my to-do list. Implementing a related quest (or two) is still required, but step by step the planned spirit world additions do gets wrapped up.

As a necessary spin-off feature we also had to expand possible sacrifices to include not only foodstuff, but also valuables. See, offering silver has been traditionally very much linked to pleasing the certain spirits. And as the spells in the game now are actual collected old spells we had to add silver sacrifices if we wanted to add proper spells for "summoning" the spirit of the forest. (You may want to see post about the used "spellbooks" at old forums).

You know, with this version it feels like our to-do things are proceeding really slow compared to the amount of work and energy put in. Seems like we're dealing with complex entities rather than simple isolated features. But there's the spirit of the forest now. He brought in so much more code and features than first assumed, but it all just had to be done.

Let's not spoil too much about what the spirit of the forest can actually do for you, but we know he's an important spirit, watching over the forest and the animals. According to the folklore the spirit of the forest may sometimes tell you where the game is, if he's pleased with you. That, at least, is an actual feature now. And as a tidbit of our desired in-game perfection I gotta mention that these spirits often concentrate on only culturally important animals. Thus, the spirit of the forest can prioritize his observations differently for members of northern tribes than those of the western tribes.
But now look at this fellow of one of the eastern tribes...
He must have something right to hear this from..well...from the spirit of the forest, I presume.

November 04, 2017, 05:28:15 PM
Re: Question for Sami Hello there,

I'm sorry to say but the reality is that there is no exact answer to your question. Development takes the time it takes, and at the moment it is nearly impossible to say if a version with marriage and children will be released in summer 2018 or in winter 2020 - that depends on so many unpredictable factors so that the only honest thing to do is not to predict. I mean, this is not because Sami doesn't want to tell - this is because Sami doesn't know, and he only can tell things he knows.

So, okay, instead of saying "we are working on it", I will say: It is on the development list.

November 05, 2017, 09:09:31 AM