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Gap in knowledge [3.80Beta] 3.80Beta

Asking a person if there are any villages nearby, they might be oblivious to any exist. Immediately after ask same person if there's a sage, and suddenly the same person knows that not far, few miles/kilometers away in a village, is a sage.

May 04, 2023, 09:41:47 PM
[corrected] Typo in Old Man completion reward. Correct past tense of 'cast' is 'cast' (not casted)
May 10, 2023, 10:31:38 PM
less sight-blocking tiles for rain and snow

May 15, 2023, 07:46:42 PM
Re: Typo in Old Man completion reward. Corrected. The old man just actually quotes the spell description, so this was one edit to fix 'em all kind of a thing.  ;)
May 17, 2023, 08:56:38 AM
Re: Stuck on a rock...
I entered my home area, and it auto zoomed in as it does, and I appeared on a single tile raised location that is too steep to climb off of. This has never happened before. And I cannot found a way to get off...I am too close to water to zoom back my save just wasted then?

Climibing, as suggested by PALU, might be the first thing to try.
But if that, and everything fails, just send me the savegame (.zipped up etc.) and I'll help you out.
You can e-mail the save at: sami [at]

May 19, 2023, 10:20:09 AM
Re: 3.80 (beta) hangs on setting change (minor issue) Okay, managed to find a workaround which solved the issue at least on my end.
Fixed with 99% certainty. We'll tag this report again after stable is out and has been tried by out.

Fixed - persists in 3.80 beta.

May 19, 2023, 11:08:05 AM
Version 3.80 released Version 3.80 has reached stable stage and is now released on Steam, Itch.Io and for lifetimers.

Those who were playing the beta version will discover new features with the improved arrowmaking and spotting blacksmith orders on the map of known areas (F6).
For those who only now enter the version 3.80 it should be noted that the most fundamental addition in this version is featuring the NPC blacksmiths and the process of ordering metalworks from them.

Let's take a look at the changelogs - starting with a few screenshots to highlight the latest additions since the beta.

Version: 3.80 changelog

** Saved characters from version 3.70-> are compatible with this version. **

The latest additions since the 3.80 beta:

- added: pending blacksmith orders shown on the map (F6)

When viewing the map of known areas (F6) villages with pending blacksmith orders are now marked with a white circle. Clicking the location will also show the pending order briefing along with the general village information.
For example:
"Sartolais village at Darkwoods.
Blacksmith order, shovel, placed 5 days ago."
And when the order has been claimed the markers will get removed. You still need to decide by yourself when to go claim the order as it's not told when it's ready, but only when the order was placed.

- added: ARROWS category to [M]ake menu

This category contains the arrowmaking related handcraft options. These options were previously under WEAPONS category. There are also several new options related to the arrowmaking improvements. These are explained below.

- improved: arrowmaking with new arrow parts

Arrows are now assembled from separate arrow parts which you need obtain or craft beforehand. The new arrow parts and improved arrowmaking procedure goes as follows:

* arrow shafts

Arrow shaft is a new item. Arrow shafts need to be crafted separately, after which they can be used in arrowmaking. Now the arrow shafts need to be made of either leaf tree saplings or wood slats, which is a new lumber item explained later on. Straightness of the shaft is very important in order to make fine arrows so the quality of the finished shaft matters a lot in the arrowmaking.

* arrowheads

Arrowheads are now unique items and need to be obtained or crafted separately, after which they can be used in arrowmaking.
There are two new iron arrowhead items called "broadhead" and "arrowhead". These can be obtained from the village blacksmiths.
There are also new "stone arrowhead" and "bone arrowhead" items which can be crafted by the player character.

* arrowmaking

As mentioned before, arrowmaking options can be found under "Arrows" category in the [M]ake menu. When you want to craft a tipped arrow there is only one generic "Arrow" option for that. This single option is used to craft an arrow with any type of arrowhead, except the blunt arrow. The arrowheads to use is selected first and this determines the following requirements and if the outcome is (a regular) arrow, broadhead arrow, stone tipped arrow or bone tipped arrow.
There are naturally also options for crafting the arrow shafts and arrowheads. And those are what you should go for first, and then assemble the arrow from the parts you've gotten.
There are also new game encylopedia (F1) entries for the new arrow parts; arrow shaft, broadhead and arrowhead.

* blunt arrow crafting requirements

In addition to new features there are also changes to old arrowmaking options, such as making a blunt arrow. Blunt arrows are now crafted from a slender tree trunk. One trunk is enough for several arrows, if you want to craft a batch of them at once. Moreover, blunt arrows don't need feathers anymore and thus become the simplest arrows to craft. Historically there's been both kind of blunt arrows, with and without feathers, but with enough challenge brought in with the new arrow parts we've now chosen them to be featherless. Blunt arrow graphics and game encyclopedia (F1) entry has been updated accordingly.

- added: wood slat, a new lumber item

Slat is a narrow flat piece of wood split from a board. As mentioned above, slats are used as raw material for making arrow shafts. Slats can be crafted via "Lumber" category in the [M]ake menu.

- added: arrowhead and broadhead as new blacksmith products

As briefly mentioned above these two types of iron arrowheads can be now obtained from the blacksmiths. All the blacksmiths everywhere can make arrowheads.

- fixed: entering fortified village from the west located the character on the wall

- fixed: NPCs might build a fire on prepared soil

- fixed: game freezes with the sequence disabling background music and quitting

The additions featured already 3.80 beta release:

- added: blacksmith NPCs and ordering metalworks from them

Blacksmith is a new NPC type who you can meet in the villages. Blacksmiths can produce different kind of metalworks on demand. This is a fundamental addition which will make a big difference to obtaining iron tools and weapons.
Blacksmith products are culturally dependent and can range from fishhooks to swords. There's also variety among the levels of blacksmith expertise. All the blacksmiths can produce the basic tools needed for the every day life of their local culture, but only the few talented ones can forge more demanding items, like a sword.

* All the cultures do have blacksmiths, but their areal availability varies. Not every village has a blacksmith, but in general there are several within each cultural area.

* You can ask villagers if there's a blacksmith around. The option for this is found from "Ask for help/company" chat mode. If their blacksmith is a highly skilled one villagers are proud to let you know that right away.

* Ordering something from a blacksmith is initiated by talking to them. Ordering options become available upon greeting a blacksmith, or can be found from "Ask for help/company" chat mode.

* Blacksmiths vary in their expertise, but all of them can produce at least decent quality items. The more talented blacksmiths can produce fine or even masterwork items. They will let you know the level of their expertise and outcome of their goods loud and clear.

* Not all the blacksmiths will produce the same items, and the cultural variety makes the most difference there. Also, only the few most talented blacksmiths will be able to forge the most demanding items, such as swords, helmets or specialized knives such as Kaumolais knife or Skramasaksi.

* It should be clear already that metal armours are not really known or used by the local cultures, so blacksmiths do not produce those - except for helmets. So the availability of NPC blacksmiths doesn't change the fact that metal armours do remain as rare imported goods, as they should be.

* Of the swords, a few talented blacksmiths may produce broadswords and shortswords but the other types of swords found in the game are of foreign origin and remain to be rarely found as imported goods. The northern peoples aren't familiar with swords at all, so to find a sword forging blacksmith one has to seek among the wealthy western cultures, or at Kaumo and Reemi.

* You can order one item at a time, which will be payed for after it's ready. Upon confirming your order you can ask what the blacksmith would like as a payment from your current inventory, but you don't have to have enough goods for the payment yet upon placing an order. When the order is then being bartered for, even if you wouldn't have enough goods at first you can cancel the trade and come back to try again with more wealth.

* Meanwhile your order is being made you can ask the blacksmith how is it coming along. They will give you an estimation about the remaining production time. Depending on the item the production times vary from few days to a month.

* If you don't come claim your order within half a year it will be given away. This may naturally lower your reputation among the blacksmith, and the village.

- added: BLACKSMITH game encyclopedia (F1) entry

Village blacksmiths and ordering their goods described in short.

- updated: culture and weapon related game encyclopedia (F1) entries

All the culture descriptions have been updated with relevant blacksmithing information and assorted corrections. Certain sword and axe descriptions have been updated to emphasize that those are foreign weapons not known by the local cultures.

- added: villagers can tell about sages and blacksmiths in the neighbouring villages

Upon asking villagers if there's a sage or blacksmith around, and if there is not, they will now let you if there's one in the vicinity or neighbouring villages. You will then be given directions how to reach the village in question.

- added: animal droppings

Certain animals now leave visible droppings, i.e. feces, that can be found in the terrain on zoomed-in map level. The droppings aren't featured for all the animals, but for those whose droppings are commonly noticeable and relevant. For example the following wild animals can leave droppings: hare, fox, badger, lynx, wolf, reindeer, elk and bear. The domestic animals such as sheep, cows and pigs also leave droppings.
The droppings of different species look a bit different, and upon looking at the droppings with game commands you will be told which animal's droppings it is.
For example: "You see here an elk droppings."
If the droppings are somewhat recent, less than a day old or so, you will be also be told that it's fresh droppings in question. Even if you wouldn't be able to specify their age the droppings work as an indicator of the animal presence at the area. The droppings may remain visible for weeks, but will eventually disappear.

- added: using animal droppings as fertilizer

Using animal droppings as fertilizer isn't necessary, but it's possible - if you feel like it. You can either spread droppings on the ground before preparing the soil and planting your crops, or spread them around after the planting. In the former method the droppings are then mixed in the soil upon preparing it, which is better.
The fertilizing effect is simplified and any amount of droppings will help a little. You don't have to fertilize every tile of the field, but just quite casually spread the droppings here and there.
This extra fertilizing helps plants to sprout and grow more succesfully, so somewhat higher yields can be expected from the fields fertilized with droppings. The effect isn't too dramatic though, since the slash-and-burn agriculture in use already includes fertilization with the ash from the burned woods.
When collecting droppings they appear under a new "Miscellanous" item category in character's inventory.

- added: SMOKING and FIREPLACE game encyclopedia (F1) entries

These will explain the smoking and fireplace heating up processes. In the cookery menu SMOKING encyclopedia entry dialog is shown at Smoking option.

- fixed: getting "carry too much" pick up restriction even if the character's inventory wasn't really full

- fixed: possibility of de-hairing bird skins, or already de-haired skins

It was redundant, and confusing. Now the game notifies you about this being needless.

- fixed: animals and NPCs drowning in shallow waters or small puddles

The issue made NPCs occasionally drown in village wells or puddles, or the animals drown in shallow shoreline waters if they were moving about there a lot eg. when tied in place.

- fixed: quest journal sometimes showing excess NPC portraits on the latter pages

- fixed: meadsweet flowers tile missing

- text corrections: a good bunch typos and grammar corrected, some messages rephrased.


May 22, 2023, 08:03:52 PM
Cooking in [embers] We got ember roasted turnips couple years ago are were teased of getting [embers] as cooking option.


Even better would be to adjust [bake] and also add [stew] to replace current [bake]

So the cooking tags would be:
[roast] require fire
[boil] require fire and pot
[bake] require hot fireplace
[stew] require hot fireplace and pot
[ember] require hot embers

Or allow [bake] to commence without a pot, so we can utilize hot oven for breads, and baked fish. But that might be more coding work.

June 03, 2023, 12:16:59 AM
Version 3.81 released for Windows In the midst of summer schedule challenges we're hereby releasing version 3.81 first for Windows  and follow with Linux and OS X builds in early august.
Version 3.81 for Windows is available on Steam, Itch.Io and for lifetimers.

This version is mostly about craftable and repairable fishing nets, preliminary introduction of pausable crafting and some bugfixes. Find full changelog at the end of this post, and now let's highlight the most exciting addition...

Craftable and repairable fishing nets

Now it's possible to both craft a net from the scratch, and to repair worn-out nets. These are both pausable tasks allowing you to finish them in parts as you please. This will be the start of featuring a possibility to have breaks in long crafting tasks and continue at will later on. After the mechanics have been developed further this will be expanded to cover wider range of crafting.

        Weaving a net is laborious task and the mere amount of yarn alone may be demanding to obtain. The other material requirements include thicker cordage for the supporting lines, rocks for weights and birch or pine bark for floats. Traditionally the rock weights were sometimes wrapped inside birch-bark pockets for more durable attachment. This is optionally doable in the game as well.

         Making a net is process of several days, and that is why nets were usually woven indoors during the wintertime. For the history and realism sake a good use of written sources along with actually interviewing old net makers were carried out to come up with the many values and mechanics. And still there's a room to add some advanced fishing net care and maintenance features in the future.  It might be interesting for some if we opened up our research and field studies later on, but here's just one curiosity:

There's a tool called netting needle which has been essential in netmaking. It's a tool the player characters can craft in the game as well. In our interviews with a certain old net maker one question was: "We're the nets ever made by hand alone, without a netting needle, and is it even viable?"

    Ville, a real person in real world - an old fisherman - just kept staring for a really, really long time and said "Everyone had their own netting needle."  Other interviewees also confirmed that netting needles were always needed, even when repairing the nets, and during the fishing season people would carry them around just in case. Well, the game mechanics allow netmaking without a netting needle too, but you will only find it impractically slow.

Netting needle.


Version 3.81 for Windows
** Saved characters from version 3.70-> are compatible with this version. **

- added: craftable fishing net

         It is now possible to make a fishing net by the player character. The option can be found at "Fishing" category in the [M]ake menu.
         Weaving a net is laborious task and the mere amount of yarn alone may be demanding to obtain. The other material requirements include thicker cordage for the supporting lines, rocks for weights and birch or pine bark for floats. Traditionally the rock weights were sometimes wrapped inside birch-bark pockets for more durable attachment. This is optionally doable in the game as well.
         Making a net is process of several days, and that is why nets were usually woven indoors during the wintertime. In the game making a net is newly featured pausable task allowing you to finish it in parts as you please.
- added: NETMAKING skill

         Netmaking is a skill for weaving and constructing fishing nets. Success in netmaking determines the quality of the nets crafted. For migrated characters this skill is created upon the first load in this version.

- added: pausable crafting

         In this version we are introducing pausable crafting for a few selected items. This will be the start of featuring a possibility to have breaks in long crafting tasks and continue at will later on. After the mechanics have been developed further this will be expanded to cover wider range of crafting.
         Crafts that can be currently paused are:

         * Net

         * Chop felled tree into blocks

         * Split firewood from a block

         * Split a trunk into boards
           With the pausable timbercraft options you can now also use unhandy and inferior tools eg. stone-axe in board making as there's no upper limit of how much time can be used to get the work done.

         Pausable crafting works similarly to pausable building. You can cancel the process at will, and then continue at will. The crafting will be continued when you try to make the said item again standing beside the partially finished item. For example, if you try to [M]ake a fishing net beside a partially crafted net the crafting continues.
         Partially crafted items will remain on the ground and can be picked up only after they are finished. They are rendered with a different tint and described as "partially crafted", "half-crafted", "largely crafted" etc. when looking at them.

- added: different tile graphics for a set net

         Tile graphics for a set fishing net is now different resembling its float line on top of the water.

- updated: "Net" game encylopedia (F1) entry

- changed: the weight and price of the net item

         Both have been increased. The weight because of the rock weights taken into account, and the price because of the true workload.

- added: netting needle, a new item

         Netting needle is a wooden tool used to weave fishing nets. It can be crafted by the player character from [M]ake menu "Fishing" category. Netting needle allows weaving the net conveniently with proper knots and tight mesh of uniform size.

- added: repair worn-out nets

          The option to "Repair worn-out net" can be found at "Fishing" category in the [M]ake menu. Repairing a net is also pausable task and can be cancelled and continued at will. To continue paused net repair works the same as continuing paused net crafting; if you use the repair option again beside the partially repaired net the crafting will continue.

- added: harvesting pine bark

         Pine bark can be harvested from big pine trees all-year round. Pine bark chunks are used used in making of net floats.

- added: "Bark" game encylopedia (F1) entry

- added: ball of birch-bark strip as village resource

         Villagers now gather and stock balls of birch-bark strip. These can be then traded for by the player characters if need be. Birch-bark availability in villages is based on the culture, and it naturally gets restocked only when the birch-bark harvesting season is on.

- updated: "Birch-bark" game encylopedia (F1) entry

- added: timbercraft product quantities affected by the used tool, ie. an axe

         When making boards, blocks of wood or firewood you'll get fewer products when using an unhandy axe for the said tasks. The effect is most notable when the axe is far from preferred one, eg. making boards with a stone-axe.

- adjusted: blacksmiths titled as masters always produce masterwork goods

         There was a small skill range where blacksmiths titled as masters produced fine, but not masterwork goods. This has been adjusted so that now masters always produce masterwork goods.

- fixed: using STEALTH from skills menu prompted nothing

         Now it says the skill is automatically used when necessary. That is, when your character gets [h]iding.

- fixed: firemaking failing at fertilized locations

         Fire data couldn't be properly set to locations with fertilization data.

- fixed: some diy/biy descriptions corrupting the material requirement text output

         Adding descriptive texts eg. '+(needed for this and that)' to some diy/biy entries caused text output corruption in the displayed list of required materials. This was noticed with some cordage at least.

- fixed: math failures when using withes (on the ground) in constructions

         There was a rare occasion where using withes on the ground might cause math failures to the number of materials used or required. This was noticed with building a fence gate, but might have occurred elsewhere too.

- fixed: animals leaving droppings far too often after 255 game days

         Yep, it was char<>int kind of mistake in the dropping interval calculations.

- fixed: some encumbrance penalty calculations

         Excess penalty didn't always capped at 100%, and the weight of worn clothes you could carry without penalty wasn't always calculated correctly.

- fixed: making stone arrowheads not allowing using stones on the ground for grinding

 - fixed: wading mode text alignment not centered

 - fixed: repeat the last action display for arrow and bowstring was blank


July 31, 2023, 01:19:14 PM
Re: Generated map image A good thing to mention in this topic:
There is a tool to generate browsable maps.

It's in the old forum, but it is still downloadable and it still works.

I also attach it here in case attachments in the old forum gets deleted in the future

August 09, 2023, 11:16:13 AM