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What's on this guys back? I'm working on a 8 sided NPC sprite pack, and am wondering what you guys think is on this guys back.

It might be a hood or a bag, the fallen sprite makes me think it is a bag, and the standing looks like a hood to me.

What do you guys think?

Also a teaser gif.

February 11, 2023, 11:35:38 AM
Re: Crafting Hooks.... only one at a time. Indeed, your observations are correct. A bug it is, and not reported earlier.

Will check and fix.

February 13, 2023, 10:48:41 AM
Re: [Fixed - persists in 3.71 patch #1] Crafting Hooks.... only one at a time. Fixed now. There were multiple errors with the crafting recipe.
Firstly, the mentioned specifying number of rocks to use was an error. Also, the rocks and knife weren't automatically selected from character's inventory if available. Now they are.

Fixed - persists in 3.72 patch #1

February 13, 2023, 11:16:43 AM
Version 3.72.2 - a bugfix patch released The second bugfix patch for stable version 3.72 has been released on Steam, Itch and for lifetime members, to address the following issues:

Version: 3.72.2

- fixed: tool selection automation when crafting a bone fishhook

Knife (for initial shaping) and rock (for sharpening the hook) weren't selected automatically from character's inventory. Moreover, if more than one rock was available you needed to erroneously specify how many of them to use in the process.

- fixed: character portrait disappearing after scrolling the message log

- fixed: NPC archers sometimes shooting rocks or tree trunks

This happened when they ran out of arrows. This bug was most often revealed when fighting the Njerpez.

- fixed: random items sometimes appearing in character's inventory after rod fishing

This was caused by unintended inventory re-ordering when the bait was all used up. Even though this bug was noticed in relation to rod fishing the faulty mechanics may have caused some other rare item appearance oddities as well. We are quite hopeful that the fix will address these issues too.

- fixed: building a cellar at the location of an already existing cellar

This was erroneously possible.

- fixed: digging a pit at the location of an existing cellar

This was erroneously possible, and also made the existing cellar disappear.

- fixed [windows]: entering a message log custom entry accepted only a very short message

This was SDL related, and to our knowledge appeared only on Windows.


With release of this patch the current version is hopefully freed from the most troublesome oddities,
and our focus can turn from the bug hunting towards the future features.

Stay tuned!

February 14, 2023, 05:58:47 PM
Re: What's on this guys back? Thanks for the suggestion Erkka, I think it came out quite nice.
February 14, 2023, 07:30:44 PM
Re: 'Asentokuusi' - simple shelter under a leaning spruce tree The question was posted as a comment to old development news. We encourage everyone to reserve for Sami to post announcements and news about the game development, for there are other forum sections for other discussions. So I moved this to off-topic.

And then  the actual reply; I did a quick search in YouTube but couldn't find an exact match. Maybe I could try to make one myself once the snow is gone.

I'm not sure if it will work so well with a pine trees, if you need it to protect from rain. A spruce / fir tree thick with branches would do.


Here is an article in Finnish, with some pictures. Using the ancient concept with modern equipment.

And a winter version video.

Neither of those demonstrate a protection from rain, yet the idea is the same. And both of the links show the most simple way of doing it: just finding a spruce tree with low-reaching branches, so that you can shelter under them. As a person who grew up in the Finnish countryside all of this appears so commonplace and self-evident for me that I didn't even realize this could be seen as "a skill", hehe. Well, but the improved version of asentokuusi is just to fell another spruce tree so that is doesn't collapse to the ground but leans to another tree. For a countryside kid this feels about as intuitive as sheltering for rain in a random doorway probably is for contemporary urban people. Anyway, I try to remember this, so that I can test and try to shoot a video once we have summer conditions.

February 17, 2023, 10:35:33 AM
Re: IRL combat tricks implemented? I have noticed when loosing arrows at Njerps that if they are holding shield centre and I shoot for their head, next time I shoot they are holding shield high.  So yes, I do think they move their shield to where they think the next attack is coming from.
February 18, 2023, 01:34:00 PM
Re: F1 help ought to cover smoking
The changes to smoking of food has made it quite a chore to perform, which is probably a reflection of the reality, but, more importantly, is quite impenetrable to players. There's really a need to explain both how much wood you need to use, how often you need to repeat the burning, as well as for how long you need to do it. None of these steps are intuitively obvious to people not familiar with smoking, and even those who are may well know how to use it as a means of cooking (for immediate/near term consumption) rather than a means of long term preservation.

Hear, hear. All the practical information of these can be found from the news.txt, but that's not the most friendly source - at least for beginners - during the gameplay.
We've now added SMOKING and FIREPLACE game encyclopedia entries, of which SMOKING is highlighted in the cookery menu Smoking option.
We aren't likely to give exact numbers of many firewoods to burn, but it's stated that to keep fire burning for 3-4 hours equals to proper heating, and for smoking a daily warming is preferred. This is largely copy & pasting the news.txt entries with few edits.

February 20, 2023, 01:27:34 PM
Re: The UrW Anti-RSI Campaign group. ARSI, for short. Yep one can get RSI only by using a mouse, or even a single key, if just keep grinding enough.
But ways to reduce keyboard jockeying is of course naturally welcome for many.
Sometimes it's a matter of playstyle if you get into serious grinding just to increase skills, but yeah in the archery game-course it's truly a real problem if the skill is high to start with.
This is suggestion is also read and listened, and game courses are something we'll re-think anyway in the future.

February 21, 2023, 11:58:21 AM
Re: [Tool] WhereIsMyRobber - a "Homeland Robbers" tedium remedy

In conclusion, I think this quest is too broken to be enjoyable, and I looked for some solution by digging into the game files.

Jeepers, having just played it yeah it feels very broken.

when hunting angry bears don't you at least get bear tracks on the wilderness map?

May 04, 2023, 01:50:56 AM