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Re: Life hurts Get well soon, Sami! Get lots of rest.
December 07, 2018, 01:59:53 PM
Re: Best way to preserve berries long-term ? from News.txt
And item modding is done the same way with cookery recipes.
        Here's a recipe for dried berries:

        .Dried berries.     *COOKERY*   /25/ \10d\  %50%    :151: 
        {Berries}   #1#     [remove] [roast] [name:Pile of dried %s]

December 09, 2018, 02:06:08 AM
Re: Best way to preserve berries long-term ? To expand on Privateer's post, you can get a slightly hackish way of drying berries by copypasting that snippet to the cookery_glossary.txt file, for example into the vegetable recipies section, before the [SUBMENU_END:vegetable] tag. I say "slightly hackish" because as far as I can tell, the salting/smoking/drying methods are hardcoded and you can't expand on them - so it has to be made into a recipe, which is a bit counterintuitive and doesn't really work like drying berries or mushrooms would in real life (the cooking recipe methods need you to have a fire, but in reality you can dry berries or mushrooms the same way you can dry meat or fish in the game - it just wouldn't take as long). It would be nice if the salting/smoking/drying methods could work with wider selection of foodstuffs, but I doubt the devs would consider it a high priority since the recipe mod can be used to create almost the same effect.

EDIT: Never mind, I wasn't thinking properly... Anyway, I noticed that the devs are planning to add berries and mushrooms to the foodstuffs that can be dried - so maybe next version will have that?

December 09, 2018, 07:45:41 PM
Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? I've been thinking of multi-steps for what Erkka posted which is close to the dugout recipe in memory. As Novrus has a birch bark one I've not been too mindful of writing the code and testing it right now. Borrowing from my block tubs the concept is:

1) Start with "log" no trunk (as a building step we dont need to code)

2) Shallow log (first cuttings)

3) Deep log (second deep cutting)

4) Steam with pitch (uses pitch glue from Boudinna else "bark" as sticky sap)

If we aim for a  max work at one time as 8 (or maybe as high as 12) hours before the character collapses this lets us have perhaps 3 x 8hr work days with 24+ delay for the pitch steaming

Options to expand would include

a) Medium depth log

b) Final trimming
If I had final trimming I would set the pitch step to have a huge weight to be effectiviely unmovable (9999 lbs)

Plus you would need to make a paddle (already in game)

December 10, 2018, 04:23:18 PM
Re: Best way to preserve berries long-term ? For my own mod I added cooking berry turnovers

.Berry Turnover. (6)  *COOKERY* /30/ \60\ |-1| 
{Stone} [ground] '+baking platform'
{Flour}     #1#   [remove] [roast]
{Berries}    #1#     [remove] [roast] [naming: last word] [name:%s turnover]
{Rock} [ground] '+crush the berries'
{Water}    #.5#  [remove]
{Seasoning} #.15#  [remove] [roast] [optional]
//From Brygun
//Sample cooking on stone video

Also I've put berries in containers and they seem to be coming through the winter okay. They were in a cellar at times. Some then taken out into a container (clay pot or clay amphora) and I havent seen a rotten entry yet. Possibly those in the container take the last day of all the stack as the container code can only hold a single item with rotten and useable being 2 types.

December 12, 2018, 02:37:57 AM
Re: Best way to preserve berries long-term ? Here's the dried berries from my NjerpCookery mod:

Code: [Select]
.Dried berries.  (4)   *COOKERY* /10/ \6d\  %30% :151: 
{Berries}   #8#     [remove] [roast] [name:dried %s] [optional]
{Board} '+to lay out the berries in the sun'

You can paste into your cookery_glossary.txt to try it out. The berries in the first entry are marked [optional] which I feel makes it a lot more versatile in gameplay because it's not often that you have the full 8lbs of berries the recipe calls for, but making smaller batches was annoying me when I did have larger amounts of berries amasssed, because of how many keypresses it was. This way seems to be a nice compromise that no longer feels annoying, to me.

Note that you can make dried berries outta literally nothing with this recipe because of how [optional] works, it will take any amount including 0 berries. But if you do that, you quickly find out the joke will be on you, since dried berries made of thin air will have 0 nutrition value  ;D

December 13, 2018, 04:14:03 AM
Re: Could whistling arrows prove a good addition to ranged hunting ?
As Sami explains in the video, the particular design of whistling arrowhead he's demonstrating creates a sound that is reminescent of a falcon or other bird of prey's cry or chirp. Birds hunted by these species often have a tendency to seek cover if they hear these sounds. I suppose it's because many small bird of prey species, falcons included, are notoriously fast flyers. It might be a better survival strategy to ground yourself and hide, rather than trying to outfly them.

I don't have referenfe books at hand, but based on my memory: a whistling arrow works with aquatic birds, when the flock is flying above a body of water. The arrow is shot so that it flies above the flock of birds - they hear the whistling sound above them, take it as a sign of danger, and seek cover by diving into the water below them. Then the hunter readies ordinary hunting arrows, waits for the birds to surface one after one, trying to hit them the very moment when they surface - that often is the moment when they don't move for a second, and we all know that hitting a stationary target is far more easier than trying to down a flying bird.

February 03, 2019, 07:41:17 PM
"Religion in digital games", lecture in finnish This is mostly of interest to those who understand spoken finnish, but I'll brief it up in english.

University of Turku is hosting course of lectures titled "Katsomukset kartalla: Uskonto tieteessä, taiteessa ja populaarikulttuurissa" (fin) - which can be freely translated as "Views on the map: Religion in science, art and popular culture". All of these can be followed online.

The lecturers consist of Turku based religiologists and folklorists, and among them is Mr. Kyyrö who has paid interested in folk religion and worldview displayed in UnReal World. He did visit me - and also Erkka - earlier this spring. You might remember this post.

Now today, 23.4.2019, Mr. Kyyrö together with Tuomas Äystö are giving a lecture titled "Uskonto digitaalisissa peleissä." which translates as "Religion in digital games". The title is interesting in itself but what might be even more interesting to you is that UnReal World may possibly be referenced in the lecture.

You can follow the lectures remotely online, live or afterwards, via this link. Sign up isn't required either. Here's direct link to find the lectures:

And here's main page for the course of lectures:

April 23, 2019, 09:46:08 AM