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Re: Crossbows Oh i just entered unreal world wikipedia and saw that it simulaties 800-1000 A.D.i dont know how i confused AD with BC.So everything i played till now was a lie.i thaught i was living one millenium BC but now i know i live in Viking age!!!

Im sorry about this and i will do more research before asking any more questions.


November 21, 2017, 01:01:01 PM
quality of life For new players:

Since the UI can be a bit unwieldy at times, here's some things I learned:

The combination of using NUMPAD+ and the TAB key is really useful to drop, equip, dress/undress/haul certain items without having to scroll through your stuff.
NUMPAD+ = select everything
SPACE = confirm
TAB = activate filter


TAB+'f' selects all food, so it is very useful to dump all the food into the cellar. TAB+'f', NUMPAD+ and SPACE do a great job here.

If I want to cook those 259 elk cuts, what I do is
press 'd' (to drop)
press NUMPAD+ (to select everything)
press TAB 'f'
press NUMPAD- (to unselect everything)
press SPACE (Now I will drop everything that is not food)
When roasting my cuts I can now use 'r' to repeat, and if I am only carrying raw meat, the process is really fast.

I do the same for tanning stuff, drop everything except hides, press 'g' to get my knife (and some fat) from the pile at my feet, and I am ready to go with 0 penalties

I do the same when trading in a village sometimes, when I drop everything I don't want to sell. I undress all clothing via SHIFT+T, TAB 'a', NUMPAD+, SPACE. Now I can let the villagers choose "which items they actually want", and I can also carry more.


The game takes materials from the ground. When crafting it is useful to first drop everything (NUMPAD+, SPACE), and then pick up some critical materials that cannot be used from the ground (like food or cords).


When cooking (or drying food) it is useful to build the cellar right next to the shelter. This way I can make a fire next to the cellar and cook while standing on the cellar. The food is prepared "inside" the cellar. If the fire is really small, the food won't burn and will be stored in the cellar without the need to move it there.


About drying food: On my first couple of games I didn't know that clothing can be used to make cords. Linen, wool, leather, and fur clothing can be transformed into cords. One cord can take 19 cuts.


Food preservation: Food on companions spoils more slowly. Shift+'g' can be used in the overland map, so whenever I am hungry, I can take some meat from my companion instead of carrying the food myself. (Also useful for trading.)


June 03, 2018, 09:29:00 PM
The same fatigue mechanics should apply to everyone. Bit of a rant, I have to admit, but I had a very frustrating episode involving robbers and snow just now. It seemed that while I was getting fatigued and slowed down going through the snow, they were legolas'ing it over the snow and quickly caught me. Since they weren't wearing skis (I checked) and my character was fairly lightly loaded and, importantly, has nearly max speed, I feel I should've been able to escape them.
June 28, 2018, 06:27:02 PM
Re: How did you discover UnReal World? -- 10 choice poll I need to change my vote. I thought I had found URW by accident, but I remember that I was looking for a game exactly like this. Extreme PvE, hermit lifestyle, extreme survival scenarios, and self-sufficiency.

I was trying to get away from other crafting/survival games that had too much PvP and MMO RP elements.

I think I first downloaded this two, maybe three, years ago. I really love the lone-wolf style, PvE environment of URW.

July 17, 2018, 10:52:48 AM
Re: How did you discover UnReal World? -- 10 choice poll  Uhm... Now, the first time I saw Unreal World? That's a hard question... I think the very first time I got exposed to the game was around 2009. I was searching the web for some roguelike game from my childhood, which I never found, sadly, instead of my childhood game I found UrW.... Been around messing with it since then. With breaks every now and then and coming back not long after.
 You can say am the one who were lurking into the shadows for long a time, but never approached until now.
 Well, that's it before I go away and resume lurking into the shadows once more. ; :)

August 08, 2018, 08:43:45 AM
Paikku and the Robber's Cave (comic style adventure)
Let me present an adventure with bear caves, angry spirits and robbers!

NOTE: Click images for full resolution (forums wouldn't resize them if posted directly).

September 02, 2018, 04:52:21 PM
Re: Paikku and the Robber's Cave (comic style adventure) Wonderful presentation.

September 02, 2018, 09:12:55 PM
Snowshoes Every char should get skis or SS (can be improvised from few spruce twigs) in winter. How get the njerp there in the first place and why is he so pantsy in winter after few steps?
October 18, 2018, 06:38:07 PM
Guinness world record for "First open-world survival videogame" The second world record received acknowledges UnReal World as a forefather of the genre.


Back in 2016 we got (and proudly hold) the record for longest update support for a videogame in GWR Gamer's Edition 2017.
And now, in the recently published Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2019 UnReal World gets the record for "First open-world survival videogame". Oops, we kind of created a videogame genre, but we do not regret :)

The book happily presented at the end of this post is a Finnish edition, and here's how GWR mentions the record in English:
    "The second millennial decade has witnessed an explosion of open-world survival games, particularly on the Steam platform with the success of PC tiles such as DayZ, Ark: Survival Evolved and the battle-royale shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrouds.
    The genre's trues roots can most likely be traced back to the indie sandbox RPG UnReal World, first released in 1992. Set in Iron Age Finland, player's principal aim was to survive its challenging and harsh environments. Incredibly, the game was still going strong and receiving updates, as of September 2017. The game was developed by two people - head creator Sami Maaranen and programmer Erkka Lehmus (both Finland). As of September 2017, it held the record for longest update support for a videogame."
(Yeah, it's out-of-date info with latest updates as the books live in press-time info. And in case somebody wonders about the near future updates a new bugfix and balancing patch is actually to be released this month.)

Cheers and thanks to all of you for making history and taking part in creation of a videogame genre with us.

Erkka (co-designer) at the left, Sami (creator) and Alli (the cat) at the right.
And if you take a look at our previous GWR post it seems like have started a tradition with these world record promo pictures as well ;)

October 21, 2018, 12:03:14 PM
Re: Guinness world record for "First open-world survival videogame" Congratulations Sami and Erkka on this well-deserved recognition!
 ;D  ;D

October 21, 2018, 01:10:56 PM