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Re: Mik A few days later, Mik is healing quickly and staying around home, checking traps and making stuff.
Here are his current skills:

And here is home at "Pain Summit" (which Mik understands very well now):

And here is the lake... the lower yellow X is the kota and across the lake is a shelter on the other yellow X. The red X is where he cast his net, and the white X's are dead Njerpezits.

August 30, 2017, 03:27:08 AM
Add "wetness" penalty to clothes You are in the coldest days of winter. The "cold bar" is empty. You should stay indoor like the many game guides say, treasuring your firewood, but you don't care: you are fully clothed in deer with woollen footrags, mittens and cowl. You could dip into a frozen river and come back up, and instead of freezing to death you'd warm back to optimal.

Why? Because the warm system of clothes (which is simple but works very well, usually!) fails to take "wetness" into account.


  • Every wearable piece must have two additional fields: wetness and wet-warmth. When wetness is full, the effective warmth is equal to the wet-warmth. When wetness is empty, the effective warmth is the usual "warmth" field for this item. If willing to go the extra mile, effective warmth decreases linearly with wetness, with minimum being the "wet-warmth" and maximum the base warmth.
  • Dipping increases the wetness very rapidly for some materials, and less for others. Linen/nettle/wool should go instantaneously to maximum wetness. Fur would only be half-wet if you go out immediately. Leather and, special case, seal fur, go 25% wet at every turn: so getting in water and coming out immediately only makes you 25% wet. I would also make the wet-warmth closer to the effective warmth for seal fur and leather (as well as iron/mail/lamellar, for all the good it'd do).
  • Rain and snow make you wet little by little, proportionally to the rain/snow strength and the material of the cloth, like above.
  • Ambient temperatures reduces the wetness with time, proportionally. Changing clothes to dry your wet ones by the fire/in your smokehouse becomes a thing.

This would make seal fur great again (as well as leather), excluding the coldest months of winter, because of its reliability under wet conditions. Your nice reindeer suite is still great but you need to keep covered, as one supposed ancient Finns did.

Extra happiness if the first to get wet is the outer layer (the last worn) for each body part, so that having a seal overcoat over your bear/stag suite makes a lot of sense.

August 31, 2017, 03:33:08 PM
Scene pics for time of day Currently, if you go into a pine mire at midnight, you'll get a photo of a pine mire in broad daylight. I think it would add to the game if the photos reflected the time of day somehow...

So we could have pictures of certain biomes in twilight hours (maybe with sunset/sunrise), at night, etc.

And it would still be nice I think to see the character pics with some transparency so it could be placed on a type of background representing the biome of the scene you're in.

September 27, 2017, 10:13:13 PM
Re: Blocking Weapons and Assorted Combat Discussion
(presuming one lives)

This is the important part for me, I make no qualms about essentially playing this game wrong, but that's the best part about it! I pretty much just pick fights with anyone Spiritually safe to do so with, pile up the loot and farm animals, trade for food til I have the basic smokehouse and trap fence, and see how long I can go before I drown or something else stupid (of me). I pretty much don't die in fights anymore, I used to easily and early with better set up characters, so it's worth practicing. My one save scummed character was a really great way to experiment, kept testing the same situation for better and better outcomes until I could handle it safely anytime it comes up.

I usually have at least two characters active between which I switch. One is for surviving and playing it safe, the other is for when I'm more in the mood for risky behaviour. Gives me the best of two worlds.

October 05, 2017, 02:19:00 AM
More Signs of Robber's Camps in Overland Maps After the second "Homeland Robbers" quest frustrating me with me impossible to find robbers, it comes to mind that it shouldn't be quite that hard, at least for a highly skilled tracker.

Specifically, a few things that come to mind as possibilities:
  • More trails than just on the specific tile the robbers are: Unless all of the robbers are ridiculously good outdoorsmen themselves, they'll probably be leaving track, specially if they move around a given area to find prey to rob.
  • Watching for smoke and light: Even the dude who stumbled upon them in the first place says that he stumbled upon then because he followed some smoke. Being able, at least if you have some advantage point over the area, for smoke (during the day) or light (during the night) should be feasible. Maybe only for a few hours every day or couple days, but there should be the possibility
  • The dude who got robbed mentions that rumor has that they have moved to the area where the quest points. You should be able to ask people in villages near (or even in the area in some cases), if they know where the robbers area to further narrow the search area.

October 09, 2017, 02:58:51 AM
Re: More Signs of Robber's Camps in Overland Maps I think as a reward they should make you an honorarary citizen of the village, and able to perform any task (other than theft) that they would normally be angry about, such as cutting down their trees and harvesting their herbs/produce.
October 12, 2017, 01:11:36 AM
Re: Borders of Unreal World For story purposes, let's say that the Unreal World is an enclosed spiritual realm, a loop of infinite time within a defined area of space (the space where the spirits are able to express their power to maintain the loop). The humans within are able to humbly live their lives in this distant, infinitely recurring past, and the spirits' energies are kept strong by their worship.
November 07, 2017, 11:10:50 PM
Disassemble raft Would make sense that you could do this, and get your tying equipment back.
November 12, 2017, 11:21:51 PM
Re: Mik With no further sign of the lynx, early morning sees Mik heading west with 15 pounds of dried reindeer, exploring until night falls. Nothing of note is seen and he spends the snowy night on a lonely hilltop next to a solitary birch.

November 14, 2017, 04:45:20 AM
Plankwood wall When you have a lot of animals, milking is a nightmare as they all run every which way and you're lefting figuring which you have and haven't milked yet.  You can fence them into individual enclosures outside, but if you have a barn you have no way of separating them into stalls.  It would be nice to be able to create internal plank walls which don't remove floor and ceiling.  It would also be helpful just for the sake of aesthetics to be able to create rooms in cabins without having to make internal walls huge, load-bearing log walls.

(And just incidentally, why the hell do animals in barns make a bee-line straight for any door you open and head for the hills?  Having to create an "airlock" at every door isn't very realistic.)

November 14, 2017, 07:03:16 AM