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Re: Boar is named "board" when owned I've sent a file regarding the "board". As for the names it's not that important, just a possible crash. I use strange characters for strange animals sometimes, to differentiate them a bit, but don't have to use this particular char.
February 21, 2019, 06:34:41 PM
Re: Cannot throw 1 handed Will do my best - I don't currently have a character with an arm that badly damaged. Things heal.  ;)

Basically it's this: I have had two characters starting with the "Hurt, Helpless and Afraid" scenario with severe damage to one of their arms (it's possible one was a hand injury). The damage was bad enough to deny the character the ability to do tasks which required 2 hands and other tasks were "this task will be extremely awkward".

So, having picked up several rocks, I equipped one into the primary weapon slot. I then tried to throw at a bird (not that there was much chance of hitting with IIRC 67 in total injury, but luck sometimes happens). This did in fact open the inventory. I selected the rock I had wielded. I forget the exact message but it was something like "you must have two hands to do this."

I'll try making a random test character to see what happens.

   - Shane

March 01, 2019, 06:14:41 AM
Re: [Diary entry] Skiing and tracking Amazing report Sami! Thanks!
March 07, 2019, 10:42:32 PM
Re: [Diary entry] Skiing and tracking Well, at least you had snow cover, so it's reasonably easy to follow your own tracks backwards. I bet it's a lot harder during summer...

When it comes to my leashed cow/dog in UrW, I zoom out and make a note on the tile and try to leave the tile on the overland map to be able to zoom back in at the correct location when I return. That tactic doesn't work at all in real life, though...

March 09, 2019, 10:59:36 PM
Re: Zoom in/out/in/out
Anyone else, does this happen to you or can you reproduce?

About 60 hours in, on Linux, with auto-zoom to homestead enabled. I've never hit any repeated keystroke bugs, although being Linux I imagine there's different things happening at the SDL/driver level.

March 18, 2019, 10:07:18 AM
I swear by shutters! For the first time ever, I was attacked by robbers at my cabin! Fortunately, on a whim I had built every wall with shutters, so, I actually saw these coming on the other side of my fence (I had built no traps!).

I rushed to my weapon stash (I was inside my cabin) and grabbed a lot of Fine Broadheads and ran back to the shutter. I managed to put 3 of them on the ground, though they were not dead yet. Then, I heard a door opening behind me! lol... I fired two more arrows and had to switch to my spear. My previous arrow work had badly injured the two inside and I finished them with my spear. Then I went outside and killed another lying on the ground. Circling the cabin, I found the last one and got a kill with a thrown javelin. I assume that there were only 4 because that's all I found.

What a great adventure! I have to ask, though, would my cabin have been robbed if I had not been home then? 

March 31, 2019, 04:35:38 AM
Re: regular crash to desktop I did find an old post of a similar problem here, which suggests a problem with sdl, I did once get a message that sdl.config might be to old, but it was updated last 2 months ago and there is no newer version.

Just to be sure I reinstalled sdl and have been running urw with debug logs for 4 hours without problem, I will need to test longer before saying that was the problem.

April 07, 2019, 12:51:44 PM
Re: regular crash to desktop After a marathon of 14 hours playing I got another ctd. Looking at the debug logs there was not anything standout as an error in urw, apart from the odd mix of Norwegian and English in most entries.  ;)

The logs were by this time several hundred Mb, not practical for me to post with my 3rd world internet. I does however seem to be a system fault with my Linux, I will carry on testing after investigating my sdl setup.

April 08, 2019, 11:23:54 AM
Bloodied Snow In the dead of winter an Owl Tribe man is roaming the mainland to find big deer to feed his huge pack of dogs. He is going north of the coastline to his trapline he left near trading villages. He easily finds a huge elk on his travel and shoots two arrows into the animals side, releasing the dogs they rush the dying animal. The creature quickly loses his breath and the man catches up to give him a quick jab of his northern spear. The elk dies in one hit and is cut up, then tied onto his pet bull.

Then after looking for more game he runs into a red shirted killer. With his hunting pack of dogs he takes him on by shooting his fine longbow. A broadhead arrow finds its way into the other mans thigh and he drops, the dogs shred him alive. The man called Frost Owl then loads him up on his bull as well and the trek continues. Checking and feeding his pack he takes off.

His search is again stopped by a roaming red shirt, he loads up his longbow and shoots but the arrow finds its way into a nearby spruce. The red killer rushes Frost Owl before he can reload his trusty bow. He is stuck hard in the eye by the mans knife and loses consciousness. He later awakens and releases the hounds, the dogs are in a fury and quickly bring down the man, tearing at his neck while he is on the ground. The man is loaded onto the bull.

After returning to his island cabin Frost Owl releases the animals into their respective pens, processes the elk skin, and tosses the mangled corpses of his enemies to his pack. He takes the dog called Two to a spot away from the others and names her Blood Hawk for saving his life and proving herself to the pack.

Islander and Driik legends tell of a man missing one eye who comes from a distant island in the far ocean. He arrives in a blizzard of blood and snow with his frost hounds, he tears across the land and vanquishes all signs of evil with none escaping his dogs jaws. The man rarely appears in villages trading shiny battle swords and expensive piles of furs for all of the villages animals, then disappears with them away into the ocean, his boat fades into the mist. All fear the day the comes out of his hibernation again, holding a rage as powerful and angry as the fiercest winter blizzards.

April 11, 2019, 07:43:09 PM
Re: [Partly solved]regular crash to desktop Tok a bit of tracking down, but I did find there had been a firmware upgrade for the audio chip. It may have been due to support for very old audio systems getting dropped from Linux kernel or from sdl, in ant case there was an updated firmware in AUR which solved the problem of intermittent crashes after 5 hours, so urw is now playable.

There is still a small problem, when exiting urw there is an audio buffer underrun every time, but this does not seem to affect anything though it does seem to be a urw problem. I also have a different audio problem with widelands not exiting cleanly, it does not report the buffer underrun but does kill the unresponsive audio after 5 seconds, again it does not affect playing and currently there is a sdl audio code review occuring in widelands which may solve the solution.

April 13, 2019, 04:10:35 PM