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Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? There's actually a video of making an UnReal World -style punt. The footage is from 1936, so they're making a somewhat more modern version than the simple punt used in UrW. I'd assume UrW punt comes without those extra added boards to the sides, which they start attaching at 4:09 in the video.
December 02, 2018, 03:35:34 PM
Re: Man, I hate wolves! Palu- Woohoo! There was a thread that explained how to read the location in the msgtxt file. I found my stuff! I recovered 29 furs, 15 elk and 5 bear furs among them, my Perfect fishing pole, Masterwork knife and punt. Found no sign of the Companion but there were fresh wolf tracks so I didn't look very hard for him. Perhaps he survived?

For the record, the zoom out line was right where I cut off the text, so, there was nothing said about anyone fighting. And, yes, I was panicked because it was a wolf pack, not a lone

Thanks again for your good advice. Btw, I've never again hired a Companion with a bow..hehe.

December 19, 2018, 02:54:27 PM
2019, here we come, slowly but steadily. The time has come for me to start reaching back into the development chambers after the sick leave. My fractured shoulder is still far from fully healed, but computer work seems doable, so here we come development year 2019. Slowly but steadily that is, as the priority remains in exercising the injured arm a lot to increase mobility - rather than to get it stiff from the office work.

Oh boy, little did I know how slowly fractured shoulders heal. In the original injury topic somebody made a remark that this might be my hardcore first hand research on injuries and recovery. :) Well, yes, going through this actually got me thinking of going through game's recovery rules in case of fractured joints. I've been of the arm sling for five weeks now but it will still take months before I can shoot a bow again, and raising the injured arm above the shoulder level is a feat I have been doing reliably only for a week or two. And there's no way I can do it with carrying load of more than few pounds, so any hard work that requires both arms is out of the question.  It also takes time to learn to move the arm 'normally' again, as the early pain didn't allow all the proper muscles to be used with some arm trajectories. It is easy to understand how easily deformed body postures are born.

But here I am, dedicated to work on the arm and the game as much as possible during the 2019.
I've gone through the swamp of e-mails lately and hopefully answered to everything urgent - but if you miss a reply, please do re-send your e-mail.
Getting back on the track with the forums will take a bit longer, but soon enough you can expect replies to pop up here and there.

Luckily my physiotherapist has also given me permission to ski, just guaranteed that I do not fall on the injured arm in any circumstances.
2019, here we come.

January 28, 2019, 06:49:56 PM
Re: course reward I always choose attributes, though sometimes I make an archive save before finishing to be able to choose spells, for testing. But for continued play it's attributes.

Attributes generally are most important when creating the character (they govern how much initial skill will be), but some affect it all the time or during special events:

Endurance decreases penalty for encumbrance (and thus indirectly increases Mobility, and most if not all skills), it is also tested for shock (when you lose consciousness from heavy injuries). It's probably tested during swimming trouble (for drowning), though admittedly if this happens you're almost certain dead anyway.

Dexterity is tested with fumble tests (when you fight and drop your weapon it was a failed DEX test, in addition to failure in an attack/defence skill)

Agility is tested with stumble test (when you fight and trip over you failed AGL test)

Speed you mentioned, it increases Mobility directly

Touch is tested when eating for some reason (maybe how long it will take), it's also tested when performing crafting, at the start. It is actually tested when performing item related functions like shootin from bow or felling a tree, but I don't know it this is only to determine if you gain a skill point, or maybe if you don't drop a weapon or axe (something similar to fumble test but not in fight, but that's my speculation).

Eyesight is tested when on overland map, to notice animals and people (it is actually tested more if there are more tiles seen), maybe also when noticing tracks without explicitly involving tracking skill, but I'm not sure on this one.

Hearing is tested when on zoomed in map, for example when tracking unseen animal.

Smell probably too, though I'm not sure how important it is, I SUPPOSE you may detect the readiness of food from further distance with higher smell, but I'm not sure at all.

Also some attributes (probably Endurance, but maybe combination) are tested under certain conditions when deciding sickness or sickness level: for example flu or nausea. When I got influenza TWICE during my first summer, despite being decently clothed and warm, I'm sure it was a failed attribute test, END most probably.

Attributes also govern skill affinity (the asterisks to the right of skill), the higher affinity the easier it is to gain a skill after performing a task. I haven't noticed that affinity changes  when attributes increase though, so maybe it is set only in the beginning. The "resolution" of affinity is too small to be certain.

January 29, 2019, 07:53:58 PM
Re: course reward
Strength directly affects your carrying capacity.

Sorry PALU, I have to correct you on this one - STR doesn't affect capacity, though it does affect heaviness of the load you can pickup at one time (it's tested then). Maybe you had this in mind, but for most people capacity is what the maximum encumbrance can be. Capacity is simply your own weight * 1.5. For example if you weight 179 176 lbs, your capacity is 264 lbs. This, unfortunately, cannot be raised now, because your weight doesn't change. no matter how much you will eat.

January 29, 2019, 08:02:33 PM
Re: 2019, here we come, slowly but steadily.
Sami, it's great you are recovering well and could go out skiing  :)

Two questions:
1. What are the animal tracks?
That's hare tracks.

2. What a beautiful setting, is that a cabin you use for fishing?
It's not my property, but a simple sauna cottage of neighbours. Surely been used for fishing back in the day, as there are old tridents hanging on the outside walls.

In my part of the world (Michigan) it is -16F (-27C) and very windy.
Many folks were told to stay home from work today.  :)

Yeah, I've heard from the news that US seem to be freezing here and there. Take care, JEB.

February 02, 2019, 01:53:02 PM
Re: All forest reindeer are does, no stags
I have been noticing this for a while. Whenever you encounter forest reindeer, use F3 to look at them. There are does and calves but no stags. I haven't seen a single forest reindeer stag since gender was implemented. I have seen both reindeer stags  and does for sale in northern villages.

Also I have never seen a baby hare  but I haven't encountered enough hares to be sure that I just haven't got lucky yet; after all it took me many games to see a single bear cub and it may be the same with hares. But I have encountered hundreds of forest reindeer by now and all of them have been female.

Checking out the code, it seems like forest reindeer gender is never created anywhere, so they all are does - as default. So it's something I've forgot to add, or misplaced in the heat of coding. To be fixed...

Fixed - persists in 3.52

February 02, 2019, 02:04:30 PM
Re: Could whistling arrows prove a good addition to ranged hunting ?
As Sami explains in the video, the particular design of whistling arrowhead he's demonstrating creates a sound that is reminescent of a falcon or other bird of prey's cry or chirp. Birds hunted by these species often have a tendency to seek cover if they hear these sounds. I suppose it's because many small bird of prey species, falcons included, are notoriously fast flyers. It might be a better survival strategy to ground yourself and hide, rather than trying to outfly them.

I don't have referenfe books at hand, but based on my memory: a whistling arrow works with aquatic birds, when the flock is flying above a body of water. The arrow is shot so that it flies above the flock of birds - they hear the whistling sound above them, take it as a sign of danger, and seek cover by diving into the water below them. Then the hunter readies ordinary hunting arrows, waits for the birds to surface one after one, trying to hit them the very moment when they surface - that often is the moment when they don't move for a second, and we all know that hitting a stationary target is far more easier than trying to down a flying bird.

February 03, 2019, 07:41:17 PM
Who let the dogs out... Let's try to make a return with development news then. It's taken some browsing of the code and decoding hazy written notes to find the path which I was following prior to fracturing my arm, and the sick leave that followed. But now also my to-do memory has recovered to great extent and there are snippets of upcoming features to present.

Dogs... NPC dogs... Village dogs... Dogs to better protect the NPCs... that's what I had started to code, and that's what is now to be continued.

Village dogs are now released out of their pens, and they roam freely at the village area. This allows village dogs to truly protect the village from possible threats and intruders. Village dogs are also improved in their watch dog behavior, and unfamiliar visitors are now greeted with alarm barks and by coming close by to sniff and check them. Village dogs may seem intimidating for strangers but this behavior is gradually toned down when you become more familiar with the village. be continued -- there are a few more dog things coming up..

March 21, 2019, 02:53:06 PM
Re: Njeperz, who are they and why?
Didn't know UrW time frame is Corresponding to Medieval Age,

Yes, that is because while most of the Europe was living High Middle Ages marked by influence of The Church, cultures in Finland and Scandinavia were still pagan. So, in the history of Finland "Middle Age" only begins after the King of Sweden had converted to Christianity and launched a series of crusades to Finland, eventually conquering the territory. (that happens gradually during 1150 - 1250 AD. UnReal World is not stricty based on exact timeline, we are using some artistic freedom to imagine a world where those crusades either started a bit later, or didn't happen at all.)

So, before those events Sweden, Norway and Denmark were living their Viking Era, the rest of the Europe was Middle Ages, and in Finland it was the Viking period of Iron Age. (The philosophical point; History often operates on broad general terms which apply to central areas. When speaking about the history of Europe we conveniently use terms like 'Antiquity', 'Middle Ages' and 'Modern Times', but it should be noted that those broad terms don't apply uniformly to all of what is now Europe. The details and local variations are always a lot more diverse than the convenient simplicity offered by the general broad descriptions.)

March 28, 2019, 08:29:50 AM