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Re: Towards the stable with functional bowstrings and fascinating quick-bows
Interesting stuff!

I hope there is a way to see the bowstring status so you can replace it when it starts to wear out, rather than having to wait until you fail that critical shot because the string broke and you've now lost your weapon...

Yep, we'll probably add some string outlook info to nventory examination, but it's also quite common for the string to break quite unexpectedly. Of course you can see from the wear marks how extensively it has been used, but a single thread coming to its end deep in the twisted bundle or under the serving shows no warning on the outside. So some factor for the string to break unexpectedly, sometimes upon a critical shot, will remain a thing despite of the overall wear to be seen.

August 23, 2021, 07:16:21 PM
Recovering from a forum crash Hello!

We recently experienced a server-side crash at the forums. To fully recover from the crash I had to manually restore the latest database backup, which was less than 24 hours old. So, any posts made after that backup are probably lost forever, but the vast majority of forum content seems to be back again.

September 08, 2021, 04:04:56 PM
Wrapping it up for a stable release Seems like all the most critical bugs have been fixed by now and 3.70 beta has been around for such a good while that we don't expect any nasty surprises anymore. So wrapping things up for 3.70 stable starts now, and the release is expected early this month.

The few latest additions to 3.70 that were finally accomplished are craftable cords and ropes from yarn, and whole lotta new character portraits.
Just a little more work and patience is needed and then it's out.

October 01, 2021, 01:53:25 PM
Version 3.70 (stable) released on Steam, Itch, and for lifetimers We're happy to announce that version 3.70 has reached the stable stage and is now released and available on Steam, Itch.Io and Lifetimers will find the release at the designated forum section.

If you were playing 3.70 beta versions, you should know that there's also new content added since the last beta. And if you weren't playing beta versions at all, then prepare to discover a lot. But first a little look at the key features with a few screenshots.

Key features of version 3.70

The key features of version 3.70 version deal with the moon and the moonlight, fibre processing with new textilecraft skill, snow penalty for all the creatures and snow crust, lots of new character portraits, tying equipment adjustments and additions, crafting fishing rods and hooks and usage of baits, option for metric units, and so on. The list of additions and fixes is long and you can find the full changelog at the bottom of this post.

Trudging through the deep snow the escaping elk tires itself easily while the hunter gliding with skis on snow crust travels easily.

There are lots of new character portraits added, and also an option to ask whereabouts of village water supply.

The autumn nights are already dark, but during full moon there's enough light for example to go fishing - with self-made fishing rod and hooks, that is.

Textilecraft in action. We have a new batch of harvested nettles retting in the water, and prepare to spin some yarn from earlier extracted nettle fibres.

Version 3.70 changelogs

First, here's changelog since the latest 3.70 beta version - new content to be aware of for those who have already been playing the beta versions.

3.70 (stable) changelog - new content since 3.70-beta 3

- added: whole lotta new portraits, and specific portait categories for old men and sages

A good bunch of new portraits have been added for kids, female and male characters. There are also two new portrait categories specifically for old men and sages. Portraits in these categories are exclusive for those type of NPCs and can't be associated with other NPCs nor chosen as a player character portrait.
MIGRATION NOTICE: NPCs generated in the previous versions continue to appear with their previously generated portraits.

- added: bowstrings as a separate functional part of a bow

Bowstrings are now featured as a craftable item of their own. Bowstrings wear out in use and thus need to be replaced every now and then. Crafting any bow now requires also a bowstring item, so you need to have a bowstring ready in order to make a functional bow.

* crafting a bowstring

Bowstrings can be crafted from [M]ake-menu under [W]eapons category. Bowstrings are made out of multiple strands of yarn twisted together, but also thin cordage can be used for a makeshift bowstring. Upon crafting a bowstring you can select the material, yarn or cord, to be used.
It's faster to make a bowstring from a cord and the required length is also far lesser, but bowstrings made out of cords are also always of lesser quality. Your textilecraft skill determines the success of making a bowstring. Due to item usage complexity bowstring crafting is hard-coded and not to be found in editable diy_*.txt file.

* bowstring breakage and replacement

Good quality bowstring can last up to thousand of shots or so. The lower the quality the faster the bowstring is prone to break. When the bowstring breaks a message is displayed and the bow gets described as "bow with no string". Naturally you can't shoot with such a bow anymore until a new bowstring is added.
You can check out condition of a bowstring in strung bows with inventory command. Upon selecting a bow to examine you will see how the bowstring looks like.
You can add a new bowstring to a bow with no string with [a]pply command. First apply the bowstring, and then select a bow to be strung with the string.

- added: [a]pply command can be used to remove hook from a fishing rod or to unstring a bow

Sometimes you want to remove the old fishhook or bowstring at will and it can be done with [a]pply command.
To remove a hook from a fishing rod [a]pply the fishing rod on dry land. The reason for doing it on dry land is that otherwise the fishing attempt will be initiated.
To remove a bowstring from a strung bow just [a]pply the bow anytime.
If you try to attach a fishhook or bowstring to fishing rod or bow that already carries those item parts you'll be notified of these new removal mechanics.

- added: spruce quick-bow - a simple craftable makeshift bow

Spruce quick-bow is the most simple and quick to make type of a bow. It's made out of a single branch that is cut from a standing spruce tree. It goes without saying that this type of bow is not a high performance weapon, but it is efficient enough for hunting squirrels and other small game.
Spruce quick-bow can be crafted from [M]ake menu "Weapons"-category. There's also SPRUCE QUICK-BOW game encyclopedia [F1] entry available for more information.

- removed: primitive bow and juniper bow - newly introduced spruce quick-bow replaces these.

- adjusted: villagers reclaiming heavy loads

Previously villagers would crowd endlessly around items they wanted to reclaim and restock if the load of whole stack was too heavy to pick up. Now they try to pick up such loads in smaller stacks, and if that should fail also they will eventually give up.

- added: craftable cords and ropes from yarn

You can now craft cords and ropes from yarn. These options can be fround from [M]ake menu under [T]ying equipment category.

- adjusted: cord and rope crafting requirements and applicable skill

Crafting any cord or rope now also requires a branch which is used as an aid for twisting the strands firmly together. The applicable skill for crafting yarn based cords and ropes is now textilecraft.

- changed: generic "cord" item name and quality

The generic craftable makeshift "cord" item which is made out of strips of clothing is now called "cloth cord" and its finished quality always remains on inferior side.

- updated: game encyclopedia [F1] entry for CORD and ROPE

- adjusted: "Set a net" now shows only tools in "Fishing" menu

- modding add: 'first word' value for [naming:] tag

Using 'first word' with [naming:] tag will get value of the first word of selected material/item name.
For example, material requirement and naming such as:
{Cord} [remove] [name:%s product] [naming:first word]
would result in finished item called 'yarn product' if 'yarn cord' was selected as the material, or 'linen product' if 'linen cord' was selected. And so on.

- adjusted: fatigue accumulation when moving by watercraft

Type of the vessel and implement used to move it now matters to how fatiguing it is to move by watercraft. In general it is more strenuous to move by raft than by punt. The implement used to move the vessel also matters. Shoving the watercraft ahead with sesta takes more effort than paddling.

- adjusted: companions pay more attention to closing doors

Companions now always try to close the doors they pass. This is to avoid them letting domestic animals, or warmth, to escape from your settlements.

- fixed: possibility of NPC portrait being the same as player character's portrait
- fixed: carried load unit (lb/kg) in statistics window not changing if system of measurement was changed during the gameplay
- fixed: sneaking while skiing on snow crust didn't reduce the speed
- fixed: dried cuts as fishing baits got used up in one single fishing attempt
- fixed: [nominlen] crafting tag not calculating tying equipment stacks properly
- fixed: NPC's excess bartered good might be distributed also to the village animals
- fixed: auto-shortening of tying equipment in crafting recipes not always reducing the weight accordingly
- fixed: boy NPC weights generated wrong and too low
- fixed: plants not burning in fire

Version 3.70 major changelog - since the first beta release

To view all the new content in version 3.70 the full changelog is here:


Cheers, and happy adventures!

October 09, 2021, 09:47:24 PM
Re: Problems with Inconsistent Snow Penalties for Certain Animals? [3.70 beta3] This was been checked thoroughly and indeed we found something to tweak and fix.
The snow movement penalties itself were working flawlessly when it comes to the speed an animal can move in the deep snow.
However, there were few faulty calculations in fatigue rate which animals suffer when moving the snow. This could result either in animals tiring too easily, or too little. The issue appears on border areas of certain snow depths, so that's why you have rightly noticed the dogs not tiring in the deepest snow.
In most cases the snow penalty system is working as it should, but some oddities may be witnessed - as you did.

It should be noted that animals which are adapted to moving in the snow can and will still get tired. Even if a hare would run on solid surface in the summertime, it will eventually tire out if it can't rest every now and then. This can naturally happen on snowy surface as well, even though hares are adapted to moving in the snow. The same goes for the lynx too. So we don't actually know what tired that lynx out. It could have been this issue, or the lynx might have been running after the game just a little earlier. For the many reasons this glitch isn't easy to spot, and wasn't easy to discover from the code either.
But it's great that you paid attention to this. We've found the issue and the snow related fatigue accumulation issues will be fixed in the next patch.

Fixed - persists in 3.70.

November 02, 2021, 11:45:12 AM
Re: Weird timeskip to day 499 Found it. This has been likely been around for ages. It's related to game/system getting terminated/crashing, and results in character game day synchronization problem. This might have caused some reports in the past which we haven't been clever enough to search from a right angle. There's been rare and weird harvest growing up overnight kind of issues, etc.
It was luckily easy to fix.

Fixed - persists in 3.70.

November 13, 2021, 01:47:14 PM
Re: "Savegame needs a remedy" after BSOD After several attempts I've managed to reproduce this issue by simulating a sudden power by loss switching off the extension cord the computer is connected to.
Bad for your computer, good for bug hunting.
So I managed to witness that character data occasionally appears blank after these shutdowns. It still makes no sense at all, looking at the file handling in use, but Windows can be surprise us sometimes. And this is only Windows issue.

The good thing is that by adding additional character file backup steps along the way, I've managed to create a system where some of the character data files always stay intact and can be recovered upon loading the character again.

So we can call this fixed until (hopefully not) proven otherwise in the future. I'll also make it so that upon loading corrupted character again the game automatically tries to recover the last good character data condition from the internal backups.

November 13, 2021, 05:30:48 PM
Season's Greetings The midwinter and holiday season is at hand!
It is time to send you our warmest Season's Greetings with a few moody photos from this very day.
Thank you for 2021 to those who already roam the UnReal World, and welcome into the Far North, all you new adventurers.

We have just passed the Winter Solstice on northern hemisphere, and the amount of daylight now slowly starts increasing. Otherwise the winter in Eastern Finland continues in decent -20 degrees celsius temperatures with delightful amount of snow. Sami (UnReal World creator) heads towards the real world in horizon.

Merry Christmas, Tree. This mighty spruce grows beside the village road, not very far from the development chambers.

Now let's survive the midwinter, and see you again in 2022!

December 22, 2021, 04:22:44 PM
Re: How to complete "Adventurer's (Item)" Quest?
Any more bot like behavior and their posting rights will be restricted. 

That didn't take long... The account did another reply by merely copy-pasting a clip from an earlier post in the thread. I restricted the posting rights by the one sure method; deleting the account.

June 09, 2022, 04:53:57 PM
A new piece of primitive music by Enormous Elk We're happy to present you a new piece of music and a video.
"Illalla, lammella" (In the evening, by the pond) can be viewed at Enormous Elk YouTube channel:

Like mentioned earlier this was recorded and filmed while I was visiting Erkka last month. You'll also see the authentic setting of the live recording, by the pond.
Post-production took a little longer than expect because my right hand is still in a cast, but even though this was mostly edited with left hand we're happy with the mood and result.


June 12, 2022, 05:30:12 PM