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Re: [Mod Idea] Training combat skills at the expense of weapon condition I have a weapon/combat training mod. It is more of a lore 'theme' based but shows the basic concepts.
October 22, 2020, 09:19:23 PM
The first snow and back from holidays Hey, it's been a good two months without a word here at dev. news section, so it's about time to break the silence,  although you may have spotted my slowly increasing presence at the forums bugs section already.
We had the first snow few days ago, so the summer season is evidently ceasing.
See, I went on summer holidays quite late this year, in august, and thought "it's likely autumn, or early winter, before I get back to development chambers again."
Looks like that the time is at hand now.
Hunting bugs has always been a good way to get oriented back into coding, and I guess focus on that will continue for a good while. But yeah, the endless to-do lists also awaiting for us. So let's continue from here, and see where we get by the end of the year.

October 23, 2020, 09:16:19 AM
More usefulness for curing Ok ok I know I've been spamming suggestions, but I still have to speak on the other part of hide-ousness: curing  ;D

The first part was about tanning:

I don't cure skins in this game. Curing makes skins stuck in place and tanning is far quicker overall anyway. And you still have to clean the skin which isn't required for drying IRL. Doesn't really work when travelling, either. Really curing should be the thing to do when travelling and little time. The skins will continue drying hanging from the rucksack anyway, once they've initially become a bit dry.

I'd like to see curing as the default procedure for storage just like IRL. Tanning is a lot of work. Not every skinned hide will be tanned, only those that need to be. Also I don't think the fur trappers of old IRL tanned the hides themselves. The woodsman would definitely bring cured hides home first, maybe tan them then. Tanning is primarily concern of the craftsperson who gets their skins from hunters/herders, because only they know what qualities (how thoroughly tanned (hard), for instance) they want from the tanning for the work they are planning to use it for. Of course on commercial scale is different - I don't know how foreign traders would have wanted their furs.

Also, not every hide in use is tanned. Nowadays snowmobile-sled-hides aren't and old-days kota covers most likely neither. The skin is relatively cheap to replace in kota cover if its only dried (cured). A valuable-in-working-time tanned hide wouldn't have been wasted for something so trivial.

So, getting finally to my suggestion:

1) accept cured hides for kota covers and "sleeping in furs"
2) shorten curing times to max overnight or allow picking up of skins with curing still continuing

3) complicate tanning to make it more realistic and to encourage curing to be used more
4) make cured skins available in villages and for trade - preferably much more commonly than tanned hides. I understand this would affect game balance significantly and prices would need to be adjusted accordingly, with tanning lifting the cost especially of big hides - not so much of the valuable small furs.

October 24, 2020, 06:16:17 PM
Re: IF you could see any mod created, what would it be? yeah, i think there should be a library for valid parameters. For example, i dont know how i can look up the correct code description for some tiles or even items.

I took almost an hour to find out my mistake when digging clay didnt work: the game doesnt know any "hole in the ground" anymore(I used old mod code for blueprint). i randomly typed "pit" and it worked. but that was just lucky and i dont know where to look it up.

BUT i think me and paul miss the topic a little.

I would love to see the spirit world more... alive. For example more Rituals, little spells, perhaps enchanting stuff.
long time ago a had this idea:

burial mounds with treasures("tumulus", "dolmen") for pleasing the spirits when somebody dies.
Or, for big time-annoying them: Robbing a grave! Would really contribute to the spiritual-fantasy gameplay.
Possibility to bury objects of value or food together with the dead, depending on the individuum's profession/way of dying/culture.

Be punished by the spirits, if you don't do a funeral;
A LOT if you rob a grave! but you can get out of it after a long time of pleasing the spirits again.
Graves also should be generated randomly and seldomly.

But i would hate the game for becoming some kind of sword & horse fantasy.
I think the biggest appeal of this fantasy elements are those indirect, foggy effects. This is what i love.
Seeing a shaman hurling a fireball at enemies would make me quit.

Demons, yes. But not like horned creatures that attack, but perhaps like possessed animals.
Especially if the character hadnt been concerned with pleasing spirits:
A bull elk randomly goes crazy on you; you wake up surrounded by snakes in your own yard; crows stealing random stuff from you unless you feed them some seeds and please the spirits.
You'd say without limitations! ;)

October 27, 2020, 01:21:44 PM
Re: IF you could see any mod created, what would it be?  For me the mod (other than mead) that I've always wanted to make is a "Living Skill" mod. Along the lines of what Simon did with "Shaman".

 So the Mod addition I have wanted for the longest time is the ability to 'detect' NPCs in recipes.
This would open the mod world to interacting with NPC world.
Needing to find a Shaman to make x.
Working with a craftsman to gain the ability to craft x.
Learning from an old woman a great recipe for x.
Gain special items by meeting with Vagabonds, woodsmen or Adventurers.
It would allow you to sheer a sheep, because you have a sheep.

 NPC detection in recipes pls.

October 27, 2020, 06:46:48 PM
Re: IF you could see any mod created, what would it be?
I believe some kind of mod installer would be really appreciated. A program that backups original files, merges what should be merged and provides enabling/disabling mods in an easy way.

If you are on Windows I think urwml still works. It's the only 'external' I've seen/used to manage multiple mods while segregating  their files and allowing easy swapping.

Note: Posted here

October 27, 2020, 09:44:12 PM
Seasonal sales and Kekri customs Harvest festival sales are on at Steam and -- and in the Far North we do celbrate Kekri.
So let the new adventurers be respected with the discount, and the ancestral spirits with our special Kekri costumes and customs...

During this festivity period you can grab the game for decent discount on Steam, or from

It's Kekri, not halloween, in the Far North.

Kekri is an ancient Finnish harvest festival celebrated in the fall when the annual agricultural activities were all accomplished and the harvest collected. Kekri meant the end of the crop year, which was a big turning point. It was the time when the souls and spirits of the dead wandered around and visited the living. The ancestors were respected and welcomed. Sauna was heated up for them, and meal prepared too. The living celebrated accordingly, and so do we.

Kekri Goat

Kekri time included tradition of Kekripukki (Kekri goat) figure. People would dress up as horned creatures, wearing furs or coats upside down, and went around in their disguises and were offered food and drink.
So, what does a decent developer of tradition rich game do to follow the tradition?
Yes. He dresses up as Kekripukki.

We wish you happy and haunting Kekri time, or Halloween - if that suits you better.
Celebrate and participate!

October 30, 2020, 11:53:03 AM
Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences Ok we all know Unreal predators (even lynxes) are dangerous. But that's cool and all, I'm not here because of that.

My point is: Unreal elks aren't. They really are wimpy compared to the real ones. My current char had so much trouble chasing an elk he dropped all weapons but a small knife in order to ski faster. In the end, he knifed and kicked an adult elk to death (with near or zero skill in those). Sure he got a crush in the eye and fractured ribs and some bruises.

Now watch this video I took when an adult bull elk was spooked by our approaching car and tried to jump over a reindeer fence.
Spoiler: Bull elk stuck on reindeer fence • show

Would you have gone there with a knife? ;D He tore up the fence and walked slowly away like a boss. Here's the fence afterwards:
Spoiler: Obliterated fence • show

What happened was just bad luck on its behalf. Normally they jump gracefully over no problem. That's actually a requirement of the modern reindeer fence.

So finally coming up to my suggestion:

1) I'd like to see elks, especially bull ones, buffed up considerably. It should be madness to go against them practically bare-handed. The reward is anyways a huge amount of meat. More strength, stamina and speed.

2) Elk AI: Naturally they should almost always just flee, but when cornered they shouldn't just run circles to exhaustion but stop to rest and threaten the pursuer with a snort and kicking the ground. Fight or flight, not flight until breathless (see no. 4) ;)

3) Enable elk to jump over fences or even break them when fleeing.

4) Elks are great swimmers irl, ought to be grandmasters in Urw.
Spoiler: Basic URW elk hunting tactic • show

It'd be cool to come to a new version of urw and try to exploit this old tactic only to realize the elk just swims away. Of course there should be some reluctance to animals wading and swimming, but it'd be a cool addition. Applies to reindeers too. Let's actually speak of ungulates.

EDIT: I found this bug report:

5) Urw ungulates (hoofed herbivores) are pretty good to get out of a hole in ice?
I've noticed that ungulates fall through ice easily and get out just as easily. Imagine an elk in a hole in the ice. No way it's gonna get on the ice again unless wading. This would also be a bit of balancing to previous things that make elk hunting much more difficult. Also reluctance to enter thin ice would need to be somewhat increased, maybe only when escaping.

6) EDIT: Attack: Trampling. (Allow aggressive elks/big reindeer/beoars to enter a tile with a character, making them 'fallen'.) Hehe. And there it goes...

7) EDIT: Only pits should work for ungulates. This was always odd anyway... It's not in their nature to go into tight spots. I think all ungulates should pass all snares, lever and deadfall traps without harm or trigger. Well maybe the bear trap would be an obstacle, for a reindeer.

IRL, IRL...Why do I think this is so important game-wise?
- I think this is a major game balancing issue, increasing time span to get secure with food.
- Currently is easy to exploit big herbivore ai to get one's belly full for a long time. I'd like to see elks as a prize, not a potato.  ::)
- Making ungulates harder would make small game hunting/fishing for food more useful/needed.

Bring on the discussion! What do you think?

November 10, 2020, 08:24:01 PM
Re: Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences Bogs aren't very deep the reindeer should definitely wade into it to get away.
November 15, 2020, 08:32:06 AM
Add Roe deer doe / Roe buck I was going to postpone this until later, but seeing that the elk thread is hot lukewarm I thought this might bring something to that discussion too.

Also yes I anticipate some point out that roe deer is a recent comer (1900s) to Finland but they have just become extinct earlier. After a quick search, Swedish wikipedia says they "returned 8000 years ago to Skandinavia" and Finnish that there's some speculation of it being native based on some old place names. Anyway, being the realism-nerd that I am, on historical perspective, I'd still be happy about them being featured .

What roe deer would bring to the game?
- variety (yea!)
- ungulate with less meat (yea!) (Finally the clichée idea of a hunter carrying a deer carcass back to camp  ;D)
- there is lack for medium sized food game - between a rabbit/capercaillie and a sow/reindeer. Ickyucky predators don't count.  :P
- AI could be like that of reindeer, though less aggessive
- would exist most commonly/mostly in South / river areas
- variety (yea!)

You've been ranting about too much easy meat. What about game difficulty?
- timidness = escape likelihood and distance
- elks and reindeer could be made more timid and less common - at least in some regions
- roe deer would be as timid than their bigger cousins are currently
- roe deer could be more abundant but less easily spotted on overland map
- being lighter and very small feet: less easily tracked
- smaller targets!
- forest reindeers could be made less common in extreme south / and not exist in archipelago

Additional ideas
- what if they could spontaneously die if too harsh a winter? (We have them sometimes here in north of Finland, spreading from warmer areas in North of Norway (even more north but warmer because of the ocean). But they tend to die off during winters - because of too much snow.)

November 15, 2020, 11:14:24 AM