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Re: Head gear, bird leather
Sorry mate, I am a big fan of medieval everything, games, books, movies, but I have never seen soldiers with their head exploding because of the abuse of layers above their head or legs or arms or whatever. The OP list is way too much.

Yes, it's normal to wear soft clothes under an armor, but the game does indeed move this stuff to extreme. Which is not a huge issue, but I support the OP regarding it.

With all  due respect, does "Medieval everything" include RL history?  ;) The wearing of Helm, Coif and padding is out of period for the game, but the OP asked if it was doable. It is and something like it was done in real life. It should be noted that this equipment was sized to do this - the helm would be too large without the padding.

In terms of Iron age cultures, something soft is very likely to be worn under the helm just for comfort's sake - not to mention for cold's sake. A piece of metal is a radiator in cold climates, just ask anyone who's worn steel toed boots. I routinely wear wool socks a few sizes too large so that I can fold the toe of the sock up over to give extra protection to my toes. I don't have to do that even with running shoes in the same weather.

The fact of the matter is that the weight for wearing all this increases the encumbrance modifier and that, IMO, balances the ability to wear multiple layers. Further features like the "Sweating" status having game meaning (as I believe it will in the future) should balance it more.

Perhaps increasing the penalties in such a way would be a better option?
   - Shane

March 28, 2020, 05:06:53 AM
Re: Head gear, bird leather Another point: If you feel like some game mechanic is an exploit or doesn't match realities (or your Role Playing ideas), simply don't use them.
March 28, 2020, 08:22:44 AM
Pits; fill partially dug pit, leave items in pit, to be covered. Another one where I'm not certain if bug / sugestion.

When digging a pit and taking a break, it can't be filled up; unless it's dug all the way first.
2nd, I noticed when I drop bones of dead father (unfortunate hunting trip) in the pit and then filling the pit up; the bones surfaced... good thing I didn't bury the mutilated corpse earlier in the spring (well, ground was frozen). Might've got a zombified father  :P

So, here's my request/suggestion:
    • Allow filling of partially dug pit, either from Building|Deconstruct, or add inquiry when applying shovel at the pit: Continue digging pit Y/N, and if answered N, then ask to fill the partially dug pit Y/N
    • Anything left in partially or fully dug pit should be memorized by the game. i.e. buried bones*.  And also, to allow us to stash backup items in case of robbers etc. Pushing on to Big Rocks or into trees seems like anyone *should be able* to just pull them down (NPCs won't. At least not at the moment)

    *although iron age burial tended to be stone mounds. Maybe allow cooking "robber roast" i.e. carcass buried couple feet, then bonfire lit on top.

April 08, 2020, 12:08:51 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? Death. That's what  :'(

A njerpez appeared out of nowhere just behind my back while hunting and killed my char,
which I was hunting with and was ill prepared for a fight. This happened just one day after
I had bought myself a bunch of master grade fighting and building equipment AND dropped
them at my residence. The njerpez only had a knife and such, but my bow, mastergrade
handaxe and low quality clothes were no match for him.

I guess I have to start a new character. I was just fond of that one and been building him
for some time. And this time I wasn't even rushing into dangerous wild animals or robbers
or njerpez out of boredom and/or curiosity... *sigh*

April 10, 2020, 03:53:05 PM
The situation and stuff These are challenging times. I hope you are doing okay and healthy.
And I believe the game may serve as a breath of fresh air during the times of isolation.
Also, it's fine to express our thoughts and feelings and experiences about the pandemic on the forums too, if you feel like it.

Finland is locked down too, but things haven't changed all that much for me or Erkka as it's remote countryside life anyway.
The virus affects the daily life nevertheless, and these days portion of my time and energy also goes to assist close elderly people who need help.

The development is being kept on, but I tend to get swamped under feedback simply because people have more time to play the game and I have less time play the developer role. ;) I maybe delayed with replies and reactions, but nevermind - still doing my best to cope with the life and the game.

There is fistful of bugs pending to be fixed, and I've started writing reply marathon to suggestions from the past six months or so. I guess it will be the first reply marathon at the new forums, but it's still several evenings away before I'm done with it. From my own endless to-do pool I've started work on improvements regarding the fire mechanics. There are many little things to adjust and add, but you'll hear more about it when it all starts to shape up.

Take care!

April 11, 2020, 01:13:35 PM
Re: Dog commands Stefan, if you have your dog say ~15 tiles from you, you try to Chat: Come, game returns “you get no response, try to get closer. If you turn away, so your character cannot see the dog, you can then call it to come. It makes no sense.
I don’t need the dog to come to me from 5 zoomed in maps away when called (although, shouting at that 500m distance, dogs do hear the call just fine InReal World.
Heck, even my character can hear upland game birds calling across a 200m lake. Yet, the pooch won’t “Come!” from 30m away.

JEB, the image for dogs is pretty close to Spitz, typically a vocal flushing dog. Lot of bark, not a lot of bite.
Ok as herder and great as vocal guard/alert dog. Not best at retrieving, but can be trained for it too. 15”-20”, 15lbs-30lbs, lower halves females, upper half males.
But who* knows how the doggies are in UnReal north. *Apart from Sami and Erkka.

Additional commands for dogs could be “trail/track” (when leashed) by smell, so they won’t break the chase if too far from the character.
And additionally ‘Fetch’, getting in the water with poor swim skilled character isn’t always viable. Not just birds, but floating arrows/javelins too. Maybe even missed arrows on land. But not regular/broad heads from tree hits.

April 12, 2020, 08:19:54 AM
Another playable (non-)culture We have vagabond hunters&adventurers, we have Forester cabins and settlements.

My suggestion is: Forester (non-culture) for player characters.

Preferably no bonus or malus. IF anything, give the few attributes a minor positive nudge up. Long days working: endurance, agility. Maybe Will.

No introduction as Seppo Kaumolainen, Aslak from Owl-tribe, Inga Driikiläinen.
Just “Matti” (if anything, have game randomize father’s name: Matti Teponpoika  :-[ ) <<horrid joke to Finnish folks.

April 25, 2020, 06:57:44 AM
Re: Make stat/skill increases based on longevity, not on tutorial
I think the tutorial is good for handing out free stuff to new players, but I'd rather see the stat increase happen on your first anniversary or something so that the tutorial isn't something you feel like you have to do if you want to give your character every chance to be awesome. As it is, I just discard any free stuff the game gives me, but that just feels unpleasant.

Game-course completion options are indeed gamey, and we’ll rid of them at some point – leaving only one reals tutorial like course.
Stat increase has been discussed at times, and in theory it that could be added but it had to be based on actual usage of the ability and happen very slowly. We think the stats more like innate qualities  of the character and every character shouldn’t  ever reach max. stats. This brings up a question “But you get stronger by doing physical work!”, and yes you do, but this is already featured by skill increase. The skill increase for example in bow or swords of course requires appropriate muscles to get stronger too. Now it doesn’t reflect in the game with strength attribute increase but strength is very general term. Is it the strength in your back muscles, legs, shoulders?  Sword and bow require different strength, as does the timbercraft and hideworking. The same goes for many attributes.
Are you agile to dodge or agile to climb trees? Base agility helps in both but to train dodging trains different kind of agility than climbing.
So the attributes are more like a generic overall starting point on which you build the physical skills – and the skill increase reflects what you’ve learned and what your body has adapted to. In that sense attribute increase hasn’t ever felt too necessary but if it was added it had to be very, very slow.

April 28, 2020, 04:07:38 PM
Re: Separate control access for dogs&followers
With dogs and or followers in tow, visiting villages and settlements can be bit tedious when [C]hat defaults to animal/follower and not chat.
So I suggest to move to dog (& follower) commands to ‘!’ From ‘C’ (as ‘c’ is close, and ^c is Cooking)
Logic here would be to command the others vs chat with your dog to Come, Doggo Come!; when you don’t even see the beast.

This has bothered me too many times, and been suggested earlier also. It’s likely that we’ll separate chat and commands in relatively near future. Been thinking about the actual command key and ‘!’ feels quite intuitive, although it would always be best to find a way to utilize existing commands and conditions. But the current system is indeed burdensome.

Also when visible, but out of conversation range, I need to turn away: not to see the dog, to be able to call it to come closer. Otherwise I get prompted “you get no response, get closer”

This could be solved easily by having “Come  here “ as all-time and not visibility based dog command. Wouldn’t hurt anyone’s playstyle either, so I guess we’ll put it in effect.

April 28, 2020, 04:10:39 PM
Re: Well
Ask for location of village well

Would be quite simple addition, we’ll consider and likely add it up soon. I don’t consider those little village puddles always being wells, so the question will probably end up to be something like “Where’s your water supply?”.

April 28, 2020, 04:11:47 PM