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Re: [3.83] Runaway Slave Start - Njerpez Infighting
There are two factors here;

1. friendly fire immediately leading to fierce infighting : yes, I agree with that, in some future version the logic could be improved somehow. Maybe the easiest would be that the first friendly hit is forgiven, but if it starts to accumulate the others would feel that this is not a chain of accidents but intentional behavior which needs to be punished.

I  tend to agree. The scale of the conflict is what feels bad -- I mostly don't think that they should all kill eachother even if they're skeptical of one (or more) of them. I haven't paid close enough attention to see if it happens after only one shot. I do know that it quickly devolves into a grand melee.

2. should friendly fire happen in the first place : I think yes. But how often, that is a good question without absolute answer.

Definitely. Friendly fire happens in actuality; and even in melee combat it can happen if things are hectic enough (which it often is). I can't comment on the frequency, but I do believe I've read historic references to it (not that I can point at the material). EDIT: I'm talking about it happening in the real world. I don't think I've seen accidental melee friendly fire in game. Just intentional, when they decide to kill eachother.

So, when you say " it regularly seems to happen to some degree" I'd like to hear a bit more about that. What is "regularly to some degree", like out of 10 starts 2 of them lead to infighting? Or out of 20 starts one turns to infighting?

This is a hard question to answer.

Some starts, there will be 0 or 1 archer, who may be far enough away that they never actually shoot at you. If there's only melee combatants engaging you, it won't happen. It's not uncommon to have a start where you don't encounter (even if they're there) a njerpezit bowman while trying to escape.

I now I had it happen either 3 or 4 times today, and I've had 14 deaths, my current game, plus an additional game I archived and moved out of the folder in case I wish to revisit that start (but currently feel it's too strong). Out of the 16 games, it happened 3-4 times. I distinctly remember 3 (including 2 of which I archived) and I think I had a 4th. So around 20%-25% of the starts I've had today.

I'll try to pay more attention to how often it happens, and how much the composition of the njerpez (with a best estimate -- I can't always see all of them). I expect it will be most common in cases where 1+ archer is engaged with you, and 2+ melee troops are chasing after you. When I see the melee, there is almost always 4+ involved, and that goes back days. Again, not with much proof past that being the body count/involved numbers with the two saves I've archived where the worse one has 9 dead and the other has 3-4 dead and more still fighting.

It's kind of funny, honestly... but it happens often enough that I feel like I'd have to hold myself back from making the challenge start (I really like the escaped slave start overall) easier by just waiting for them to kill eachother and taking their valuable equipment. Hunting bows, lamellar (sometimes), spears, scimitars, and bastard swords...

I like the idea of an active escape, but maybe starting near a known camp, on a zoomed map with 3 or so Njerpez chasing you might be neat. It's cool when I'm injured. Sometimes it means I get extra arrows...

March 09, 2024, 10:53:47 PM