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Re: Trip to Finland Hi guys,

Sorry for late reply but now a lot is going in my life, a lot of mini projects like building sauna(yeah! ;D). Thank you all for answers, like I said before every information, every link is priceless. The idea of the trip is still alive, I almost gathered money for pneumatic kayak so progress is better than I could imagine. Detailed plan for the trip will arise later but for now I think that Lapland and Hossa would be too much so I'm dropping it down on the list. Probably we will end in southern/central parts of Finland. Erkka, Ametsala, we will try to vist you guys in that time, for now it's too soon for such detailed plan.

The_Hobo: The Olympic Peninsula looks great and i'ts close to Vancouver(always want to visit this city), pacific ocean and of course Roslyn where they film my beloved "Northern Exposure" - I envy you! :D
But sadly droughts all around the world are very disturbing :( Here in Poland we also have huge problems with that. Even in Sweden there were big forest fires in this summer. Shocking. I also don't remember the 'real' winter in our area with tons of snow and freezing cold, ech :(

Take care and play Urw!

September 10, 2018, 12:04:46 PM
Re: Trip to Finland Hi,
surprise, I'm back and... I'm going to Finland! Yeah! :D Once again thank you all for support, it was VERY helpful.

After almost a year of brainstorm, trip plan changed a little bit:
1. I'm going alone. Mainly because we can't leave our child for so long and my wife is a little affraid:)
2. Destination: lake Saimaa, start from Lappeenranta. Why? Because I have quite good, cheap connection(direct flight from Berlin). I leave more unaccesible and distant regions like Hossa for future. Maybe next year we will plan longer trip and travel there by our old trusty volvo.
3. I rent a kayak suitable for water area THIS size. This time I was a little affraid that my funny rubber kayak will not stand waves of Saimaa. I even tried to buy kayak on Tori site but this is another story... 
- rental service(very kind anh helpful people)
- kayak model
4. I'm going there for 10 days, 9 in kayak. I will be very very happy to see Savonlinna but I realy don't know how much km/day I can paddle so I don't make any asumptions right now. The trip starts on 16th August, ends on 26th.
5. Camping: mainly in deserted areas, islands. Sleeping in good sleepingbag on hamock with tarp
6. Cooking: Trangia stove for liquid fuel/suitable fireplaces. Food supplies will be bought in S-market near kayak rental area. I will also bring fishing rod. But it's unlikely that I catch something because I never hold fishing rod in my hands before and I even don't have one yet :D Maybe I will use fish trap mentioned by Erkka.
7. I will try to shoot some pictures on my trip and of course I will write word or two when I come back.

Wish me luck and take care!

July 24, 2019, 10:44:55 PM