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Re: Bert's slightly interesting and marginally relevant documentaries Nomad Architecture is a really cool project.
Most videos show nomadic buildings from warmer climates, but they are all interesting.

Summer Migration of Siberian Nomads:
Warmest Tent on Earth:
Nenet Shamanic Spring Ritual - PART 1 - CELEBRATION of the FOREST:
Reindeer Ritual - Raw meat shared by family of Nenet Herders (Part 2) :

February 27, 2023, 10:44:30 PM
Re: Cant plant crops in autumn Thanks!
March 03, 2023, 03:02:01 PM
Remove some armor and weapons. Some of the items in the game seem far-fetched in the setting of URW, i think it would be more coherent if some armor and weapons were removed from the game.

Specifically: Iron Coudes, Iron Kneecops, Leather Cuirass and all two handed swords.

March 09, 2023, 10:39:53 PM
Re: Remove some armor and weapons.

- The CROSSBOW?!? I don't have really sources about it, I know there where primitive crossbow in roman and greek armies in the past, but far as I know, in early medieval northen-central europe, crossbow didn't exist.

Joukahainen's Revenge 1897 has Joukahainen wielding a crossbow, and i think they are mentioned in the Kalevala. (Ive only read a translation so im not sure)

- Battleaxe: it's just fine, even if I'm not sure that finnish used two-handed axe in battle. I know some rus and in general slavic cultures used two handed axe, as well romphaia as a two handed polearm to swing, but honestly i think was not a battle weapon, but just two handed axes for timberwork, trasfromed in war weapons. The only I'm sure were scandinavian population that used the famished dane axe, and some druzina. The use in battle was not that easy, and people usually prefer to use a shield with a shorter axe

There seems to have been a display of a two handed axe looking very similar to a dane axe at Pukkisaari Iron Age Village. Pukkisaari is also the site where images for the homestead is taken and some of the portraits seem to be from reenactors that have visited the site.

- Leather lamellar cuirass, i think work just fine, even if there is no evidence for any lamellar being worn by Scandinavian and Baltic cultures during the early medieval period and iron age. But was already used but some eastern cultures (Njerpez), and it is easy to think that warriors who could not afford steel armor, would have used leather instead (boiled in beeswax), which was much cheaper

I agree that lamellar is fine, be it leather or metal. I was referring to the leather cuirass that the player was able to make, which isnt specified as lamellar.

March 10, 2023, 12:01:39 PM