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How to build a sniper How to build a sniper
I am trying to build a sniper
Outside of winter, if you don’t need to keep warm, you can reduce the load to a very low level.
Because it only needs to be equipped with blunt weapon protection (bear hunting) and sharp weapon protection (hunter)
Do not consider close contact with humans
Should I use a longbow or a crossbow or a heavy crossbow?
I plan to sniper at a long distance. If I use a bleeding arrow, I just need to hit the body
No need for continuous attack, easy to escape
Long-range sniping is safe
Will night affect the field of vision of npc? Seems to be
I once built a warrior using masterwork battlesword
He is strong and powerful, but he must wear a lot of protective equipment to deal with different types of damage. Although he can execute an enemy in a short time or make an enemy with head protection fall to the ground, occasionally he will get serious injuries and must be prolonged. The recovery, which affected the hunting efficiency. It's funny to use him to hunt animals, because I need to use a bow, but the penalty is too high, and it's troublesome to change equipment frequently
I think a long-range sniper can meet the requirements of hunting animals and hunting humans at the same time
Bleeding Arrows can be obtained from merchants
I need some advice, because I am used to hunting with traps and don’t understand ranged weapons

July 25, 2020, 02:19:35 PM
Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow? I am now using a crossbow, which can shoot at a relatively long distance, so it is easy to hunt, and usually results before scaring animals. If it's a longbow, the distance can't guarantee a hit, but I can't sneak too close. It may be attribute problem, it is difficult for my character to sneak to a short distance

If I use a longbow, I may be tired of chasing

July 26, 2020, 08:57:31 AM
Re: How far will you shoot your first arrow?
To 甜汤:
So how long is that relatively long distance? I am beginning to think about using crossbow instead of bow if the shooting distance is much safer.

That's interesting to know, but I guess that means a lot of arrows are going to be miss. How many arrows will you carry then?

I often use the crossbow to hunt forest reindeer. If it is not that time is not enough to deal with raw meat and fur and I must give up, I can kill them all. If it's an elk, it's more alert, and I'm more willing to spend time loading the crossbow than trying to get closer to ensure that the hit causes the animal to escape alertly. Since my skills are very high, I am not sure how far is suitable, but it is very important for hunting animals to make sure they hit. It is difficult for you to give an elk a fatal blow. These harmless animals will run away. You are hunting. Hit is more important than fast reload. Whether you kill it or not, you only have one arrow in a short time, so I will choose a crossbow with a bleeding arrow. When using conventional arrows, I found that their fatality rate is not high. If they can’t kill, they are far inferior to bloody arrows, whether they are beating people or animals
Hunting forest reindeer to meet my needs for food and general fur, they are usually turned into ropes and the like instead of being used for trade. For the bear, it is easy to kill, but I choose trap pits to get better fur, trap it, and starve it to death. Elk is very alert, I don’t know what it likes to eat, but I rarely encounter it. If I have the opportunity, I will choose a trap pit. I will use a crossbow in the hunting situation, because I can’t keep the hit with the longbow. distance. Foxes and birds use traps, and if they are killed with a crossbow, they may cause fur damage. For some small animals, the crossbow hits better. The only problem is that the proficiency of crossbow skills is low. If it is owl, you can quickly complete the bow and arrow skills after adding two points
I don't know if sneaking is related to the agility and dexterity of the character. Keep your weight low, and advanced stealth skills may help. Make sure that there are no trees blocking when shooting. It seems that attacking and sneaking from behind is helpful for melee combat. I don't know if it helps in long-range shooting. This is difficult to achieve. I don't know if it will affect me lying down and standing. If they move towards you, you can press "." on the spot to skip a round, but elk will not come to your face. When I plan to shoot the birds, I will sneak and wait, they fly over, interrupt the mission, and shoot. If you are in a forest, you can use the shelter of trees to move
I used almost 500 feathers to make arrows (I made my home in the swamp because it was flat enough) and later found that hunting merchants were enough, and they even provided me with superior broadhead arrows. You can keep your weight low and hunt some merchants: high weight, less range, less shield. Look through their products to make sure they are valuable, they are neutral creatures. Find a good opportunity to kill an outlier and start a war. Don't be greedy and ensure low fatigue punishment. Kill or paralyze 1v1 quickly, or become 1v1 by pulling distance. It can also bleed or kill targets carrying high-value items and run away. I feel that the fighters of nje are more difficult to deal with than the merchants, and you can also try hunting
我使用了快500根羽毛制作箭矢(我在沼泽地安家因为它足够平坦)后来发现狩猎商人就够了,他们甚至为我提供了superior broadhead arrow。你可以保持低负重狩猎一些商人:高负重、少远程、少盾。翻看他们的商品确保有价值,他们是中立生物。找个好机会杀个离群的开战。不要贪战,确保低疲劳惩罚。通过快速击杀或瘫痪1v1,或通过拉扯距离变成1v1,。也可以把携带高价值物品的目标击伤流血或击杀然后跑路。感觉nje的战士比商人更难缠,也可以尝试狩猎
You usually only have one arrow in a short period of time, and the hit is very important. The hit of the bleeding arrow will get more benefits when you have no requirements on the quality of the fur. If it is to kill, bleed the arrow. If it is for a headshot, in any case, the crossbow is more accurate (provided that you have the support of skills)
I am not sure if the translation is correct

July 27, 2020, 11:39:29 AM
Re: If I plan to create a new character to survive in an old world, what should I do
Hey, after your question I tried copying and pasting the world files from my active character(Not dead ones because I don't think you can restore the world files from them.). I copied the WORLD.BAK , WORLD.DAT and WORLD.PLM files. Created a new character, then copied these 3 files into the (\UnRealWorld\Your newly created character name here). You also keep your starting scenario, and if you want to also copy the weather over, I think you also should copy the WEATHER.DAT file to your newly created character.

edit: I forgot to mention, your character also keeps his/her original spawning location as far as I tested so you may encounter a problem that you might spawn in deep water when you copy the world files.

Hope I could help.

Thanks, it is feasible, I have created a new role. My previous role focused on speed and endurance, but he was a blind man(eyesight very low)

August 05, 2020, 02:52:48 PM
Re: Forest spirit is acting weird Some silver jewellery will be consumed, some will not, I am not sure why. Occasionally he will tell where the animal is, but I don’t know how to find it
August 06, 2020, 06:24:30 AM
Regarding the task of finding lost items in the shelter Regarding the task of finding lost items in the shelter, if it is a bear or a wolf, I will throw a piece of meat on the ground, one piece for each tile, and then check the footprints. Sometimes bad luck, birds will eat it, but in this way I completed several shelters looking for lost items. I usually find a wolf or a bear, kill it,  chase its tracks
August 06, 2020, 06:56:25 AM
Re: How do I build wealth The initial proficiency of production skills is low. It will be better to add two points after completing the two task chains, but that will be a long time later. If you plan to stay at home, you should need cows. When I try to be a craftsman, I always need to go busy with food, hunting, farming, or fishing. Craftsmen need a stable food supply. If you choose a culture that is good at fighting, hunting is the best choice. If your skills are not high enough, you can consider using traps, which are very efficient, as long as you target meat, fish, or turnips. Fox traps are hit all the time. I once encountered three bears in a small area, set up three traps, starved the three bears... Hunting animals need to use long-range weapons because they will run away, bows or javelins, or unpopular crossbows. Use traps to trap animals, then use these animals to train your skills. I'm not sure if you hate hunting, or think that hunting is too slow to accumulate wealth. If it is the latter, you can roll out a higher vision when creating characters, so that you can easily find prey. Speed ​​is not that important for hunting. It’s good to grasp the timing of sneaking, but speed is very important for the overall progress of the game
August 06, 2020, 06:24:53 PM
Re: Any way I can find the npc/ npc's body in wilderness?
I had recruited an adventurer long time ago, disbanded him near my settlement which is quite faraway (around 5km?) from his original village. Haven't seen him since then, he is not returned to the village and I have not notice any tracks might be related to him, neither on zoom in or zoom out map. It hasn't been a problem until I want to recruit another villager. None of them agree to go with me "until they saw the left adventurer again". I am clueless on his whereabouts but felt a little bit responsible for his missing, so I want to ask if anyone have any suggestion on how can I find this missing adventurer? or his body? It could be in-game method or other method (cheat?), I dont mind and thanks in advance.

From my experience, he will return to the village by himself. I once hired a very powerful adventurer and gave him armor and weapons for a long-term adventure. Then he returned to the village, and after a few years, he still did not agree to my invitation to travel again.

August 10, 2020, 05:48:24 PM
Re: Can't find a mace for sale? I don’t know why you are looking for it, but merchants will carry a small amount
If you settle near the swamp, you will easily find traces of the merchant

August 22, 2020, 08:03:27 AM
Re: What will happen when using watercraft with hired companions? I’ve never encountered a drowning companion before, and I don’t know the cause of their death is cold or fatigue
The latest version

August 22, 2020, 08:06:43 AM