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Re: Fish traps? I would'nt necessarily need to redirect water flow to create a permanent fish trap. It would be like a net or a fish trap, but stationary building instead of an item. Kind of how most traps on land currently work. But I suppose it can't be done right now as fishing menu doesn't work with modding.

Here's one example of stationary fish trap built on shallow water. The shape is a bit funny, though, or maybe that's just my imagination :D

Anyway, would love to see more passive fishing options added to the game at some point, modded or base version. There is already lots of traps on land so might add them for fishing as well.

September 08, 2020, 06:17:56 PM
Re: Blacksmith NPCs and ordering their products In the example picture the "Is there a blacksmith here?" seems to be in the "Ask for help/company" chat mode selection. Would it be more easy to find if it was put under "Ask for directions" like for example "where is your water supply" is?

This is a great quality of life addition. No more travelling from village to village just to find a small knife or a hand axe.

March 09, 2023, 11:53:22 AM
Re: Blacksmith NPCs and ordering their products

Hmm. It's there because asking for a sage is also under "Ask for help/company.". Asking for directions is reserved for inanimate things and the surroundings.

This makes sense. In my head blacksmith was more of a location but I see your point.

March 09, 2023, 12:46:07 PM
Re: Craftable fishing nets and more Looks great! Having to shop for nets was always the most tedious part of fishing.

Since nets will be craftable, would it be possible to also make other kinds of fish traps? I'm thinking about small basket type traps (like the "katiska"). These could be crafted much faster than nets when time is of essence but they also get you less fish in the long run.

And I know its a long shot but any chance larger stationary fish traps could be included? Liistekatiska, a large wish trap made with thin strips of wood in shallow water forming a shape that lures in fish, was quite common fish trap historically in the region.

June 16, 2023, 10:52:14 PM
Re: Suggested changes to some plant nutrition values
I really wouldn't say the berry nutrition is much off compared to the real life, but we just haven't updated it every time Fineli/THL changes the values.

You're right that berry nutrition values are definitely very close to reality. Berries don't actually have that much energy per unit of weight. Also it doesn't really matter to me if the values are exactly correct, I just feel that right now picking and eating berries in the game is counter productive and not worth the effort.

Because of how nutrition works in the game, nutritional value for most berries is just slightly below a treshold where eating berries will cause you to starve. Maybe this is realistic though, eating only berries certainly wouldn't be comfortable.

All the values have been fetched from different databases. I can't remember from where in case of lake reed (which is Phragmites australis in the game) but it is really packed with carbs and thus very nutritious. However, the levels actually change during the growing season.
And it has been used a lot back in the day - for both people and animals.  Little kids were told to have lake reed roots as a snack when they were outdoors by the lake.
You don't need much else to get a good boost of carbs and sugars if feeling a little low on energy.
Occasionally included in my personal diet too. Very precious plant - for the easy availability too.

Interesting! I knew it was edible but I could not imagine it would contain that much energy. I really need to try it.

Here again, Fineli might have had different values now than when the turnip values were initially set. Wikipedia is somewhat in line with current UrW values, though:

Nutritional values for turnip in the game are probably right, numbers in fineli actually seem a bit low. I was mostly making a comment that I would expect a cultivated plant like turnip to have higher nutritional value. I can definitely see why potato replaced turnip as the most popular tuber.

June 26, 2023, 09:06:15 PM
What actually affects fishing outcome? I have been trying to figure out if different spears have better outcomes with fishing. Yesterday I made a character with near perfect (98%) fishing skill and set out to test different tools.

I made it to rapids and fished three game days, ten times each day, with each of these: javelin, small trident, trident, and wide trident, each of normal quality. ( I had to take break days and first did two days with each tool, then one more day with each because results were inconclusive).

In three full days of fishing, I caught 2 salmons with javelin, 3 with small trident, 5 with trident, and 5 with wide trident.

It seems, trident and wide trident are more useful but I don't think my test is very reliable because I don't know what other factors affect fishing outcomes. For example, I caught almost half of the fish on the frist days of fishing (7 out of 15 total were caught on the first days).

I tried to keep the fishing spot the same but I don't know if the spot gets "dry" after a while which would skew the result towards the first fishing tool used. I also don't know if some spots are just inherently better than others, or if fishing too much will anger the spirits and reduce my catch. I should repeat the test by save scumming by copying the character folder and repeating each try with same conditions but that was too tedious for me.

I know a lot of mechanincs in the game are ambiguous on purpose so it does not become too "gamey" but I would still like to know what ways I can affect my fishing outcome. I don't have much fishing experience in real life but I feel that when I was a kid, the most important factor in getting catch was finding the right spot. You might get nothing all day untill you find the perfect spot and then reel them in as fast as you can.

Does anyone have any experience what affects fishing outcomes in the game?

August 02, 2023, 12:05:45 PM