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Re: Forest maids (possible quest spoilers) I've never caught her after having her spawn, but I have a method that, for me, lets her spawn basically every time I try, including after finishing the quest (which didn't require receiving her gift, just seeing her once, extra dialogue with quest giver for having her speak with you). This works sleeping on snowed-over ground I knew to be mossy right outside my cabin, ~5 tiles from a lake, and it works in the dead of summer, miles and miles from home in the middle of a swamp. It's even made her show up at about 6pm in winter, as I was sleepy and it was dark enough for her to spawn already. She would also come back to the same spot several nights of trying to catch her in a row, so long as I didn't offend her by trying to talk. She won't trust you for a few days when you try that.

EDIT: The quest can only be failed by allowing time to expire without performing the ritual. Also you can complete the quest simply by seeing her, but there is extra dialogue with the quest giver if you don't frighten her off and allow her to speak with you. As I recall from someone on the old forum who DID get her item, it will disappear if you tell anyone about it, so if there is even more additional dialog with the quest giver when you catch her, using it might make your hard-won item disappear.

Building the fire and sleeping both have to be done on mossy ground, and the fire must be lit before midnight. After placing EXACTLY seven spruce twigs on the spot you want the fire, on top you build the rest large enough to burn well into the next day, usually an entire tree trunk and about 200 branches. Light it up and go to sleep nearby, not necessarily right next to the fire, just on mossy ground within the light. She shows up almost every time and begins her little routine of luring you into the woods. Of course, I also keep on as good of terms as I can with the spirits and usually bless the tree I cut down for the fire if I haven't done it somewhere else too recently.

Be careful in winter, I had a Forest Maiden lure me out onto soft ice and to my death by drowning. Could be the easiest way to catch her if the ice is thick enough, there are no obstructions to your vision, and you might be able to risk trying to ski after her rather than taking a torch.

July 25, 2017, 01:36:55 AM
Mr Squeeky There once was a man named Squeeky, a Kaumolais warrior of spears. He wasn't very sneaky, but he made his foes flee in fear.
He went to start his journey, travelling far off from his home. Those bandits did him tourney, near where Sartolais once did roam.

They asked him for his weapons, and he scoffed at those fools' commands. These bandits came near seven, each came with axes in his hands.
His first did fall so quickly, he felt just near invincible. The second struck too swiftly, and his cut was too terrible.

From all sides they kept coming, until he found those shielding trees. From one side they came rushing, and his duty set their souls free.
One remained at a distance, his bow still so softly twanging. A survivor this instance, where there should be only nothing?

Squeeky charged at his arrows, ignoring their deathly pierces. Just a man's soul would harrow, but Kaumolais is the fiercest.
His adventure was ended, so soon after it had begun. The bandit's corpse was rended, but Squeeky's will was left undone.

July 30, 2017, 09:04:37 AM
Re: Character Dementia Needs disease simulation so that your bedside cow will give you tuberculosis or something...
August 08, 2017, 04:39:42 AM
Birds of Prey: Nuisances or a Farmer's Best Friend? I've been kicking this around for a while, ever since I had a resident goshawk a few games back, so has anyone else had the positive experience of local predatory birds keeping your fields safe?

Mine made my dogs insane trying to steal their food every 20 minutes, thus making me insane, and the interruptions to every single task were not appreciated. However, I did remove all of my bird-kill traps around my cabin in (somewhat irritated) reverence for what is surely a well regarded animal spritually. As a kind of thanks/lucky AI, over the rest of that summer and fall, I would find mutilated, half eaten carcasses of everything small and unfriendly to fields, from rabbits to mallard ducks, never saw another wayward badger, and had every single plant of my glorious little hemp field survive to harvest. Wasn't my dogs, cause they never noticed anything but the damn bird, were tied up far from the carcasses, and they didn't help much on my guys that didn't get a hawk guardian anyway.

So maybe worth leaving some food out to attract a goshawk if you want to be a farmer. Might have just been me, but this was worthwhile organic pest control. I feed my dogs a mash of various uncooked small animal meats, and they/hawk didn't seem to prefer anything. Next time I want a bird I'll skip the dogs all together though, and if you could find bird of prey eggs and hatch them in a later update I would lose my mind.

August 08, 2017, 11:25:21 AM
Re: More trees! I would add a request for willows as well, not sure how common they are in Finland though. Moose/elk love them.

It'd be especially cool if different types of trees started giving wood of differing usefulness in different circumstances. That's probably better suited to a mod, but it would be cool if certain trees were better firewood, certain woods were faster to carve or gave (on average) higher quality crafts, etc.

August 13, 2017, 11:21:32 PM
Re: Short Questions/Quick Answers Ticks are the little plus sign (something like that) things that appear next to a skill when it has been raised that day. You may only raise a given skill three points in a single day, and every time you use a given skill you have a random chance to raise it. The lower a skill is the higher the chance to raise it, ie the fewer times you have to repeat the action for it to successfully go up.

Also, for my previous question about murdering an unarmed old man, that was not an issue of ease, it was an issue of ethics. Is it right? Some would say he doesn't deserve two houses and five fields, but some would say I don't either, and they're already his. Will he ever die of old age?

August 18, 2017, 07:47:30 AM
Re: The underdog of weapons: the short sword The point attack on axes is supposed to represent (in my opinion) using the lowest point of the sharpened edge in a kind of downward pull or hooking motion, rather than a straight chop (an edged attack) or hammer-blow with the back of the blade loop (blunt). It should do much less damage than it currently does, but it seems to work as well on legs attacking as blunt defensive counter-attacks from spears, suggesting a kind of acknowledgement of the entangling properties of these particular targets, weapon aspects, and situations, which doesn't necessarily need to be changed in and of itself. Hand-axe and woodsman axes are the only ones other than the battle axe that deserve decent combat ratings, as these two are built for utility and ease of use, and strength and durability, respectively. The battle axe has no utility whatsoever, it's utility is reflected in its attack bonus, its strength is reflected by its excellent edge damage, and its durability is shown in its ability to deal decent blunt damage, which I imagine is simply using a purpose-built weapon in a less technical way to pierce armor more efficiently.

The various body parts of humans and animals being more or less effected by different weapon types can be explained away by base armor values for animals bodies'/their particular skins' strong and weak points, and weak overall armor coverage on humans, both of which seem realistic.

Overall, I like the OP's suggestion though, shortswords are only viable if your sword skill is your best weapon skill, which would be silly of you.

August 19, 2017, 02:06:55 AM
Re: Culture Poll I picked Kaumo and Driik thinking everyone loves Kaumo, but Driik will be underground cause they suck, and I end up the most basic dude ever.

Sword and board I guess, but also in general they start fairly wealthy tool-wise, which makes a garbage character more useable faster than a good character with a rough knife and nothing else but clothing.

September 02, 2017, 01:12:06 PM
Re: Wild Animals in Villages I want to be able to like this more times. Can't trust those vagabonds.
September 06, 2017, 11:35:13 AM
Ulrik Kaumonoaidi Ulrik was something like 6'4", just a damn monster, even by modern standards. He had always felt like his skills and abilities had come Very Easily to him, but who's complaining? He was strong, tireless, nimble, and blessed with keen senses. He learned just about all he tried at the pace of those who ended up specializing in those skills. But he never saw any need to limit himself.

He liked setting trap lines and fishing and wild plants and throwing sharp bits of wood at people, animals, trees, rocks and anything else that took his fancy, but what he liked most of all were the red and white-spotted mushrooms his grandfather had taught him were given to the people of the Unreal World by the great spirit of time and space, Noaidi. He would pick them whenever he saw them, and more often than not, eat them on the spot, regardless of what else he had planned for that day. So far, this hadn't caused many problems, besides a few sidelong glances from local maidens when he would come trading and, swooning with the effort of controlling his body, force stale, hallucinogenic fungi upon them as gifts.

One day however, our mighty hero made a fateful discovery while deciding whether or not it was worth the trouble to kill a rather smallish bear he had come across. Red and white-spotted mushrooms as far as the eye could see, mostly in bunches of three, some with as many as five. Determining that the bear was the least of his worries now, he picked thirty individual mushrooms, and made a very seriously implanted mental note of the location. He wandered home, but what is a young Kaumo Renaissance man to do with so many mushrooms?

Obviously he would make a mushroom soup, it was only logical; for that way, he would be able to visit his love Noaidi in an excitingly different way, and perhaps find her favors more invigorating than usual. This was indeed to be the case. He starved himself for a day, allowed the soup to simmer by the fire overnight, and guzzled every drop before ever stepping out of the house. Once he did step out though, he was struck by how many times he had been at this very spot, eating these very mycological spiritual-gateways. It was time for a change.

September 06, 2017, 12:02:00 PM