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Re: Cant get back to shelter
I used the 3rd party mod to select the start location.

Picture attached here.

Its wierd that I can move on some parts of the island that then become dissallowed.

I was wondering if it had something to do with the spirits.

As a veteran player I've never seen this before. I've never played this close to the world map edge either.

That island is extremely close to the edge. Youre probably in an area thats naturally supposed to be off limits, mostly due to rendering issues when you get closer to the edge. Ill make an update for my mod to restrict it closer towards the main land. As for the character you'll likely need to scrap him and start fresh.

edit: 12/7/2020, made update to restrict starting locations by 48 over-world tiles from the map edge.

December 07, 2020, 12:55:05 AM
Re: URW Modding Discord ~Bump
we're still here

Wanted to invite a few of you who have contributed to / frequent the modding section.
@caethan @Galgana @Buoidda @Ezezaguna @Jaredonian @Bedlam @koteko @Roheline @Dr.Hossa @Frostbit @JP_Finn @Sloomingbla @Teellox @Ubie @paulkorotoon @Bert Preast @trowftd

Anyone is of course, welcome to join ^^.

December 09, 2020, 12:59:52 PM
Re: Happy new year! F*** 2020!!! wooo!!!!! 2021!!! Party!!!!
January 01, 2021, 09:08:59 AM
Re: Ancient Savo : A new Enormous Elk game in the making Lot's of potential here, looking forward to seeing it progress. I can see the current design evolving several different ways, so it'll be interesting to see how you go about it :). Even a choice-based story line (or many) could work here and perform well.
January 06, 2021, 06:24:02 PM
Re: Adding Custom Music? I have this planned as a feature in my current project. My question is, when do you want sounds/music to be played? looped? I have many ways of doing it, so I'm open to ideas people will actually use contrary to just my own thoughts.
@Karmatose , @ConnorA

February 03, 2021, 04:02:10 AM
Re: Foreign traders’ merchandise? Nice idea. I'll experiment and let you know my results when I do. I suspect it's probably possible via memory, which would make a nice addition to my current project.
February 03, 2021, 07:48:56 AM
Re: Adding Custom Music?
I suppose @Karmatose you mean music played when different game screens are active (the ones where music plays by design, like rituals screen) or events happen?

As of first case, I see an idea of a some audio replacer that watches what game screen is active at the moment and replaces default audio files with ones from user-selected pool when it's possible. Say, each time you're back to the wilderness map or zoom in/out, the program overwrites default audio/ritual.ogg with one of third-party audio replacer/audio/random_ritual_%number%.ogg, so the next time you hit F4, you hear different theme.

As of event-related music, I guess it's possible for the same audio replacer to watch msglog.txt (afaik the game updates it in real-time) for specific lines (like start of a battle), and when one of that lines appears, to play corresponding theme (however it will probably require extra programming effort to avoid conflicts with the first case).

Unfortunately, I'm waaay far from being skilled enough to code something like this by myself. But if someone could write this piece of software, that would be sure awesome. @Night what do you think?

I am implementing an event system in my current project, which will allow for such things. I hadn't thought of using msglog.txt though, so that's a nice idea I'll be looking into.

Also probably possible to replace sounds, may or may not be necessary.

February 06, 2021, 01:41:49 PM
Re: Adding Custom Music?
Spoiler: show
Sorry for the late reply, I've been in-and-out of the game as of late. ^^;

I have this planned as a feature in my current project. My question is, when do you want sounds/music to be played? looped? I have many ways of doing it, so I'm open to ideas people will actually use contrary to just my own thoughts.
@Karmatose , @ConnorA

I was imagining something where for example you could have different atmospheric tracks play depending on whether you were deep in the forest, or in an open field where you can see and be seen for miles on end. So...locational based, but also event based like for example if you're in a fight with a bear, the track would change, etc...Possibly different tracks for different times of day, as well. I think this could work with either music, or ambient sound (like crickets chirping in a field at night), or a combination of both. Might be interesting to also have the music get more intense as your physical condition gets worse... Like the closer you are to death the more intense the music gets (if you're still in a battle) but if you've left the battle/you're dying for non-injury related reasons, then the closer you get to death the more ominous the music gets, and then at a certain cutoff point the music starts to get very quiet...until it stops completely and you die. But, that might be a tad too advanced to be honest.

My worries are that finding good copyright-free music/ambient might be difficult. Using a site like to create ambient mixes might be interesting though, but I'm not sure about their terms of use (despite reading it the legal jargon went a bit over my head..but from what I understand that specific site allows usage for non-commerical use only?) or if you could manage to convert the tracks you make into MP3/WAV files or not.

@Night Is the project you're referring to your URW Mod Extender ( you released recently? I'm looking at the thread and as someone brand new to modding in URW I'm...somewhat lost ^^; How would this be used to add music?

Most of what the mod extender does is providing more access to the games data/functionality. In the case of sounds/music, they could be activated in several different ways, such as when the terrain type changes, or when an game object is near the player (NPC/item/tracks), probably several more options if I think about it. All of these things I detect through a loop/loops dedicated to tracking that data. In the future, I plan to have a scripting system based off of these events, that follows a similar syntax to URW's crafting syntax, some examples might look like:

Code: [Select]
      [TERRAIN:pine mire]


      [SWITCH:HasGrunted] == false
      [SWITCH:HasGrunted] = true


      [SWITCH:HasGrunted] == true
      [SWITCH:HasGrunted] = false

All of the above code would be handled by the mod extender in an script.txt file, when conditions/actions are met. Also, there would be some control mechanisms to repeat actions, or to only execute them once, or to only execute them once everytime the condition is met. I haven't currently implemented it so, the above is just a psuedo version of what it will most likely look like.

Basically, a condition/action system, with functions that will allow for user input, such as PlaySound("SoundFile.wav"). When I've completed more of the project I will document the functionalities more thoroughly, but most of what you said is within scope.

The only thing that might be difficult with what you said is transitioning between ambiences in the case of combat, mostly because I'd have to track the duration of the sounds playing and then transition to the next at the end of the first sound so it would sound smooth, but it is possible to do.

There also may be other areas where I can implement sounds, but this would be the main place.

As for copywrites, I have no clue, It's a big mess when it comes to fan-made projects, but I just assume as long as I'm not profiting off of something it shouldn't be a problem. Probably costs them more to send a C&D to someone using their stuff for non-profit personal/fan based entertainment than ignore it if its not cutting into their dough. I'm not a legal expert though, so don't take anything I say as fact lol. I know that most media type property has a license attached to it, so thats probably what you would want to refer to most of the time. Some just require crediting the source.

March 24, 2021, 11:25:33 PM
Re: Power outage, now URW doesn't work
So my city lost power while I was playing, and now URW won't boot. It shows up on the taskbar, but there is no window or instance running anywhere ???

Do I have to reinstall or something?

Problem is due to winpos.dat file being set to 0,0,0,0 (saves your screen co-ordinates and width/height)

if you delete:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\UnRealWorld\winpos.dat

should fix itself when you run it again. otherwise just do an integrity check/reinstall as privateer suggested.

May 26, 2021, 08:40:12 PM
Re: Wild animal trapped inside tree wall surrounding 8 neighbouring tiles This is pretty close to getting struck by lightning in a video game, considering the statistics of an animal (ground bound as well) being stuck in that exact spot with that exact configuration of trees out of the 215000~ grid of rendered tiles. Somewhat of a special thing to see in terms of the virtual.
June 18, 2021, 08:47:57 PM