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Re: [WIP] RPG-ish(?) Character Portraits Decided I'd take a shot at it for fun.
April 06, 2020, 04:24:34 AM
Re: Winter hides
The cue for the elk to change coats is day length. Starting in March as days get longer, the old winter coat starts dropping off. Their summer coat is short, glossy, and generally much more uniform in color than the winter coat. All the hair of the summer coat is the same length. As the days get shorter in September, the longer, thicker winter coat starts growing out. The winter coat consists of two layers - a longer coat of guard hairs protects the short thick undercoat. By winter both male and female elk have thick, dark manes covering their necks, and long, light tan coats over the rest of their bodies.

The fur of mammals has many uses: protection, sensory purposes, waterproofing, and camouflaging, with the primary usage being thermoregulation.[2] The types of hair include definitive, which may be shed after reaching a certain length;


Hair length is negligible in thermoregulation, as some tropical mammals, such as sloths, have the same fur length as some arctic mammals but with less insulation; and, conversely, other tropical mammals with short hair have the same insulating value as arctic mammals. The denseness of fur can increase an animal's insulation value, and arctic mammals especially have dense fur; for example, the musk ox has guard hairs measuring 30 cm (12 in) as well as a dense underfur, which forms an airtight coat, allowing them to survive in temperatures of −40 °C (−40 °F).[3]:162–163 Some desert mammals, such as camels, use dense fur to prevent solar heat from reaching their skin, allowing the animal to stay cool; a camel's fur may reach 70 °C (158 °F) in the summer, but the skin stays at 40 °C (104 °F).[3]:188 Aquatic mammals, conversely, trap air in their fur to conserve heat by keeping the skin dry.[3]

Cats moult fur around spring-summer time to get rid of their "winter coat". Cats have thicker fur during the colder winter months to keep them warm, then around spring and summer they shed some of their fur to get a thinner coat for the warmer summer months. Some cats need brushing during moulting, since dead hairs can get trapped in the cat's fur.


Moulting or shedding in canids, as in all mammals,[1] is due to fluctuations in the amount of melatonin secreted by their pineal gland in response to seasonal sunlight variations rather than temperature variations. This seasonality in moulting is most preserved in Arctic breeds of dogs which shed twice each year whereas most other breeds moult once each year.

Many species express endogenous cycles in physiology and behavior that allow anticipation of the seasons. The anatomical and cellular bases of these circannual rhythms have not been defined. Here, we provide strong evidence using an in vivo Soay sheep model that the circannual regulation of prolactin secretion, and its associated biology, derive from a pituitary-based timing mechanism. Circannual rhythm generation is seen as the product of the interaction between melatonin-regulated timer cells and adjacent prolactin-secreting cells, which together function as an intrapituitary “pacemaker-slave” timer system. These new insights open the way for a molecular analysis of long-term timing mechanisms.

After reading through these, I think fur is regulated by light levels more so than temperature, as the purpose of fur in a lot of animals seems to be temperature regulation, which would imply seasonal changes would be the first factor in hair regulation and temperature there after, fine tuning for more immediate short-term temperature regulation (you see this with house pets a lot when they move into and out of the house with varying temperatures between the outdoors and your home).

Also, it appears there are several different layers:

Thermoregulation is the principal function of the down hair, which insulates a layer of dry air next to the skin.


The proximal part of the awn hair assists in thermoregulation (like the down hair), whereas the distal part can shed water (like the guard hair).


Guard hair repels water and blocks sunlight, protecting the undercoat and skin in wet or aquatic habitats, and from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Guard hairs can also reduce the severity of cuts or scratches to the skin.

Now we can impress our friends with our knowledge of hair.

April 15, 2020, 01:02:10 AM
Re: Quick and Dirty Character Creation Guide for new players @jonottawa
Good work with the content jon, I looked over your channel and you seem to be quite dedicated to pushing out videos for URW. I have some suggestions in regards to how you could possibly improve the quality of your videos;

1. I'd suggest maybe highlighting specific parts of your play through videos that seem particularly interesting in terms of gameplay as seperate, shorter videos (like you've done with this one, albeit specifically as such and not from random gameplay), and then doing a voice dub over the video to evaluate and discuss it, I believe you'll have an easier time perfecting what you're trying to discuss in relation to the video as you can always replay your cuts and think about what points you want to underline easier than on the fly commentating, should also open up more options when you're editing your videos (if you use some editing software) in terms of sound and overlaying stuff you want to discuss.

2. The sound quality isn't particularly pleasant, at least for me I find it harder to listen to. I don't know if it's just your mic or what, but I can hear your voice all over the room as sort of a background tone, might just be the location you're streaming from. Wouldn't hurt to experiment and see if you can reduce the background noise.

3. I haven't looked at too many of the game play videos, but one thing I notice that keeps the attention of viewers are long term goals with planning, and the explanation of why you're doing particular things to achieve particular goals or milestones.

4. To cut down on video length and increase the quality of your videos, I would remove boring parts of gameplay that aren't too exciting such as traveling from point A to point B, grinding/processing a lot of the same material, I believe cropping redundant tasks and highlighting the most rewarding parts of the experience will give you higher quality videos. Nothing wrong with full gameplay videos though, but I think people will find your content easier to pick and choose from with more organized cuts, and reduced video length, as most people like to watch videos between 5-40 minutes in length depending on the videos content.

Overall, I think you should focus more on polishing the content after/during recording, and make particular highlights so each video stands out as its own, currently you have a lot of gameplay videos, which can be fun to watch, but you have so many of them at such high lengths that the average person looks at the them and isn't sure which is going to be worth their time sifting through, where as shorter videos with a particular focus will give someone the most bang for their buck on a particular mechanic or subject in the game. Another thing you could consider, is combining clips from multiple videos in the case of explaining a particular mechanic or concept as obviously you wont be doing the same thing everytime you're playing the game, but you can accumulate a lot of clips where the situation occurs and combine these clips to create a video where you can explain each part of the subject in greater detail, and with far less subject change.

Anywho, I hope this can be of some help for you, obviously you have the passion to produce the videos, so if this helps improve that process for you in any sort of way I'm glad I could be of help in your future creative endeavors.

April 15, 2020, 06:30:19 AM
[Tool] Character Designer v1.1.0b [Tool] Character Designer v1.1.0b

A nice little tool that allows you to combine and layer different apparel for custom pc-male and pc-female sprite sheets.
Comes packaged with over 140 unique default sprites for designing your dream character.

Created by myself and @Krutzelpuntz who provided some amazing 8 direction sprites for this project, as well as testing for bugs and providing great feedback. Major props to him for his amazing work.


  • Using the tool:
    By default, there are a variety of apparel items included in the tool for use, to begin start with a "Base" as your first layer. This layer represents your characters body, and should always be on the bottom of the list.

    Each layer type will contain apparel that you'll find on that particular layer:
    Spoiler: show

    When you're finished selecting what you'd like to add, click the add item button and it will add it to the list of layers on the left, where you can then move it on-top of or below other layers of apparel.

    The sprite sheet itself is automatically saved to the tools running directory as "TempSpriteSheet.png", you will need to rename this to "pc-male.png" or "pc-female.png" (depending on your characters gender), and then overwrite the original file in your UnRealWorld\truetile folder with the file generated by the program. As of 1.1.0, you may also use the save, and save as buttons.

    A couple of additional notes on check box options:
    • 8-Directional: Designates weather or not to generate the sprite sheet as 8-directions or 2. 8-Directional assets automatically generate 2-directional ones when this in unchecked. (meaning you can still use 8-directional sprites in 2-direction characters)
    • Add Fallen: Automatically generates the fallen pose for the sprite sheet.
    • Add Wading: Automatically generates the wading deep and shallow pose for the sprite sheet.
    • Add All 2Dir: Automatically generates a 2-directional sprite sheet from single 64x64 images (Not yet functional, fairly easy to add just lazy).

    Right click options:
    • Update Sprites: Checks the github's default sprite list for updates/new additions to the default sprites folder.
    • Goto home thread: Opens default web browser to this thread's page.
    • Goto fandom: Disabled for now.
    • Message developer: Opens default web browser to send a PM to @Night
    • Compiled BG Color: Allows you to set BG color of sprite sheet.

  • Adding new apparel to the tool:
    Adding new items for the tool to use requires only a small bit of configuration once you have the sprite you'd like to include. To begin, start by moving your new item to the "Sprites" folder, located in the tool's folder/directory. If you'd like, rename the file to something easier to organize amongst the rest of the sprites, otherwise continue on to the next step by opening Config.txt located in the tool's folder/directory.
    In the configuration file, you can scroll down to the section labeled [Sprites] (or just use cntl+F), where you'll be able to see the configuration data for the default sprites already included, to add your new sprite, simply label it in a similar fashion for example:

    My_Chestarmor_Blue.png=(Blue Scaled Armor,Chest,Scaled Armor,Iron,Blue)

    the format of this example being:


    note: as of 1.1.0, the beginning of the file name is a reference to its items, IE: Male_base, will only use Male_ labeled parts, where as Female_base, will only use Female_ labeled parts.

    The "Layer" parameter for configuration must be set to one of the following:
    "Base", "Head", "Face", "Hands", "Arms", "Chest", "Waist", "Legs", "Feet", "Hair", "Beard"

    When you have your file in the sprites folder, and the configuration setup properly, save the config file and start/restart the tool and your sprite should now be loaded and ready to use.

Future goals:
  • Complete layer saving/loading
  • Bug fix for cropping height on bases with varying heights
  • Community contributions to the default sprite sheets, possible reorganization of file management system if sheets are plentiful.
Version History:
  • v1.1.0b 5/24/21 - Updated image hosting URL, hopefully more reliable than fandom.
  • v1.1.0 10/30/20 - Lots of new sprite's added and updated, Female base added, added right click options (update sprites, sheet background color, etc), added save and save as for compiled sheets, upgraded selection filtration for bases and their counterparts
  • v1.0.0 - Initial release

Please report any bugs to me via this thread, my PMs, or contact me directly on steam:

Fandom homepage: URWCharacterDesigner Wiki

Download attached to thread.
(Only registered viewers may see downloads)

   Night - Creator/Programming.
   Krutzelpuntz - Creator/8-Directional sprites, testing, constructive feedback.
   Enormous Elk - Unreal world.

Requires Microsoft .NET Version 4.6 or later. (Usually already installed)

>Source for study<

October 13, 2020, 06:58:31 AM
Re: Kill counter?
I took a hiatus from URW for couple months. Now playing again, my character has killed 6 more Njerpez and his big dog 2 more. But I lost my piece of paper I had the kill tally on. Maybe 40-50 something.

So, is there a non-encrypted / clear text file game file, that I can filter/grep for njerpez/human kills? (my guy hasn’t killed any non-njerp humans, so that might make it easier to count)

This is a neat idea, I might take a look at the message log and make something to scrape such data.

October 27, 2020, 06:35:21 AM
Re: Point and click start location Working on something that'll be able to achieve this, and hopefully more in the future.
November 04, 2020, 10:03:26 PM
[3.84.2] URWSSSelector v1.0.3 [3.84.2] URWSSSelector v1.0.3
(Start Spot Selector)

Simple mod that allows you to select your starting location with ease during character generation, simply start the program while unreal world is running and the starting location will follow your cursor. Map must not be zoomed in in order for co-ordinates to work properly. Right click to stop moving starting location and exit program.

Also make sure the game is in windowed mode while using this, fullscreen will cause issues when overlaying over URW. You can change it back to fullscreen afterwards of course.

Source included at bottom of thread if anyone is interested


  • Run program during map generation screen (Make sure map is zoomed out)
  • Move cursor to desired starting location
  • Right click, exits program and leaves starting location at cursor
  • Middle scroll, changes search mode
  • Middle click, opens custom tile filter UI

Modes: (Mouse-Scroll)
  • Closest land - Closest land tile near your cursor
  • Closest village/settlement - Closest village to your cursor
  • Closest cave - Closest cave to your cursor
  • Custom - Closest tiles selected from list
  • High ground - Closest tile considered to be high ground
  • Dense forest - Closest forest tile

Version History:
  • v.1.0.3 - Minor bug fix with custom search locations, updated for 3.70b beta.
    10/21/21 - Updated to 3.70 stable; 3.71
    7/2/24 - Updated to 3.84.2
  • v1.0.2 - Added search modes, starting location tile information and selected mode now displayed in title bar, some performance upgrades.
  • v1.0.1 - Made map detection automatic, Start location is now set to the closest land tile from your cursors location in order to avoid starting in water, game version checking added, overlay is now 'invisible' to the human eye (opacity = 1%), added edge detection for starting location to avoid starting in tiles considered to be non-movable (invisible map wall).
  • v1.0.0 - Initial release

Please report any bugs to me via this thread, my PMs, or contact me directly on steam:

Download attached to thread.

   Night - Creator/Programming.
   Enormous Elk - Unreal world.

Requires Microsoft .NET Version 4.6 or later. (Usually already installed)

Source for study: [v1.0.0], [v1.0.1], [v1.0.2]

December 05, 2020, 10:20:50 AM
Re: Point and click start location

Progress bump

December 05, 2020, 10:30:50 AM
Re: [Tool] WhereIsMyRobber - a "Homeland Robber" tedium remedy Fantastic work, glad to see you're back ^^.

Took a look at the code, overall very good work.
Spoiler: show

I noticed you we're documenting the data for entities on the github page, maybe ill write something up for scraping purposes.

Uploading a txt file w/ what I've documented for the struct, I'll look into the github page later and see if I can add it there later.

Heres some notes on the file, for readability purposes.

December 05, 2020, 11:51:08 PM
Re: [Tool] WhereIsMyRobber - a "Homeland Robbers" tedium remedy
Hi Night, thanks for the feedback, and for sharing your documentation on the CRS file!

I'd like to cross check the entity struct with the OBJ file, maybe we can identify the inventory, with the possibility of injecting modded items on creatures and characters. Or even spawning new entities!

One thing I couldn't find is how the game knows that those are the robbers associated to the quest. Maybe their position on the entity array is stored somewhere?

It's possible they're marked somehow in the entity struct, a better way to identify them is maybe cross referencing their position with any new data related to the shelter/items generated around them, I'm not sure if it's generated fully when the quest begins but, I suspect if it is then the map tile with the items on ground+shelter is likely saved into ZOOMMAPS. then its just a matter of referencing that locations x/y to your robber's x/y.

There are a lot of steps needed in order to create new objects/entities and place them, etc. Entities item ID's seem to be located at 0x1B4, extending as far as 0x1CC. I have not yet found the quantity with certainty.

for item ID's, the ID (50042 for example) - 50000 = the index of the item in the Character.OBJ file, I believe the item struct is 172 bytes long, and I may or may not have posted some information on it elseware around here, but I have a majority of the struct mapped, with the exception of a few unknown values I have yet to identify, and some values I have not fully tested yet to determine their full scope.

As for cross referencing stuff, might edit one of the wiki's with struct information, as my experience so far using the fandom wiki has been pleasant and easy to share/edit.

Also I'm still around on discord if you want to chat directly of course ^^.

December 06, 2020, 09:54:19 AM