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Re: Various questions from a new player
Can you get randomly murdered in your sleep? Like theoretically, a fox could kill you if he found you asleep at a shelter, no?
Kind of a necro to provide a data point on one of the questions in the very first post in this thread: Yes, you can get killed randomly in your sleep by an animal.

It has happened to one of my characters in the butt-naked stage. Here is a Ancestors screen screenshot:

This was with 'Hurt, Helpless and Afraid' scenario, having spawned with not-much, I started collecting slender trunks, to produce javelins. At the end of the day I made a waterside shelter and slept there and I completely ignored the fresh bear tracks in the area (what can go wrong, right?).  Then I got a message saying that I have been killed (in my sleep). GG, I guess.

Edit: Just adding here another case, in case a new player sees this post... There is no protection in a "shelter" against bears/wolves etc. however in a wooden cabin, you will be protected from wolves etc. but there is one exception, bears can still open the door, let themselves in and then kill you.

This cabin invading bear event also happened to me in the past and also once more very recently but the last time I was in full dark green armour with 7 dogs around cabin and 3 bulls tied to me so it only got a chance to get killed very fast. I am adding a screenshot below.

Do note that, while I have a much larger cabin, in this instance, I decided to sleep in the tiny sauna which in hindsight was a mistake because due to the limited physical space inside invading bear's had the ability to block the door and still reach me while getting attacked by lesser number of my hairy companions.
Had I slept in the larger cabin and at least 2 tiles away from the door, bear would have to move away from door to attack me, unblocking the entrance, letting more of the 7 dogs (in addition to 3 bulls) attack him each turn which would have killed him even faster.

June 19, 2021, 09:58:13 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player
real life bears can open doors too. i heard on a podcast that in some town in Maine, USA they have an ordinance that you have to round door knobs, not handles, because of bears
Thanks, that's very interesting news to me. Just googled it and got this:

June 21, 2021, 01:43:54 PM
Re: Show statistics without needing to die...

As the title says, only when you die you can finally see some basic stats about your char: distance traveled, days adventuring, etc. Why not implement a "Statistics" screen, to see your current stats? It can have the following info:

I agree with the suggestion and hope "see your stats" (while alive) function gets implemented.

One thing I would like to point out is about the bold bit in your post (emphasis mine): in the current version (v.3.63) you actually can see your Days Adventuring statistic while alive. Simply press SHIFT+P key.

June 22, 2021, 06:45:51 PM
Tips, Tricks, FAQs Just wanted to list some tips and tricks I learned from others via the forums/wiki/YouTube or a few things I figured on my own.
Some items in the list may be shockingly obvious to you but not to some other players - please simply skip the ones you already know without getting offended... :)

I am hoping some of this would be helpful to others, obviously newest players would benefit most although even seasoned players can always learn from each other as there is a lot to do and try in this game.
If anyone's interested, please feel free to add your tips. I might add them to the first post at some point to keep altogether. Unsure how the format/classification should be so will start with an easy numbered list.

OK sat down to list 10 and exceeded it. More to be added as time permits...

  • Pinpointing a Target's Position/Distance in Wilderness Map (zoomed out map): Travelling in wilderness map, you see a thing of interest (elk/reindeer/njerp/adventurer etc.) and want to pinpoint its location. To do this, press F3 to get a cursor, then using your NumPad keys move the cursor over the target while counting each movement such as 3 tiles NorthEast + 1 tile North. Press F3 to close the cursor. Now you can move to the marked location 3 NorthEast + 1 North and should be able to find some tracks -hopefully-.
  • How to Sleep Warm in Winter (without a cabin or perfectly warm clothes): If you can tan/buy furs, even if harsh quality, you can place them on your shelter & sleep warm inside the furs, keeping player warm throughout the sleep duration. I've tried minimum 19 lbps of furs (one 9 lbps reindeer fur and another 10 lbps) which results in "You wrap yourself in FUR and lay asleep" text. More than 30 lbps results in "You lay on the FURS and fall asleep". This tip is from 'news.txt' file that is located in your game directory.
    (TODO Do ragged quality also work & keep player warm?)
    (TODO What's the minimum threshold?)
  • Strafe Movement with CTRL+NumPad: This probably should not be a tip as it is so basic but I've seen long playlists on YouTube where the player for many videos keeps turning East moving one tile, then turning North East moving one tile (presumably with UpArrow key) etc. Instead, one can simply hold down CTRL key and press NumPad9 to go (strafe) NorthEast regardless of the direction you are facing (i.e. you do not need to be facing NorthEast to go North East). This and all other keyboard shortcuts are available in game with the ? hotkey
  • Fighting Against Wolf Packs: This is probably the #1 danger in this game and there are quite a few dedicated threads about it so this tip is just to make sure you read at least one before you start adventuring in UrW world! Here is a randomly picked one:
  • Key to Turn Around 180 Degrees: Especially in battle where each moment counts, it is useful to turn around quickly. Numpad1 and Numpad3 will turn around 180 degrees. In addition to the usual 90-degree turns (NumPad7 & NumPad9, there are also 45-degree turns that can be useful which are NumPad3 and NumPad6. While in game press ? to learn about many other hotkeys.
  • Skill Training: As explained in the Game Course, it is possible to improve your skills simply by doing whatever-it-is a lot. For example to train bow skill, simply shoot a lot of arrows. More details can be found in many skill training guides, here is one:
  • Minimalist Sauna: You are dreaming of your own sauna and want to get there as fast as possible? This design by Privateer is for you - it requires least amount of resources and building time
  • How to Get Bear/Seal Teeth?: Galgana explains here:
  • Robbing Robbers (of the chance of robbing you): JP_Finn shares a trick here that is usable even in butt-naked stages of the game (it won't work always but when it does it is satisfying)
  • Treat Own Pet's Bleeding Wound(s): Access the Physician skill via skills page ("s") or via the hotkey 'ALT+P'; need to have bandage in your inventory.
  • Displaying Day Count: Press SHIFT+P to display your characters stats, at the top of screen, you will see a text "You are 19 winters old, and have lived 1339 days of adventuring life.". The day count in that screen can be used in Map Markers to keep your future self better informed such as "Elk Spotted Here on Day 1305" and "Dried Meat will be ready on Day 1358". Then from F6 (map) screen you can plan your next visit towards that particular location in an informed way.
  • How Can You Get An Axe Early Game?: Overall useful thread, linked. I particularly liked the ingenious tactic shared by Plotinus: "You can push a tree trunk next to an axe in a village, and then, without picking up their axe, craft boards with it. By not picking up the axe, you signal to them that you're just borrowing their axe, so they don't demand payment. This might seem kind of cheaty though so you might want to return to the village later and give a generous donation of some kind."
  • Character Creation Screen Tip: Unless you have a special reason, in general do not waste your limited skill points on Physical Skills (e.g.: Skiing/Stealth/Swimming) as these are the easiest skills to train within the first year if not the first season.
  • Print Screen World Map Before Entering Game World: RPwise debatable practice, on the other hand, for practical reasons it might come in handy. It's taken from werepacman's this post
  • Ancestors Limit and Selectively Deleting Some Ancestors: There is a maximum limit of 50 ancestors. Due to limited slots you may not want your "test characters" to show up in that screen and might want to delete them. UrW does not provide a user interface to do so but there is an advanced tip from Plotinus that can be used to direct UrW to delete (overwrite) your chosen character next time some one dies:
  • Process to Boil Poisonous Mushrooms: Tips on poisonous mushroom processing by Saukko:
  • Tips for Agriculture: If you are new to agriculture, here is a useful post by PALU:
  • Animal with Very Low Carry Weight?: Unless you just discovered a genuine bug (unlikely), the most likely explanation is that it is not the carry weight but the NPC stack count limit that prevents you from loading more stuff on to the animal. NPCs can carry much less than the PlayerCharacter. For more info, see this thread:
  • Sleeping on Spruce Twigs: (Tip suggested by Bert Preast) Documented by the game devs in NEWS.TXT (in game directory). "(added as new feature, as of 3.70beta) Sleeping on spruce twigs now gives a little extra warmth and protection from the cold. It's simple and much used option in wilderness conditions especially during the wintertime. Sleeping on furs is still the most comfortable way to spend a cold night, but spruce twigs come as a good alternative. About half a dozen spruce twigs will provide enough insulation from the cold ground."
  • Post Spruce - a Simple Wilderness Condition Shelter: Documented by the game devs in NEWS.TXT (in game directory). (added as new feature, as of 3.70beta) Post spruce is a temporary shelter made by felling a spruce tree to lean against another, gives protection from the elements and is commonly used for spending a night in the wilderness. Build option is found under "Building options", and requires the same tools as felling young trees in general. There's also game encyclopedia [F1] entry about POST SPRUCE available.
  • Build Base Next to Rapids: It is a really good idea to set up your base on a rapids tile or where the water doesn't freeze over, this way you aren't always having to break the ice for water in winter. (Suggested by Bert Preast)
  • Armour Coverage Statistics Screen: While in game, press SHIFT+A to reach the Armour Coverage (& Warmth) Statistics screen. Find more information on the wiki, here: (Tip suggested by Bert Preast)
  • How to Make Cordage From Fibre Plants (hemp/nettle/flax)?: See the game encyclopedia [F1] entry about TEXTILECRAFT, as suggested by the dev here:

Edit 20210624: Added #12 How Can You Get An Axe Early Game?.
Edit 20210629: Added #13 Character Creation Screen Tip & #14 Print Screen World Map Before Entering Game World.
Edit 20210701: Added #15 Ancestors Limit and Selectively Deleting Some Ancestors.
Edit 20210704: Added #16 Process to Boil Poisonous Mushrooms & #17 Tips for Agriculture.
Edit 20210715: Added #18 Animal with Very Low Carry Weight?. Shortened the thread title to: 'Tips, Tricks, FAQs'. Set this thread to Sticky to make it more visible at the top of subforum.
Edit 20210923: Modified #12 How Can You Get An Axe Early Game? and added the missing referenced forum thread link.
Edit 20210924: Added #19 Sleeping on Spruce Twigs.
Edit 20210924: Added #20 Post Spruce - a Simple Wilderness Condition Shelter.
Edit 20210924: Added #21 Build Base Next to Rapids.
Edit 20210924: A few style tweaks: No emboldened fonts outside entry titles. (better) Standardised capitalisation it entry titles. Removed placeholder (last) entry.
Edit 20210924: Added #22 Armour Coverage Statistics Screen.
Edit 20211003: Style improvement.
Edit 20230111: Added #23 How to Make Cordage From Fibre Plants (hemp/nettle/flax); and style improvement.

June 23, 2021, 10:42:18 PM
Re: Pyro Ally
Good catch. Was the hide damaged or destroyed?<snip>
I was curious about this too. Just tested it, here is the result:
Code: [Select]
| You pick up the 20 branches.
| You see a fine cured elk-skin (being prepared) here.
| View what type of items?: Timber
| You drop the 20 branches.
| Things that are there:
| fine cured elk-skin (being prepared)
| 20 branches
| The cured elk-skin will be ready after 7 days. You may not pick it up yet.
| You managed to make a fire.
| You feel warm.
| You are feeling hot.
| You are sweaty.
| The fire is about to burn out soon.
| You are sweating a lot.
| The fire is about to burn out soon.
| Task cancelled!
| The fire is about to burn out soon.
| Task cancelled!
| Things that are here:
| fine cured elk-skin (being prepared)
| burnt-out fire with still warm embers
| The cured elk-skin will be ready after 7 days. You may not pick it up yet.

June 28, 2021, 10:19:51 PM
Re: [3.63] "NUMPAD 0" registering as "0"
Yeah, this problem seems to stem from the fact that keyboard do count numpad keys as number rows, this looks like something Sami can't fix as it looks like keyboard brand related. Can you tell me your keyboard brand? @ineedcords I should add mine on the possible solution post as it would be helpful to know.

UrW is using SDL2 under the hood and this appears to be an SDL2 bug. There's quite a few numpad/numlock related bugs in SDL2 issues page, here:

I hope SDL guys fix it soon...

In response to your question my keyboard is this one:

Edit: Forgot to add, I am using DVORAK keyboard layout, in case anyone else experiencing the issue AND using DVORAK or similar non-typical layouts.

June 29, 2021, 01:01:29 AM
[Fixed -3.70b] Dropping a 0.5 kg reindeer cut adds 145.5 kg to 'Carrying Weight' Version/Setup Details: Unreal World 3.70b, Steam build, unmodded (except rope quick cutting), Windows 10.

Action Taken: (Using metric system in game settings) I dropped a single reindeer cut (0.5 kg) -sole object in my inventory- from personal inventory to the ground.

Expected Outcome: A -0.5 kg change in the displayed Carrying Weight value.

Observed Outcome: A +145.5 kg change in the displayed Carrying Weight value.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Remove everything from personal inventory but a single item.
2. Drop the single item while watching the change in Carrying Weight value.

Notes: Two screenshots attached below, demonstrating the issue. It appears to be a display bug rather than actual Carrying Weight insane-jump bug because penalty stays as is (1%).

P.S.: Other than minor issues, enjoying 3.70b immensely. Thanks a lot!

Edit: Before posting I did search for weight and did not see a similar post. There are 11 pages of posts for weight though, only checked the front so I could be wrong.

June 29, 2021, 01:32:36 AM
Combat AI Improvement: AI should utilise its one-sided ranged attack capability I was just watching a YouTube video, PC had 3 fine javelins, the enemy (single Njerp) had none.
On a side note enemy appeared to be the poorest Njerp in Finland BTW with linen clothing and just a handaxe and a rope.

What happened in the early battle is: PC threw all 3 javs as opening move, hurting but not killing Njerp. Njerp did pick up only the 1st jav then wielded it. PC had no other missiles weapons left. At this point in time in the battle, there are ~3 empty tiles in between the two, as per picture below:

Here is my Combat AI Suggestion (which I think would be an improvement): at this point, holding the single missile weapon in hand and having adjacent-tile access to the only other two remaining missiles in the battlefield, Njerp should have used its missile advantage to execute ranged attacks. Perhaps AI actively should check whether one-sided ranged-attack capability exists to evaluate this kind of situation.

What happened later in the battle is: Njerp completely ignored its ranged capability and closed distance to attack with wielded jav as a spear.

On my mind it does not make sense to close distance to the sole enemy when you have one missile in your and and two missiles on the ground next to you.
Why not throw them first and see if you get a lucky hit. Is this not pretty much every human would do? Please let me know what would YOU do here? (That is, assuming you actually care about your character and would like it to survive the battle and not after any particular skill point training such as shield/dodge/spear/unarmed etc. Let's just say you just want to eliminate the threat ASAP).

Evaluating other options/approaches I can think of:
1) I can understand the idea of keeping one (out of three) javelins in hand as wielded weapon, as sort-of-a-spear but cannot understand why not utilise the remaining two javs as ranged attack capability.
2) A potential explanation "Njerp did not ranged-attack because its spear-skill was low" does not make much sense to me as even low spear-skill Njerp should throw it and see if it gets lucky - furthermore it did wield the jav indicating a not-so-bad spear-skill anyway.

While RNG adds spice to games, it probably should be 90% chance in the above scenario to pick up and throw javs (at least one if not two of them).
I might be overlooking something simple, please feel free to correct me if so and share your thoughts on this... Thanks in advance.

June 29, 2021, 03:11:35 AM
Re: [3.63] "NUMPAD 0" registering as "0"
Ah I see... I read about some specific keyboards registering numpads as rows no matter what. But that was a standalone tenkey keyboard. I should keep in mind to try this at other games that use SDL2 just to see what happens.
Yup, that's a good approach. Unfortunately usually it is a long list of factors combined that generate the bug which makes it difficult to pinpoint.
Here is an example from another game, I guess the issue (bug) title says it all: "Numpad keys don't work properly since SDL2 #626"

Hopefully an update to SDL2 will fix it soon while Sami/Erkka keep investing their time rather on making this game even greater! :)

June 29, 2021, 03:29:04 PM
Re: [3.70b] character movement slow while zoomed in when snow crust I too have experienced delayed response to key presses on Windows 10 so I think it could be due to the game code rather than platform specific performance regression or a library etc.
I have zero data on this though and that's why I have not submitted a bug report on this yet.
If devs ask for any testing/reports happy to do so & report back on the Windows side while Plotinus covers linux end.

June 29, 2021, 03:39:50 PM