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Please make it possible to quickly shorten tying equipment Sami,

Could you please add a single Tying Equipment menu option to cut down (a single chosen tying equipment) to 1 feet pieces?

Justification: I realise that in programming you cannot grant each user their individual size-wish as there would be as many opinions as there are people.
Having said that, 1 feet is objectively the best size for any tying equipment in Unreal World.
1 feet chunks is the ultimate choice as it is the only size that will guarantee that a character can do 100% of tying-equipment-related tasks and waste no tying equipment at the end of task. There is no other size that fits all tasks and wastes nothing at the same time.

There is a side benefit (in my eyes) that it will only take one menu-entry per tying-equipment-material-and-quality-combo.
e.g.: it would read "87 1-feet bitch-bark ropes"
rather than e.g. 8 10-feet bitch-bark ropes + 1 5-feet, 2 1-feet etc.
I acknowledge that this may not be a good thing for other people as others might prefer cutting down everything as chunks of 5 feet or n feet or a combination of various sizes.

As we have all our tastes/styles/(some of us have our OCD as well) we can all argue about what is perceived "best" way of organising one's tying equipment but we cannot argue about the fact 1 feet wastes nothing. For this objective reason I am hoping you will add a menu option to quickly cut down a chosen tying-equipment entry to 1-feet chunks.
Currently in early summer, when batch producing bitch bark ropes, I am spending a considerable amount of real life time to cut down everything manually.

(Note: there was an earlier thread on this with your response but it's 120+ days old and forums advising to create a new thread.
here is the old one: )

Thanks for this great game!

Edit #1: added extra wording for clarification
Edit #2: added the missing word "no" that negates the sentence, as in "can do 100% of tying-equipment-related tasks and waste NO tying equipment at the end of task"

December 02, 2020, 11:32:11 AM
Re: Unreal world skirt
*Jedi hand wave*

This is not the Unreal World skirt you are looking for...
Clearly not, it comes in many sizes!

December 09, 2020, 06:56:39 PM
Re: Please make it possible to quickly shorten tying equipment
@ineedcords You can mod it yourself by creating diy_ineedcords.txt like below and saving it in the Urw game folder:
Just tested this (corrected) code. It indeed works, no more splitting hair to split tying equipment as it produces the rope in 1-feet chunks in the first place!
Thank you, @Buoidda!

This mod has a side benefit: without this mod, when making a 15ft birch-bark rope, the outcome is binary i.e.: a good (decent) or a bad (inferior) product comes out of the effort.
With this mod, at first run I have got: 10 decent, 4 inferior, 1 poor 1-feet birch bark rope; my initial thought is it's better this way although need to test a little bit more to be sure.

Edit: Just a note for Sami, I still think this original suggestion -above- to allow quickly splitting in bulk or this alternative approach by Buoidda (adding an option to create the tying equipment in 1-feet chunks from the get go - exactly as this mod above does) should be in the core game.

December 14, 2020, 10:16:39 PM
Re: Modifying cooking recipes: ingredients qualifiers
So, I am trying to<snip>
Hello @Boston123 and welcome to the forums.
I have moved this topic into the Modding Board. Hopefully you will get a better response soon.
Meanwhile, if you haven't yet, perhaps take a look at the posts in this thread and see if they help at all:
Good luck!

December 15, 2020, 08:10:42 PM
(Minor QoL) Remember last zoom level upon game launch plus savegame load Hi,

Currently (v.3.63) on Windows
a) Launching the game (from desktop), then loading a savegame results in loss of player's previously active zoom level setting (i.e.: game starts with default zoom level of maximum zoom in).
b) If savegame was played for a bit, then player backs out to main menu, and finally re-loads a savegame at that point zoom level is retained.
Based on the above, it appears zoom level setting is stored in memory but not written to disk.

I acknowledge this is a small QoL thing and not urgent in anyway. Having said that, I think it would be a small improvement if zoom level is stored on disk and retained every time.


December 16, 2020, 01:07:36 AM
Re: Zoom In during spring, thin ice
There's a zoom in bug when looking in the local spot during spring's thin ice.
The ice on the river was "not safe". River bend; river north, north-east and east of the spruce mire; while facing NE. Zoomed in an fell through the ice on entry. Luckily the spot was just 2 tiles / 4m / 12-13 feet in to the "wrong side".

BUG: zoom in to local map, enter on thin ice / water.
Expectation: enter on land, facing water.

The following morning, zooming out, the Wilderness Map waters showed as water, not ice. The Zoom In map showed the river shore still frozen.

Screen cap taken after felling slender trunks for fire. Oddly enough, the broken ice, frosted over during the time it took to cut the young spruce down and light it up.
I love how you took the time to light a fire & get to existential safety before you took a screenshot to report the bug  ;)

December 19, 2020, 10:46:14 AM
Re: Ancient Savo : A new Enormous Elk game in the making Wish you good luck with the project! Will keep an eye out for the first alpha/beta :)
January 06, 2021, 10:54:08 PM
Please add an option for a sound notification upon skill increase Hi,

I think it would be very good for myself and all the "character trainers" out there to get a sound notification upon skill increase.
This would be particularly useful for training sessions such as when throwing 25 shields all day long; just a simple "beep" would go a long way and would prevent constant visual checking of the Character Skills page.

As this great game tries to be as much moddable as possible, if this suggestion gets implemented with a separate and clear audio filename such as 'skill_increased.wav' or similar, people can mod their game as per their choice (i.e. customize the skill increased audio notification as they like).

Thank you

Edit: I did search for 'audio' and 'sound' keywords prior to posting - I couldn't find this suggested/requested before.

Edit2: I just came across another suggestion from 2018 which is "Log message for skill training"
Just wanted to say, I think, it would be a good idea to add a log notification as well as sound notification.
Sound is good for instant consumption but log is something one can go back and look at/search for of course; I think it is good to arm the player with more information. Those who are not interested will easily ignore it anyway.

June 13, 2021, 05:52:34 PM
I love this game I love this game and here is the proof  :)

The Steam counter obviously doesn't show older non-Steam hours, I expect the actual total to be at least 3 times what's shown.
Huge number for the last two weeks have a reason; I've got Covid-19, oxygen levels was pretty bad for a while but OK now and this game came to the hospital with me on my laptop.
It turns out when you're Hurt, Helpless and Afraid in iron age Finland, it helps with modern age recovery...

On a side note, I can't wait for the new version beta to be out.

June 17, 2021, 07:33:14 PM
Wild animal trapped inside tree wall surrounding 8 neighbouring tiles Just saw this in a YouTube video and thought I should report it. I searched for keyword 'trapped' and didn't see another earlier report on this.

Jonathan Ferguson's epic 200-episode long playlist, episode 131, 47m55s mark features a small forest reindeer stag that is trapped inside a tree wall, surrounding its 8 sides.
Here is a video link with time jump to the relevant part of the video:

Screenshot: showing reindeer with trees in all 8 neighbouring  tiles.

I wonder if it would be possible (and performance-wise make sense) to add a check to the spawn code ensure animals don't end up in this situation which should not be possible and probably unrealistic and immersion-lowering. Thanks!

Edit1: better worded the Subject.

Edit2: I was in the game just now, and noticed one other thing which I would like to add here even though this one below is not a "bug" I suppose it might be seen roughly in the same category (i.e.: post-spawn sanity checks to create better/more believable game worlds). As shown in the screenshot below, villagers placed a kota in a way that a boulder is blocking the entrance. I imagine, sane people normally won't do that ever so perhaps this is one more "post-spawn sanity check" item to check against to create higher quality game worlds?

June 18, 2021, 03:01:38 PM