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Run Away Slave on Winter (lucky) Surrounded by Njerpet. E'llp ran away as fast as he can to the closest building, rained by arrows. Inside the building E'llp feels great fear, and ready to fight with his rough knife. heard sound of fighting. But nobody enter the building, what he heard only sound of fighting. Seems that there's an arrow hit the other Njerpet, and they're fighting each other. After some moment, it became quiet.

E'llp sneaking carefully, and stunned when he saw dozens of Njerpet Warriors lying dead. E'llp took the spear, bow and arrow, then observe his surrounding. He found only one warrior survive from the chaos. E'llp start to aim and shot the arrow. One and only badly wounded Njerpet instantly dead with one bullet.

E'llp picked up their equipments. Fell down the tree and make big fire, ready to cremate the unbelieveable warriors.

February 14, 2019, 05:03:58 PM