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Re: Frequent Map Maintenance
I compressed the folder (with contents) bearing the character's name, hopefully this is everything that's needed.

Thanks, Motorhead. Everything needed was in there, and issue was found and is fixed now. This is Maintenance routines considered too many old maps important because of number of explored tiles, and thus didn't remove any of these unnecessary maps. This seems like rare occurrence, and mostly a result of playstyle, and fixed now making the maintenance routines a bit more eager to remove very old maps.

To allow you continue playing smoothly I'd be happy to manually maintenance your MAINIO savegame at it's current state. Zip it up once again, e-mail me the download link, and seize playing until I send  the fixed/maintenance savegame back to you.

@Leonidas - I can do the same kind of check/maintenance to your savegame as well. Drop an e-mail.

Fixed - persists in 3.50b2

March 18, 2018, 06:16:27 PM
Re: [Fixed - persists in 3.50b2] Frequent Map Maintenance
I haven't played him since I zipped that folder, and thank you kindly for the help.  I switched to playing another character in the mean time, but it would be great to have Mainio back, as he's the guy that can really hit targets with the bow.

Alright @MrMotorhead, here comes maintenanced Mainio back to you:

(That is WeTransfer link)

I hope he will be doing better with the maps now, abd should there be further maintenance problems with this character feel free to e-mail me directly.

March 19, 2018, 09:14:14 PM
Re: February life

The first, i want to say URW is the best game i was ever played :)
Thanks for development.

it would be cool it was possible to plant trees. What do You think about this in next update? :)

Thanks for the compilemt, masif.
I don't feel tree planting really suiting the nature of the game, it feels something more modern in the world where trees are scarce.
Also, a planted tree would practically never grow big enough to be used for example as a good construction log during a lifetime of a character.

March 25, 2018, 07:51:24 PM
3.50 stable version released on Steam and for Lifetime members After quite a long period of balancing and wrestling with glitches in the preceeding beta versions we are now ready to tag version 3.50 stable and...
Version 3.50 (stable) is now released on Steam and for Lifetime members.
Here you can find UnReal World Steam page, and the version is also available for lifetimer members at the designated forums section.
Standalone installer versions at the homepage will be put available some days later.

Here are the fixes/additions since 3.50 beta 2:
Version: 3.50 (stable) changelog

- added: treat bleeding wounds of your pets and companions

It is now possible to try to stop bleeding of the wounds of your pets and companions. The attempt is started by using physician skill, or opening [F7] wounds screen, when facing a bleeding pet or companion. If bleeding wounds are found you'll be asked whether you wish to try to treat them.
The actual wound to treat is then auto selected based on its severity.

The actual game mechanics of applying physician skills to your pets and companions are the same as treating your own wounds. Herbs can be used in the process, the success or failure messages are the familiar ones, and so on.

- added: crash security to overcome creature and item losses when travelling with companions and watercrafts

There's now extra data save added upon each map load to provide crash security and to minimize certain creature and item loss potential. Previously it was quite often the case that the pets and companions you were travelling with would disappear upon a crash. The same sort of crash related disappearence might also happen to the items you were transporting with a watercraft - including the watercraft. This sort of losses should be history now.
Crashes may naturally lose some progress in the game world, but all the creatures and items should stay intact and be available upon returning to post-crash UnReal World.
Finally, let us remind that force quitting seems to be the most usual type of unexpected UnReal World termination and this addition should not in the least to be taken as an encouragement for safer force quitting.

- balanced & fixed: weight of some clothes

Some were found too heavy, and a few were found too light.
The corrections go as follows (with old weight in parenthesis):

* Woollen tunic - now weighs 4.6 lbs (was 5)

* Nettle cloak - now weighs 2.6 lbs (was 6)
* Woollen cloak - now weighs 5.3 lbs (was 6.5)
* Fur cloak - now weighs 11.5 lbs (was 14)

* Woollen overcoat - now weighs 6.3 lbs (was 5.5)
* Fur overcoat - now weighs 13.5 lbs (was 15)

* Leather leggings - now weighs 6.3 lbs (was 2.9)
* Fur leggings - now weighs 7.4 lbs (was 3.5)

- fixed [rare condition]: all too frequent map maintenance with some old characters

- fixed [rare condition]: sages offering the old style teaching of new ritual for some migrated characters

- fixed: triggered traps sometimes appearing as readied and erect

- fixed [rare condition]: too fast melting of ice in the spring

- fixed: animals tied in place with a rope remaining tied even if the rope was destroyed (eg. by a fire)

- fixed [rare condition]: spiritworld related entries cluttering the data stack and causing misleading hoarding warnings

- fixed: animal pens in the villages appearing too close to the western border

The problem was that your dog might end up located in the village animal pen when entering the village from the west.

- fixed: BUTCHER_CONFIRMATION setup option not checking whether the carcass actually could be skinned

Now the confirmation, if enabled, is asked when applicable only if the carcass actually can be skinned.

- fixed: wounded adventurer quest sometimes generating too lightly wounded adventurers

This made the intended quest giver adventurers not speak about their hardships at all even though
the villagers would hint about it.

- fixed: milk from rams and bulls


March 25, 2018, 08:18:47 PM
Re: February life
Hi there, this is my annual visit. I'd like to request an update to 2017's development history before you forget any details, because this diary is really entertaining.

Hello, an interesting and noble tradition you've got there ;)
And that is a fair reminder as well. I always have to read late release news and ponder for days to come up with those annual summaries, so not to worry about forgetting things. Update to the diary has been on my mind as well.

Also I hope you record more videos about bows, they are quite comfy.

Now I'm not sure if this references to archery stuff on Enormous Elk YouTube channel?
If so, then I should let you all know that archery videos can be found at my new designated Ugri Archer channel here:

..but if you already knew that then I'll just say that stay tuned, subscribe, follow the news, as more content on all fronts is what we keep on doing :)

April 07, 2018, 03:31:00 PM
Re: Robbers seeking to deliver their ultimatum ignore stealth In cases like this it's really hard to get a good picture of what happened there. A gameplay footage would be the only way to break things down properly.

But somebody might see you even if you don't see yourself that this somebody notices you.
I mean, if NPC spots you from behind, out of your sight, you are not told of being noticed and may think that you are succesfully hiding from everybody - although, in reality you are succefully hiding only from those in sight.

April 08, 2018, 11:46:31 AM
Summary of the year 2017 added to development history section Summary of the year 2017 has been now added up to the development history section at the homepage.
Our development history section covers overview for each year since the release of UnReal World 1.00b in 1992.

Check it out here:

April 22, 2018, 05:24:59 PM
Asking NPCs to find quest related persons in villages You know, despite of my lazy posting frequency we are active behind the scenes and adjustments for a next update are on their way.
Lately I've been sorting out mostly the quest related annoyances and confusions arising from locating certain villagers, and their names.

Code: [Select]
- added: ask NPCs to find quest related persons in villages

          You can now ask villagers if certain quest related persons are around. This is done by automatically appearing
          chat options within the common greet dialog. For example:
          "Is Sampsa around?" or "Where can I find Tornia?"
          All the quest related persons, including the original quest giver, are covered within these chat options if you
          are aware of them.
            There are some exceptions though; NPCs who are involved in quests themselves can't be asked for others
          whereabouts, but there are always enough common villages around to assist you.
            When it comes to finding quest related persons in other villages the chat options become available only when
          you are in the right village where the person can be actually found. This can be considered slightly gamey in
          our standards, but it is more helpful that way.

 - adjusted: no more multiple villagers with same names

        Possiblity of two NPCs having the same name within a single village has been removed. In seriously crowded
        clustered villages it is theoretically possible that villagers might run out of unique names, but real chances for
        that to happen are practically non-existent.

 - added: dozens of new northern names

        Due to aforementioned adjustment it was necessary to add lots and lots of new names for northern men and women.

 - improved: NPC name randomization routines

        NPC culture has more distinguishable influence to their given names. There's noticeable variation between
        the eastern and western names, but especially the current wider range of northern names now appear unique
        from rest of the world.

These are future additions not yet functional in current version 3.50 (stable).

April 28, 2018, 05:55:11 PM
Re: After power outage bug We managed to manually restore the missing animal. This all happened with 3.50 beta version so crash the latest (3.50 stable) crash security improvements weren't functional upon the incident.

May 01, 2018, 07:43:17 PM
Tuning the spirits among interviews and heatwaves Heatwave has struck Finland, and has basically lasted for almost the whole may. While the light and warm summer days has effectively turned my focus to outdoors activities, it's been a bit exhausting as well. Only the nighttime has been somewhat tolerable for coding and of my nightly works the most worthy of mentioning are tweakings of how the spirits get angered or pleased depending on character's actions. There's room for tweaking there, and I've followed the related fair discussions on suggestions section. Most important thing probably is to reason how much different kind of animal kills affect to spirits mood change, but as the system is quite complicated I've also made some groundwork for spirits to actually tell the player why they might be so mad sometimes.

Then, an interesting opportunity to give a deep interview for Chinese gaming media came upon me. The article is now published and you can read it here:

It's in Chinese, so some of you gotta rely on computer translation, but images in the article alone are worth of checking out. Coming up with this took a good slice of my time this month, but I'm happy with it. The approach was fresh, and the questions were interesting and unique.

I wish I could have kept up more frequent update post pace this month, but apparently I failed. One things you should know though is that my plans are to wrap things up as soon as possible for a new release - to offer some essentials additions, and some bugfixes for your summer days.

It's pleasantly cold now so it's time to head to sauna. What else :

May 30, 2018, 09:40:28 PM