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Re: "Spirit of the forest, I presume"
Are these new functions going to take the ritual skill into account? Just want to know for my future characters, cause I always try to get along with the spirits, but at the current time am able to do so without any skill at ritual.

No, they won't. Ritual skill hasn't basically ever been properly functional, and for the next version it is likely to be removed since we can't find a good use for it anyway.
Like currently also in the next version the relationship with the spirits is kept up with character actions.

November 20, 2017, 12:38:14 PM
Spirits, spells, short movies, short of time, and the diminishing year Today I came to a realization that the absolutely last thing to do for the upcoming version is to finalize the spirit of the forest related quest, and the many spells that were brought into existence because of this very spirit. The reality check came upon me shortly after browsing books for spells to receive bear hunting aids from the spirits when asleep. Shortly after thinking that dreams and premonitions would be now natural to feature with the other upcoming spell improvements. Shortly after noticing myself to follow a pattern where I add a new big to-do right after the existing list of to-dos before release grows down in size to a reasonable length. This has been a familiar and overly ambitious pattern in case of the version in development. Now as the end of the calendar year is drawing nearer and the holiday season approaches, it's better to start wrap things up for test builds and then consider how far a beta release possibility might be.

There's also been this certain short movie occupying our time. A short movie we shot in autumn 2016, and which has been cooking slowly in post-production ever since. But now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm confirmed to say that a brand new Enormous Elk short movie will still be released this very year. Like the upcoming version, this short movie is also the most ambitious of them all. We had a short post about it at the old forums, with a coffee break pic from the filming location. Now let's repost it here.
All in all, despite of breaks, all kinds of stuff is coming up. Peace and patience to all of you.

November 20, 2017, 04:15:03 PM
Releases, anniversaries, sales, and season's archery greetings Very exciting times are at hand...

We've reached beta stage with the upcoming version 3.50. Test builds have been compiled and tested to some extent, and we are ready to move onto releasing the first 3.50 beta version. This will first take place on Steam, and for lifetimers at the forums - and is to be followed with the standalone release on the homepage later on.

By the way, did you know that this year is 100th anniversary of Finland's independence?
Doesn't matter if you didn't, but it's a big year for the country and it all culminates on 6th of December - for that is the independence day of Finland.

On that very day we are celebrating Indie-dependence day for it's been 25 years of playable UnReal World releases.
In other words, the game has been out there for 1/4  of its development nation's official existence. It's either an old game, or a young nation ;)

We try to aim Steam/Lifetimer release of 3.50 beta to take place on 6th - the big indiedependency day.
Because of the anniversary Steam has also agreed to grant a special sale period for a bunch of finnish games. Before the sale is going on we can't exactly say when it starts or ends, but you should know UnReal World is available for a little cheaper price. It's probably our biggest price cut ever to be seen, so if you want to celebrate with us or finally get that Steam copy, the opportunity is around the corner.

And then, it's time fore season's archery greetings...
Over the years people have regularly hinted that could I start up on somekind of bushcraft video channel or so. Now Erkka occasionally drops videos related on variety of trad. chores, and at Enormous Elk videos we sometimes cover as well, but to me the dearest thing to showcase and talk about would be archery. So I'm trying to establish traditional archery channel, hopefully getting it going next year. History and archery, crafts and shoots, books and bows and techniques, and all that. Channel draft is available for early subscriptions:

Now it's three night until the big indiedependency day. Stay tuned.

December 03, 2017, 03:09:34 PM
Re: Lifetimers and Supporting URW/Enormous Elk
In the Dec. 3 Development News, Sami mentioned Lifetimers and their early access to the 3.5 beta.  I've also seen some of the forum posters with their "Honorary Lifetime Supporter Member" badges.

Does this relate to the purchase of a lifetime license?  Are those still available? 

I encountered URW through Steam and can't see where to purchase a lifetime license.  I also can't see this on the URW website.  I do see the donation link, but there is no mention of a perpetual license or access to the beta releases.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  Thanks!

All the lifetimers who have their accounts badged (yes, that honorary lifetime supporter) will find new versions at forum dedicated section. 3.50beta is not released yet, though.

If you are lifetimer who is missing a badge fill this form:

On Steam we don't sell lifetime license. That's something people there wouldn't understand. Basically on Steam we sell a version with updates for some years ahead. There's no definite tags added, but at least if the version number should go up to 4.* it's a new product to be launched on Steam.

Lifetime licenses haven't been actively promoted for quite some time, because co-existence with Steam<>donation-based got confusing enough. But if somebody wants it, I don't stop people from grand donations, and can set up new lifetime members.

December 03, 2017, 06:34:01 PM
Special Steam Sale & Special Greetings A special sale for a bunch of finnish games on Steam has started. This is to celebrate the centenary of Finland's independence and will last until 8th of December.

This 100th year of Finland's independence culminates on 6th of December, for that is our official independence day. During this anniversary period we are also celebrating the extraordinary Indie-dependence days for it's been 25 years of playable UnReal World releases. In other words, the game has been out there for 1/4 of its development nation's official existence. We celebrate with the sales, new video greetings and finally the release of 3.50 beta version on 6th.

You can find your way on our Steam page here, and lifetimers also will find the new video greetings at the forums lifetime membership section.

Otherwise we want to stay thanks, cheers, and respect to you all!

From left to right; Erkka (co-designer), and Sami (creator) shake hands for it's the special Indie-dependence day. 1/4 centenary of playable UnReal World releases, and full centenary of Finland's independence.

December 05, 2017, 07:10:19 PM
Shooting snowballs ...meanwhile in Finland.
It's been snowing, and I've been studying the art of archery, so I gotta share this yesterday's shot to remember:

December 17, 2017, 04:12:15 PM
Re: ##urw IRC Chatroom Pinned. It's so good to remember the IRC room still being there. Would be fun to arrange a few designated chat sessions with me and Erkka participating in 2018.
December 18, 2017, 06:52:29 PM
Re: Value of things We're willing to change it all if proper documents are handed over :P

And no matter how many times it is done, there's always need to be redone. Hehe...we could easily end up in constant loop of tweaking only the prices on yearly basis.

But what's the origin of current prices then? This is from the captain's log (ie. news.txt) in 2012

 - balanced: item prices

   With the help of various historical sources and a few modern studies
        all the item prices have been checked and balanced. Item prices are now
        linked and relative to value of a squirrel hide, which is kind of a
        basic "currency". This "squirrel hide currency" stays a hidden factor,
        but gives us a historically accurate base for item pricing.

December 18, 2017, 07:05:24 PM
Re: Nominate UrW for Steam "Labor of Love" Award I agree so much that I had to pin this topic while the voting is going on :)
December 18, 2017, 07:10:27 PM
Re: Question for Sami Hmm, what to say here. I strangely feel like having to defend myself in a strange position where there is no need to defend at all.

Those who have followed the game for a long time do know that I very rarely speak of this or that being a priority before I'm actually started to work on said features.
One reason being that there are thousands of people with thousands of opinions what is the next hot feature that should be added next.
And another reason being that my creative process with the game is actually kind of chaotic and flexible.

Honestly, I can't say when marriage will be added. You can poke and push but I still do not know. What I know that it's a big thing to add if made properly. And also, as we once had it in the game, I feel that it is not that one big thing missing from the game.
Should we poll about its' priority preference among players? (We can do that)

December 18, 2017, 07:45:55 PM