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Is this new? I got a treasure location from a villager that wanted some Fine arrows. The directions sent me to find an island in Kuikka lands. There were 3 large rocks arranged in a triangle. The treasure was buried between them. So, I took a punt, paddle, and shovel and went searching. Sure enough, I needed the punt just to get around out there and the shovel was required to uncover a treasure. I've not had one hidden this way before. It's usually on a cliff somewhere.

The other thing that I ran across was a herb called ROSEROOT. Never seen it before. So, cool adventure! Has anyone else run across either of these?

May 10, 2020, 07:58:15 AM
Re: Axe haft and spear shaft repair, and alterations On this subject, I OWN the very ax that Abraham Lincoln used to split logs! The head has been replaced and the handle is new, but, it occupies the same space...
May 14, 2020, 07:34:25 PM
Re: Why does the stupid throwaway characters live the longest? I think the next character I start will have to find and live in a village for a year before he can venture out on his own much. If he's lucky, his first village will have a simple shelter in it for him to study, so he can build his own. Otherwise, he'll have to return to the village every night for a place to sleep, until he can get a villager to teach him how to make his own shelter. He'll try to make tradable items while living there, to get some basic things, maybe some cords and rope. I hope he has some kind of ax he can use for wood crafting.

If there are no fishing waters nearby, he'll have to find another village, unless he can, miraculously, trap birds/hares for enough food. He's going to be a vagabond in the village, a vagrant who sleeps often in their unused buildings and asks a lot of questions about how to build things, make things. 


June 17, 2020, 01:59:47 PM
Born in a barn, were ya? Please, teach my Companions to CLOSE THE DOOR behind them.  :P
July 09, 2020, 07:04:20 AM
Re: Roleplaying Lolotov- I think of that scenario differently. I'm playing it as though I've been indentured out and a poorly watched fire killed the man I'm indentured to, during the trek to his holding.

I don't know where I am (could not zoom out until I found high ground) and have spent this first two months learning to build a shelter (from the wounded man quest and one I found built in a village), making some particularly poor fur clothing from a drowned bear I came across. I have not killed anything larger than a squirrel because the biggest trap I know how to make is a pawboard that the wounded man had lying around at his shelter.

The wounded man rewarded me with tales of a hidden treasure on an island. Coincidentally, an old man asked me to help him get a new punt, which I used to reach that very island before I gave it to him. So, With two master axes, 6 bags of grain, two bags of flower, some masterwork fur boots and a few bits of jewelry, the passable meat from a drowned bear, a dead man's sow and belongings, and the Fine broadknife that Father gave me as a parting gift, I mark time in a shelter, in a grove, near a village, near a lake, talking to wise villagers, improving my fishing skill. If I talk to enough hunters, maybe they'll pass on some trapping secrets?  I hope so because the only thing I seem to be good at is stripping off tree bark!   

July 20, 2020, 03:21:03 PM
Re: Villagers will suggest items that are too low-value to be bartered in trades I've found that when it says 'that cut of roasted elk', or in your case a handful of berries, which it then declares unworthy, it really requires TWO cuts or two handfuls of berries or two roasted perch, etc.
July 28, 2020, 01:27:12 PM
Re: Adventurer gone missing & Human footprint tracking  :D I let a Companion go some days back and now I keep seeing him in the vicinity of my cabin. When I check for tracks I find many felled trees that I know were not there before.

Today, I found very fresh tracks and followed them. When I got close I was told that I could hear someone shouting 'I need a tool to butcher this...'. lol. When I found him, it was the guy that had left me. He had no knife at all so I gave him my broad knife, with which he immediately started to butcher the bird carcass he was standing on. If I ever get a big bull, I'll have a lot of trees to carry home. The guy just keeps chopping them down.

August 01, 2020, 11:20:21 AM
Re: Have you bought a hunting horn´╝č Re: Superior furs- Even though you may have 100% skill at hideworking and use a Masterwork Broad knife, there are multiple steps in processing furs that can fail and the skinning is only the first. When you have the good fortune to peel off a Superior skin, you should avoid working the skin further until you are fully rested.  If you're even a little bit tired, store the skin in a cellar until you've slept, before you take the next step. I always strip down my clothing/gear to the minimum when I'm working a Superior skin. The percentages for success are very low so minimize negatives when possible. 

Re: Hunting Horn- I buy one with my guys. When I used to use my dogs for chase and hunting they would often go out of my hearing range when pursuing an animal. Now I keep dogs for protection and don't care to risk their loss or injury during hunting so my dogs only go out of sight when they are badly injured when fighting and flee.

Do horns work when dogs are out of shouting range? It's not possible to say because there's no feedback in game that one can attribute solely to the horn's use. I can say that since I've been carrying a horn I have not lost any dogs. Before I had horns I'd lost several dogs that just failed to return when called.

August 05, 2020, 06:28:01 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? My newest guy, who has been able to get nothing better than a harsh skin or fur from the few squirrels, hares, and birds he'd trapped, recently chased down a lynx. One arrow rendered it unconscious and then it was clubbed to death. I had a Companion who claimed he had moderate hideworking skills, so, I told him to skin and butcher it. He couldn't do any worse than me!

Anyway, he produced a SUPERIOR skin! I rested up for every step in the tanning process, stripped down, and used his assistance. In the end, I got a Superior lynx fur!

This guy, whom I play as an indentured servant who was marooned in the deep forest far from home when his new master died from a fire (Not all who wander), has had some fortunate occurrences.

In the first village he found, he was asked to supply branches for fires and got the '5 squirrels' reward. Then he found a drowned bear which he skinned. He got the meat and some harsh bear fur armor from the skin.

Soon after, he found a wounded adventurer whose reward was a hidden treasure on an island. Coincidentally, he'd just gotten the 'Punt' quest. Using that punt, he found the island, recovered the rich reward, and turned in the punt. And now he has that excellent Lynx fur.

August 06, 2020, 12:04:12 PM
Re: How do I build wealth

I usually do simple wooden crafts and arrows in the early game, until I can get some decent tools for crafting. Usually the first major score happens when I kill a njerpez

Which is now much more dangerous because Njerp can travel in groups!

August 09, 2020, 07:21:10 PM