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Re: Late Game Boredom I've thought it might be interesting to have village Sages request journeys to acquire/deliver/trade their medicines to other tribes. Maybe villages could hire the character to build structures for them if he's highly skilled, or to tan their hides. 

Shouldn't Foreign Traders have a few armed guards? Do villagers ever take their flocks and herds into the fields? Shouldn't it take a while to train dogs for hunting?

February 10, 2020, 04:39:25 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player I have recovered lost javelins from piles of elk bones I've found, several times. Sometimes the creatures are just too clever for me and I lose their track when they pass through a thoroughly trodden area, and when the blood trail peters out. Then they die of blood loss and I lose the javelins. And I've recovered javelins from fully recovered, previously hunted, animals.

The one-hex islands are most easily found within rapids, although I have found them in lakes, too.

While pets never suffer from exposure, I've had Companions drown while I stood all night on a one-hex island. I'd told him to Stay! He didn't listen.

I've taken serious damage from a pet sow which I'd accidentally struck while killing a trapped animal. Attacked from behind. I've been seriously injured twice by surprise attacks by a bear from behind. Once I went over a blind hill chasing a wounded elk and stumbled immediately into a bear. Serious injury. I've never been attacked in my sleep.

When a dog barks at me after they've been fed, I usually give them another bite to eat. They often eat it. Otoh, cattle and deer will moo and snort for no reason at all.

I used to send my dogs after game to run it down. Now, I use tracking and just keep after them until they're exhausted...or escape. The best way to do this is in large areas of open-type mires where they can't use the forests to hide or slow you down. I've never had a chase last a whole day.

February 10, 2020, 05:31:15 AM
Re: No Finnish version? Do you think Schubert got the same questions about his UnFinnished Sonata? (hehehe)
February 12, 2020, 01:56:18 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player Now nearing the 4th year with a character. I've had some smoked meat that spoiled even in the cellar. I made a habit of hiring Companions and buying items with the smoked meats, thereafter, to get rid of it before it went bad.

I've also had some foods like grain/beans/flour that spoiled, that I'd not kept in the cellar. I've still got lake reed roots and flour from the first year that has stayed viable in the cellar. I have not had any herbs go bad yet.

There doesn't seem to be any correlation to the amount of wood and the chance of starting a fire. I've failed a dozen times to light a cabin fireplace with 16 branches and likewise failed a dozen times outside with only 3 branches.

I've gotten messages saying I'm cold INSIDE my cabin when the temp drops significantly. I've been awakened from sleep by the cold, inside the cabin. Having lost my first established character to the cold, I always try to keep the cabin warm. The only way I can think of to test the cabin's warmth is to try to bake bread, or cook a stew. If it says I can't, I assume the cabin is getting cold.

Note that you can make cooked food spoil by leaving it too long by the fire. So, cooking inside village houses with their long-lasting fires can result in spoilage if you walk away for a while. Palu's "3 twigs" fires are always safe, but you can't do the more advanced dishes with just a campfire.

Regarding that Masterwork staff, it will probably result in a FINE javelin. I've made Fine javelins from Fine staffs. I'm keeping my Masterwork staff...heh.

As for cooking large batches of meat, I pick it all up and keep pressing the 'R' key, to get it done quickly. That's always been with newer characters who had not the needed cords or the like to smoke/dry it.
I've had meat that spoiled before I could finish the roasting even as I raced to cook it all. At least it's still good for dog food. Occasionally, I've traded the whole of a kill, cut down, while it's uncooked.

Re: Companion skills- Companion's fires last a goodly amount of time. They don't use any wood, it's just magic!

They seem to fell trees in accordance with their given skill level, possibly even faster. I've had a master down a dozen in a day with a handaxe! My guy would be too tired out to do so many. On the downside, they'll cut down trees randomly. They don't care if that tree is part of your fence. It seems they ONLY cut down large spruce trees. I could be wrong on that, but, they've avoided the birch and alders around my cabin. Think I'll take one to a grove and test that.

They'll make logs from tree trunks, nothing special. Maybe it's just me but they seem to take a long time doing it for small results.
They are acceptable at skinning/butchering. The pelts I've gotten from them have been either Decent or Fine. Otoh, waiting around for them while they skin a kill is monotonous. I'd like to hear how timely they perform this when you, also, have a carcass to skin/butcher.

They roast whatever uncooked foods you give them. If you don't take it from them, they'll eat it, too.

February 15, 2020, 04:44:43 PM
Re: Various questions from a new player I've never tried to get my Companions killed, either, although I've lost a fair number of them to combat and one to nature. When they die, their gear goes into my stash.

Unlike many folks here, I've never hired a large crew to hunt down robbers or Njerp villages. In fact, I only really want them (one of them) to help me deal with the individual Njerp I run across in my general area. I just consider it necessary because they can, and do, find their way to my settlement. It's been a shock to me to look up from some activity near home and find a Njerp, or a robber gang, heading for me.

Anyway, after taking a few arrows in the back, and from the stories people have related of their experiences with Companion gangs, I usually won't hire a Companion that has a bow and arrows. However, since they often offer the arrows in trade, I sometimes trade for their arrows and THEN hire them.

When they leave your employ, Companions often have pathing problems. My last one such forced me to open a hole in my fence because he wouldn't climb over it. When they reach a river, they can take a long time crossing over it. I've had another just stand in the road for weeks, even though his village was close by. I thought he was a robber and finally hired a guy and went to confront him, only to find it was a previous hire.

This is NOT gospel, but, supposedly the weapon quality affects the amount of damage inflicted, so, presumably, the armor quality could affect the damage taken. Otoh, I've been one-shotted by an arrow through the eyehole of my Masterwork Iron Spectacle helm, so, 'put not your faith in the works of Man' It makes a difference, too, what weapon type is used against you. Dark green can change to a lesser color, depending on the damage type the weapon causes.

(Edit: I took a Companion into a grove next to a village and told him to fell trees. He walked right through the grove, ignoring all the trees, and was heading into the village, apparently to cross it and get to some spruce trees on the other border.)

February 15, 2020, 10:51:46 PM
Re: I swear by shutters! A different character, in-cabin with 8 shutters. I wake in daylight and am setting about feeding my dogs, who slept inside with me (it was a two-dog when my dogs start barking alarm!

Prowling my cabin was a wolf pack and they're right next to the door! At point-blank range, through the shutter, my first shot puts one down, unconscious.  I shoot him again and he jumps and runs, taking 1 more hit of the next three arrows I fired. Then I open my door and target the 2nd wolf with my best broadhead arrow and HE starts running. I follow the blood trail of the first wolf and find him dead on the ice of the river. Following the 2nd wolf's blood trail, he, too, has died of blood loss.

I skin and butcher them inside and get two decent hides and 70 cuts. After preparing the hides, I check the big deadfall that's placed across the frozen ford I've built on and there's a third wolf caught in it!

In the end, he rendered a fine winter pelt and another 30 cuts. If I had NOT had shutters, I'd have walked out my door smack into the pair of wolves!

February 22, 2020, 02:56:48 AM
Re: Various questions from a new player Just another edit to my previous post: Companions apparently only fell large spruce AND large pine trees. They seem to ignore the trees on which one can strip bark.
February 23, 2020, 01:36:48 PM
The Kalevala It was interesting to see, on Steam, the celebration of the 10,000 days-long development of Unreal World.

I happened to be re-reading 'The Compleat Enchanter' in which travelers arrived within the Kalevala and joined Lemmenkainen in a fight against the folk of Pohjola. There was the 'Elk of Hiisi' and a wall of serpents that turned out to be just magicked lingonberries, stories of enormous banquets and challenges, of deadly assassins and outsized heroics.

Fun reading these and recognizing some aspects of the game borne out.

March 02, 2020, 01:01:58 AM
Re: Raft left on strategic map Will do, Sami.  :)
March 02, 2020, 06:29:09 PM
Re: Companion - does their help worth the food? If you want to get your money's worth, hunt down a Njerp and let your Companion take the lead. Either he'll win and you get the spoils, or he'll lose and you'll have to clean up and STILL you get the spoils, including whatever the Companion possessed. The loot will usually be worth much more than the cost of hiring and paying off the Companion.

For work around the settlement, I've found them very useful. When they fell trees, I haul them where needed. When I have enough, I have him make logs from trunks and make boards when I need them. They do a good job skinning and butchering, helping me move heavy loads, and any tasks I set for myself, like tanning, making logs, etc. While he works, I can perform other tasks, go fishing, craft, etc.

As for their worth, the FOOD is just the initial cost. I guess it varies depending on the length of hire. Thus far, I've only hired Companions for the longest periods so, when it nears ending, they expect some nice payment of gear or furs.

I've never had cause to regret their hire.

March 08, 2020, 03:52:20 AM