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Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? There are some things interesting happening in my game right now.

Started as Kaumo, I was blessed with a lucky roll so I have nearly perfect stats. Started in the no man's land in the middle of Kaumo and Remi with hurt, helpless and afraid start in spring. I wouldn't have survived if the tutorial didn't gave me a fishing rod.

Anyways, after getting back on my feet and getting stuff I went to Remi land to trade for tools, dogs and a bull. The bull died after a wolf raided my camp, luckily I killed the wolf. The dogs are still around but they have received a lot of abuse while hunting, one even started bleeding but luckily it didn't die. With the tools, I started building a cabin in southern Kaumo, and while I was at it one day I found day old human tracks steps away from my building site. After tracking it down turns out there was a Njerpez literally in the square diagonal of my cabin, i'm very lucky he didn't attack me while I was working or sleeping and strangely enough my dogs didn't bark at all. I swiftly got rid of him.

After some time after that I noticed a sudden disappearance in Kaumo cultural territory, so I decided to investigate. While I was at it I was ambushed by vagabond robbers. thankfully, it was in the middle of the woods and the visibility was poor so I did the most sensible thing in the moment: Once the map loaded I turned around and ran until i got 100% exhaustion and I could exit to the overworld. I was not sure i could take them so I just went safe. My dogs were left behind but after some flanking in the overworld I recovered them.

My playthrough has been very lucky. Lady luck certainly gave me her blessing.

September 03, 2018, 03:01:49 PM
Re: How to get early game food supply since fishing nerf Yeah, it was hard to get used to it too. Instead of a persistent activity that you do until you catch something, active fishing became something you should do once a day just to try your luck or something. Do it once when you wake up, maybe two if the activity takes less than 2 hours, and then stop. If you caught something then good, if not then tough luck and try the next day. If you keep persisting you will just waste the day and get hungry needlessly.

Berries and herbs seem to be the way to go. Don't worry about losing nutrition, they reach a point where eating them will just barely fend off starvation. They also are plentiful and easy to get so it compensates for getting hungry faster too. Just don't start on winter or spring, they are a death sentence at this point.

I like the changes too, it makes winter feel more dreadful. It's actually scary to think how much more preparation you need to do now that clothes need coords to make, bows and fishing rods need maintenance to the bowstring/hook and villagers don't accept many boards or stale cooked meat now. I actually found myself making arrows for the first time ever. it's exciting.

October 17, 2021, 05:17:02 PM
Re: help with hunting and trapping I am by no means and expert, so anything I say can probably be improved upon, but I have had my fair share of successes as a hunter in this game, so here is a summary of what I do for hunting:

- You need to think about you want to hunt and be equipped accordingly. It's nice to be an opportunist and hunt whatever you find on the spot, but some animals are near impossible to get with certain tactics. For example, most small animals are impossible to get with persistent hunting, so you need to keep traps with you. Berries bait for birds, raw meat for foxes and turnips for hares. Be sure to keep stuff with your for the ocassion you think you might find.

- When you spot an animal you think you could trap, set the trap with bait as close as possible and continue your way. More traps if you think there are multiple animals (happens a lot with birds). Some people opt for trap spamming but I honestly never see the benefit of that vs the effort it is to set up all the traps.

- If the animal is something you think you could persistent hunt, like a reindeer or an Elk, be sure to be as unencumbered as you possibly can. Use a combination of wilderness view and track following to find your prey and think outside the box when it comes about corraling it. If it escaped the moment you tried to bring it down it doesn't mean you failed, just track it down and try again. What I do is set up a camp as close to the prey as possible and dump all my unnecessaries and food there so I can focus on the hunt and go back to camp to sleep. If you are particularly commited and the prey is particularly elusive, this process can very well take days, so be sure to have food with you.

- Do not be afraid to travel long distances from your main camp in search of prey. And with this I mean literallly weeks away from what you consider your homelands. Hoping animals will happen to be near your bases is wishful thinking. Just bring an axe for the shelters and keep a look on the skies. With weatherlore you can check if it will rain, in which case you can pass the night with only a bunch of spruce branches(I forgot the name, the ones you make shelters with) beneath you.

- The world is quite empty but not as empty as it seems. Travel in local map as much as you can stomach it instead of in wilderness map. it can be very deceiving because animals often don't appear in the distance in wilderness map, you will even fail to see big animals like bears or elks so it's better to be on the lookout. Besides, that way you can find tracks as you travel or learn more things you didn't know about the world, like me who only realized you could actually find bird nests with eggs in them by playing more often in local map. It can get very boring though, it's often about dodging trees endlessly.

- Diversify your food sources. If you travel in local map, you will start noticing the patterns of the plants around you, what grows where and when and even find eggs sometimes. If you can get into routines, try to fish at least once or twice a day in case you fish something, and even better try to keep trap fences in chokepoints or nets fishing for you.

- Unless you are hunting in the winter, it's an inevitability that some of the stuff you get from the big animal will be wasted. If you are hurting for food consider only taking what you can eat before it can rot(it's often around 20 to 30 cuts) and refuse to skin. That way you can keep flexible and on the move right away. Trying to make fur can leave you having to make camp for a couple of days while it gets processed.

- Killing blows is not a matter of just bashing it's skull. It is an opportunity to make an unmissable blow to the target (unless you are really bad at handling the weapon in question) so considering blunt attacks until the prey is down and then for the killing blow do something like a stab to the skull or something similar so it dies quickly.

That's all I can think at the moment, not sure what else I could say about it.

November 27, 2021, 12:25:02 AM