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Re: Other roguelikes I have trawled most of the roguelikes out there and the one thing that really is a draw for me is the level of depth and detail that other games don't offer. I've been playing games very consistently since I was 3 (I'm 25) and nowadays the over simplified games just bore me so even though I'm late to the scene I went pretty hard into roguelikes the last few years.

Cataclysm DDA and unreal world are tops for two very different reasons. Unreal world is the pure experience of nothing but me vs nature using historical techniques and when I'd rather scratch that itch from the comfort of my recliner instead of actually running around the forest thats my go to. It rains all. freaking. winter. Even i can only take so much rain.

Cataclysm has its tedious points but it also has its strokes of pure genius. It aims to be the most realistic unrealistic apocalypse simulator if that makes sense. So it does involve a certain amount of tedium. After all, life does too. But what really brings me back aside from the everything you can imagine in one game aspect is the sheer limitless ways to solve a problem ranging from the wholly pragmatic to the downright silly (and maybe stupid). You want whats in that science lab dont want to bother trying to find an ID card? Get a cargo truck, drive really REALLY fast and pray you dont die from the car crash and that you dont stop 1 tile short of the turret you needed to crush under your merciless tires. Ive built sound traps on the other side of lava fissures to bait zombies into the fire. Ive burned down whole fields of woman eating fungus with nothing but matches. Ive made fire traps as a mutant spider lady just by laying web and burning it, maybe throw some ammo or explosives in the middle and you have a very... interesting.. bomb. The sky is really the limit but it is a bit of an acquired taste.

Neo scav is nice as a much more relaxed post apocalyptic urban survival game. You have no zombies you do have strange creatures, a mysterious cataclysm, a rough story to follow and all the loot you could ever want. Even better with mods like extended neo scav or Mighty mini mod of doom (Mmod).

The long dark is my go to when i wish Unreal World had a 3d version. Its nowhere near the beautiful level of depth but it does give me that minutes away from death feel. On interloper of course. Thats the only way i play it. I gather what meager scraps of loot I can and stave off starvation, freezing weather and wolves long enough to get to timberwolf mountain where i finish my days. Its brutal when i play it that way and I love every minute of it.

A couple of honorable mentions the table top style mount and blade esque games, Battle Brothers and and low magic age. They are both low to middle fantasy "mercenary band" roguelikes. Pretty self explanatory but they scratch my tactical strategy itch when i don't want to go full masochism and play XCOM + long war or xenonauts + Xdivision.

Darkest Dungeon for the ultimate experience in battling despair and Don't starve for a rather odd take on survival. It wasn't quite my cup of tea but plenty of people love it to death.

August 27, 2018, 02:46:06 PM
Re: Some new player's feedback Well i don't generally like blaming thing's on the player but there was a certain amount of negligence on your part. The whole point of this game is that it is up to you to judge whether an action is worth the risk or not. There are feedback mechanisms in place to give you the info you need. Obviously they aren't precise. People in Iron Age Finland would not have very precise tools to gauge things like ice depth or temperature. You could hack a hole in the ice and use the haft of your spear to measure maybe but at this point it feels sort of like splitting hairs. Honestly you can accomplish a similar effect by taking note of the season. For example if its early enough in fall or late enough in spring that a large lake (like 5 overworld tiles or more) is not completely frozen i don't usually mess with it. Another trick to use is to use L to look at an empty tile of snow and see how deep the snow is. It gives a good idea of how long the temps have consistently stayed below freezing. If it says calf deep or knee deep then i know its safe to travel the ice. Ive saved a couple characters from starvation in winter by carefully salvaging an elk that drowned when it fell through the ice and i knew i could make it back to land.

This happened because you travelled at a risky time of year and you assumed it was safe and travelled on the overworld which is a careless form of travel. It covers a lot of ground and the way i see it you weren't paying attention so your character wasn't and so you fell through and drowned. It isn't a cheap death it is a valuable lesson to be more cautious.

For diseases we don't really have an in depth system yet but you assume that all because there are micro-organisms that they must be pathenogenic (disease causing). Most bacteria are in fact harmless and even the ones that aren't have to be sufficient in numbers to overwhelm the immune system. Drinking untreated water is hardly a death sentence. In fact I do it all the time where i live and haven't once gotten sick. I live near the source in a cold and mostly untouched wilderness and i only drink fast running clear water. Tape worm is a product of eating raw meat.

Most of those water born illnesses thrive in much warmer climates and are a product of stagnation or improper waste management. Add to the fact that these people are native to the area and have fair immunity and its not unheard of for water born disease to be a rare thing.

If the game says you are very cold and you are noticing your temperature dropping quickly thats a very obvious sign that you should think about warming up soon. It doesn't take long to freeze especially scantily clad in north like that. People have died of hypothermia in much warmer temps than that. The game does give you that input but its up to you to notice and do something about it.

I do think it would be great to be able to repair cloth items but I get the impression that in the time this game is set the people only know how to make iron tools and that complex iron armor like lamellar or chain are imported from elsewhere in europe and traded for furs. It seems that the driik only have them because they trade with the foreign traders for them.

I guess my tips would be to treat the game with the same patience and caution you would in real life. You wouldn't just go leaping onto the ice would you? You would investigate first. So look at the snow. Cut a hole in the ice and see how long it takes. Does it take 5 mins? The ice is probably too thin then. A half an hour? Good lord that ice is thick.. i think ill haul my hungry ass out there for some trout fishing.

Not sure if the weather is safe for travel? Check it. Step outside your shelter or hut or cabin or kota and wait a few minutes and see how your temperature adjusts. Thats the games way of telling you what your character feels. Does your temp drop very quickly and how low does it go? Do you drop to cold in a few turns? Then its much too cold for long distance travel. Best to hold out until the weather improves.

As for cordage breaking when you smoke meats. I think that it should only degrade where a heat source is applied. A cord could easily be very brittle or even burnt after a long time spent above a fire, but if it just sat outside tied to your eaves all winter theres no reason it shouldn't be reusable. And i think that bandages should be able to be reused in minor to moderate injuries. If an injury is too severe like with a break, crush or deep wound then just the amount of time youd have to wear it and demanding lifestyle should be enough to destroy it.

If you are really looking for more ways to die we could always implement infection. Now that is a very real threat to someone in that time. Then all those antiseptic herbs would be more precious than ever.  ;D

August 27, 2018, 04:03:43 PM