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Re: Universal size in URW
Different size of wearables mean increase in number of items.

So when we had a stack of 3 linen shirts, for example, which is one line of item.
 Now we have 3 different lines of 1 (small/medium/large) linen shirts.

Which put heavy, heavy demand on cell/map item storage.

I say no change to this. Let sleeping dog lie~
Doesn't actually make much of a difference in practice, because virtually all of the clothing items you bring back from fights are worn to different levels so they don't stack anyway.

However, I agree it's a change that should be a fair bit down on the priority list (placing it for implementation around 2050 or so).

February 22, 2019, 08:57:13 AM
Re: What are some good early game barter items? I'm generally trying to go along the self sufficiency route with trading limited to items that can't be produced, and on that path the meat from the first big kill is useful. You can't eat all that meat anyway before it goes bad, so I tend to roast it and haul it to the nearest village to trade for some essential item(s). The same goes for further kills until I get the resources (a "sauna" and cords) to preserve the meat for my own character's use (I know you can use a real sauna in a village to smoke meat, but I've never done that).

Killing Njerps is dangerous, but definitely lucrative. If you've got a fast character it can be done comparatively safely, provided the Njerp doesn't have ranged weapons, while a slower character will take a significant risk. Also note that rocks can be used to pelt a slower enemy once the bugger has been worn down by exhaustion. In fact, when an enemy is breathless, you can lead them around and then go back and pick up the used rocks to throw them again. I generally don't use more than 3 javelins, 2 of which are thrown and the third being used as an emergency spear, while a decent pile of rocks are used for the bulk of the task, but mind the load so the enemy doesn't get a chance to catch up!

March 09, 2019, 09:56:13 AM
Re: Tips for agriculture? I use more "modern" field agriculture, which means I remove all trees in the farming area and prepare the soil in square tiles. This part of the clearing is performed during the first winter (I start my characters in "spring"). This part also contains preparing for the burning by cutting and placing branches so they're ready to be set on fire.

My plots are 9*9, and I place branches on every second row, so I set fire at one row, and by the time I've set fire to the last tile the first one has burned out, so I can then go back to prepare the soil there. Depending on the RNG, I can generally prepare 2-3 rows per day (preparation includes having food for the two months it takes to prepare all of my rather extensive farming area). Once I've prepared the soil in the pre prepared tiles, I place branches on the rows in between (using stacks of branches prepared in advance) and then do a second pass to take care of those.
If you don't remove trees the fires can set trees on fire, which may potentially connect lines of branches so that more is burned than you had intended. It's worth noting that lighting a fire in a tile adjacent to a tile on fire is a lot easier than to set fire on an isolated tile (I think it never fails), which is a reason to go for lines or rectangles of branches.

I plant seeds as soon as I can, so the seed selection for plots depends on the order in which they're prepared. Check the wiki on to see which seeds can be planted in which months. Turnips are good beginners crops as they are large and give a good yield even with a poor skill. In addition to that, you can get two crops per year out of them if the frost isn't late in departing. Also note that different crops wither at different times (again, check the wiki).

Also note that you need a mod to make clothing out of your agriculture, as the vanilla game only provides food.

There are basically three kinds of crops: cereal (rye and barley), veggies (turnips, peas, broad beans [I may have missed something]), and spices, plus seeds. What you can make depends on whether you use vanilla or a mod (I use the Njerp Cooking Mod).

I start with turnips, rye/barley (barley is actually more nutritious, but has lower yield), and hemp and/or nettles, and gradually replace turnips with broad beans (peas are inferior to broad beans for everything), and change to yarrow for spicing eventually (it's a fair bit of work to collect the seeds, and a bit messy to grow them as you have to forego flowers to get seeds, and the yield is fairly poor as they're small).

March 09, 2019, 10:49:57 PM
Re: [Diary entry] Skiing and tracking Well, at least you had snow cover, so it's reasonably easy to follow your own tracks backwards. I bet it's a lot harder during summer...

When it comes to my leashed cow/dog in UrW, I zoom out and make a note on the tile and try to leave the tile on the overland map to be able to zoom back in at the correct location when I return. That tactic doesn't work at all in real life, though...

March 09, 2019, 10:59:36 PM
Re: Entire field gone overnight, twice I don't think it's a bug. For some plants you can start sowing seeds earlier than their sprouting time, and in those cases UrW provides a feedback that you've planted in the form of immediately sprouted plant graphics, but they're gone the next day. However, they'll sprout normally when it's time (and then they're at the mercy of badgers and other marauders that eat the growing crops...).

It can be noted that an exploit to increase the agriculture skill (at the cost of seeds and only a little time) is to plant the same field over and over again. If you want to maximize the gains without explicit exploits you can keep track of how many points you agriculture skill has increased in a day and cease the planting once you've gotten the maximum 3 points and then resume the planting the next day, for a new batch of skill points (although you rarely get 3 in a day).

Otherwise, agriculture is actually one of the fastest increasing skills, in my experience, as planting, in particular, is fairly generous with points per time spent.

March 11, 2019, 09:54:28 PM
Re: Njeperz, who are they and why? - Red is a commonly used "danger" and "enemy" color. There definitely shouldn't be any Communist association, given that this is a much much later "invention".
- The Njerps are loosely based on various slavic peoples east/southeast of Finland. The game needs an enemy to spice things up, and the choices would basically have been people from the east or people from the west. The choice fell on the eastern ones, with the traders coming from Scandinavia (despite their Gothic, rather than Scandinavian, sounding names).
- The UrW time frame is loosely during the 800-1200 era.
- The peoples of UrW are the peoples of Finland, not merely the Saami: those are represented by the norther tribes. The UrW map is sort of a map of Finland, with the southern coastline matching the coastline in the south, the western and northern shorelines corresponds to the western coastline (the northern waters does not represent the arctic sea), while the land connection to Scandinavia is absent. You could also consider it a map projection artifact, with the land bridge connecting to the "eastern" side of the map.

March 27, 2019, 05:46:39 PM
Re: Wits for wandering NPCs and companions - the future version focus I agree with Mati256. If you're aiming for a family eventually, this ought to provide some foundation building blocks. If not, this is a worthwhile addition in itself.
April 21, 2019, 06:52:22 PM
Re: Can't finish the ritual-quest! I believe you use the "general sacrifice" ritual while standing on the ant nest (or possibly next to it), and then select the silver item from the list of things presented as the object to sacrifice. I.e. you use the same ritual as you do to appease the spirits of the forest and the ones of the water normally.
April 22, 2019, 02:44:42 PM
Re: NPC hunters gone wild Sounds like a nice piece of ownership logic.
May 24, 2019, 12:12:38 AM
Re: Meaning of [roast], [boil] and [bake] tags? The UrW nutrition model is a bit simplistic, so nutrients are neither gained nor lost by (poor) processing, but some (drying and smoking in particular) concentrate those nutrients in a smaller package, allowing characters to eat more nutrients before the belly gets full.
Water, naturally, doesn't contain any nutrients at all, and so is merely a filler. However, some foods need to be processed in various ways, and all kinds of processing are not available to all foods (you can't roast grain, for instance).

May 25, 2019, 12:29:45 AM