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Re: Lost Ram Quest Question Yes, it's the "<domesticated animal> in forest cover" quest.

Spoiler: show

This is probably the worst quest of them all, and the only one I've had to give up (not counting early robber quests), though I've been successful a number of times.

If you DO succeed, please note whether the tracks are described as ram tracks or sheep tracks (or even ewe tracks) and, if the latter, send a save to Sami. I've had this quest where the tracks were from the incorrect gender of the animal, and Sami would like to examine such a situation (I didn't have a save available).

It is currently not known whether you "only" have to search the forest parts of the area ("forest cover" indicates it should be the case). There's no verified case of the animal sought being found in open terrain, but absence of proof is not proof of absence...

I've tried using tracking on the zoomed out map, but gave up that as it increased the search time by 50% or so and is very unreliable normally (looking for e.g. Njerps you've seen in the distance, or animals you're chasing).

As you noted, spruce infested terrain is horrible to find anything in, and the tracks definitely don't cover a huge part of the tile they're in, so it's quite possible to pass them by.

The method I've used is my standard technique for finding most area quest targets: zig-zag over the area, zooming into each tile, look forward, look backwards, zoom out, move one tile,... and turn at the edge and advance one line. That takes something like 2-5 days depending on light conditions (and pray for absence of precipitation, as the animation is murder on the eyes when staring intently at the screen looking for faint details for hours! [I'd consider temporarily hack the image file to save my eyes the next time I get this quest]).
However, as noted, that method has failed once.
An alternative method I have used only for terrain boundary quests where the target is in spruce infested terrain is to move along the border on the spruce side such that I can just make out the other terrain to the side. It might be that this method, zig-zagging on the zoomed in map is required to have a good chance of finding the tracks, but that's a very time consuming task for the player (I'm not sure it takes longer or a shorter time for the character). I'm fairly sure it won't give you a 100% chance to see the tracks anyway, as the distance at which you can see tracks is limited, in particular when the light conditions and weather are not ideal.

May 08, 2018, 11:15:06 PM
Re: Build a Tower Building a lookout tower is a desirable target, but it should require a fairly large investment to build it.
Getting an automatic extra view for entering a world tile is a bit too powerful, I think. It ought to require an action on such tiles to climb the tower. Climbing down would happen automatically as part of moving to another tile. If you zoomed in to the tile you'd end up at the top in a similar fashion as when you've climbed a tree, and would have to climb down.
Once a tower has been built, it ought to be possible to climb it on the local map in the same fashion as when you climb a tree, but with no risk of falling.

May 13, 2018, 08:49:56 AM
Re: First Mod: Seafood Yes. The answer is no.

Ice thawing/freezing is temperature dependent and varies with the weather. It's not unusual for ice to form and then melt in the autumn, or disappear and then reappear in spring (and disappear again, of course). Apart from temperature, snow thickness also factors in. There should be a hysteresis based on water temperatures changing slower than air temperatures, but if there is one it seems to be weaker than it ought to be.

May 29, 2018, 11:02:12 AM
Re: First Mod: Seafood If you're looking for realism, you may want to check up whether those things were actually available in the area at the time. Someone corrected me when I thought carrots should be available: apparently they're a recent (historically speaking) import from the much further south (northern Africa?). I have a feeling mustard likewise is a later arrival, and would take a closer look at a number of the others.
May 30, 2018, 10:58:47 AM
Re: Vagabonds A vagabond is just a human who doesn't belong to any tribe. There are vagabond villages outside of tribal territory, for instance, and vagabonds can have any of the professions that tribe members can have.
Vagabonds can be recruited as companions just the same as tribal ones, and vagabond adventurers are just the same as tribal ones.
Vagabond robbers are just as much a pest as tribal robbers.

Thus, murdering vagabonds just because they don't belong to any tribe is akin to murdering members of other tribes because they don't belong to your own (or murdering members of a particular tribe because of some reason).

The only possible difference is that I see more vagabond woodsmen, hunters, and adventurers traveling around that I do tribal ones, but on the other hand, my characters settle outside of tribal territory.

Thus, I greet vagabonds (some of them can also provide a quest, although that quest isn't exclusive to vagabonds) and theoretically trade with them (in theory, as I don't have any need to trade). Of course any "adventurer" seen on the map can turn out to be robbers of any tribe, including the vagabond "tribe", so you need to take care with those.

June 05, 2018, 08:33:30 PM
Re: A few noob questions As indicated by other posts, fish isn't cut up into cuts, and since smoking/drying only allows preparation from a single stack, fish are problematic (but 1 cord for 19 salmons is enormously efficient from a cord perspective, in the rare winter case you can pull it off).

I generally settle by rapids just outside of tribal territory. I find the access to open water all year around to be very convenient. I also want nearby terrain where I can place farm plots (i.e. not mire).
The first "building" I make after a shelter is a cellar, as that adds a few days of shelf life to food, and the next one after that is a fake sauna (i.e. a stove rather than a sauna stove, but capable of performing all sauna tasks except a quest related one). This "sauna" is used for cooking and smoking (as well as the occasional sauna bath).
As opposed to Privateer, I build a separate house for sleeping in, and eventually a workshop. The reason for two buildings is that I spread (mod) crafting components into piles around the central tile of the workshop (where the crafting is performed), and I have separate piles of stuff in the "main" building (furs on the cot, a stove (that's never used), jewelry, bandages).

June 08, 2018, 12:36:36 AM
Re: Vagabonds
Yeah, I usually murder them too.  Usually I just ask if they have a quest, and if not, it's murder time.  I do feel slightly guilty, but then again, if you were starving to death in the woods... perhaps you'd do the same
You must be a poor player indeed, if you're character is constantly starving so you have to murder everyone you encounter to get something to eat...

June 09, 2018, 08:30:09 PM
Re: Vagabonds
Yeah, I usually murder them too.  Usually I just ask if they have a quest, and if not, it's murder time.  I do feel slightly guilty, but then again, if you were starving to death in the woods... perhaps you'd do the same
You must be a poor player indeed, if you're character is constantly starving so you have to murder everyone you encounter to get something to eat...

That reply seems a bit harsh, maybe I'm just reading it wrong.
Well, it is harsh, but I think it's rather hypocritical to justify murdering everyone with desperate starvation. If you want to play as a mass murderer, go ahead, but don't justify it with a need for survival. See: "I usually murder them too.  Usually I just ask if they have a quest, and if not, it's murder time.". If it was truly a matter of survival the victim should be murdered regardless of whether a quest could be had or not, as those quests typically result in inedible rewards of information.

I can understand that some players would murder the first person they find to get started, but the spoils of that murder should be sufficient to buy the player time to become self sufficient. If you're using a "just in time" play style when it comes to food you might run into trouble again very occasionally, in particular if you use a house rule of not buying food, and so may decide that prolonged starvation would serve as a justification for an additional murder.

Thus, my response was based on the hypocritical justification rather than the choice of play style.

June 10, 2018, 10:32:45 AM
Re: A very skilled sage You've got the wrong Sami but the right profession. I think the real one is Sartolainen or Reemilainen, i.e. in the east rather than the west.

Others have found Erkkas, but I've failed to find one. The nearby Sami I have is a tribesman, so it's not the right one either.

June 13, 2018, 02:45:14 PM
Re: Rewards from broad beans Yes, it's odd that the plant is lighter than the produce it can result in.  On the other hand, it makes it easier to bring the harvest home...
June 14, 2018, 09:09:37 AM