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Title: A family survival game (in the making)
Post by: Erkka on August 22, 2021, 06:26:48 PM
As many of you might already know, here at Enormous Elk we have another game project in the making. The game is called Ancient Savo, and it is also keeping your family alive in the 1200CE woodlands of Eastern Finland. The time-scale of the game is so that one turn is 24 hours, and the gameplay is about planning actions. Like "fell down that area of woods", "sow rye", "build a cabin". You don't actually see your family members going around their daily business, so it is more like the old Sim City and such management games, where you hover over the map clicking tiles to plan actions. No fighting; cold, hunger and accidents are your only enemy. And the game is designed to be modding-friendly.

The development has been going on, and at the moment we have most of the basic elements set up. We have 2D and 3D graphics, and you can switch mid-game. You can plan actions and watch your children grow. You can visit a marketplace to barter with NPCs.

In addition to my own coding we already have a few rather awesome contributions by other people - like four original music pieces composed, played, recorded and mastered by Erik Torpström from Rogue Analogue.

Learning to code the 3D graphics took some time, but finally it works good enough. So that for coming weeks and months I'll shift my attention back to the actual game-play, balancing values, adding details etc.


EDIT by Erkka at 26th of December 2021 : Removed some outdated information, and here are the fresh additions;

To be honest, I haven't yet gotten to balancing values and adding details. Instead I've been busy with implementing the basics of a modding system, marriage and ability to continue playing as your offspring. All that kind of stuff took more time than I had thought.

Despite lagging a few months behind the intended schedule, the project is still very much alive. A private beta version is available for a restricted audience, and if no fatal bugs are found, there will be public beta sometime towards the end of January, or in February if bughunting eats away time from the actual development.

Apparently the old screenshot got deleted as I updated the project info at Enormous Elk site, so here is a fresh one: