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Title: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.1
Post by: Ezezaguna on May 24, 2020, 07:13:27 AM
Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.1

-EE v1.1 updated to UrW v3.63 and BAC v080.
    Compatible with the new vanilla article additions and some minor changes, mostly some wiki entries fixes.
Hi, people! This is the Extended Encyclopedia, a project that brings more info to the Encyclopedia of the UnrealWorld and its Finnish culture keeping the realistic approach of the authors.

This project started as a support of the Brygun and Community (BAC) mod, in which the Extended Encyclopedia adds entries for the new lifestyles the mod brings, in a way to illustrate and help give a nice an easy understanding of the complex processes of smithing, weaving, boat building, etc, in an entertaining way. But it doesn't end there! This was extended to add information to the existing things of the UnrealWorld. Creating new articles for missing things like habitats, plants, and more.

To keep it simple, the Encyclopedia is a big proyect that I have in mind. A cultural and popular tool for the game that doesn't only provides useful information, but a funny way of learning the old ways of living.
I said cultural because I intend to attach cultural approaches to the articles of the things you do in the UnrealWorld; and popular because I compile existing information, will investigate to write proper information, and will be open to feedback from the comunity. These last taks interweave with the knowledge that have been already done by the people of the past.

It is divided in two main categories and one minor. I) BAC entries, to explain the new objects and processes; II) Native entries, to add new entries or complement existing ones; III) The addition of images (with the historical-realistic approach) for the sake of complement the info.

If you wonder where do I get the info for the moment is just from encyclopedias, dictionaries, wikipedia, the BAC text files (for the BAC entries), and the game's wiki. For the future improvements I will do an academic research that includes reading proper Finnish literature and linguistic studies, because three of the main objectives (you can read it in detail in the files) are: 1) proper cultural information; 2) mythology; 3) Finnish linguistics.

The current version (1.0.0), can be considered the main structure, its foundations and blueprints of the proyect. It covers the main things of the BAC mod and some interesting entries for the UrW, although a lot of work is pending. I am currently working for the next updates.
I will kept it updated and compatible to the latest version of UrW and BAC. For now it's compatible with UrW v3.62 and BAC v076b.

You can read the full info of the project in the Readme and Index files.

Any comments and suggestion will be gladly welcome. You can do it here or send me a PM, I am open to talk.  ;D

Thanks to all the creators of UrW, the BAC, and everyone.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bsv6xx6u8b3eytv/Extended_Encyclopedia_v1.1.rar/file

There may be some grammatical errors, as a non-native speaker I make mistakes sometimes. PM if you find something! ;)

If the link is down, tell me ;)

The link of the BAC mod if you haven't downloaded it: https://www.unrealworld.fi/forums/index.php?topic=4712.0

Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.
Post by: Brygun on May 24, 2020, 03:32:11 PM
Brygun of BAC here.

Endorsing this project. Ezeaguana and I have talked already. Its his idea and his work on this encyclopedia work.

One of my thoughts is that as the text and pics are being compiled for the first while there will be a lot of messages from other community members. If this was in the main BAC thread it would flood that channel so it was my own recommendation to have a separate forum thread.

By all means support him. He has both my blessing and encouragement.

Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: santur_bard on May 25, 2020, 08:53:11 PM
This sounds great, good luck for the project
Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: JP_Finn on May 25, 2020, 10:42:19 PM
I can assist with proof reading, Finnish, et cetera.
I don’t have access to Finnish libraries in California though, so can’t really help with research. (Although I’ve always been “history-buff” and love the outdoors)
Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: Ezezaguna on May 27, 2020, 05:21:42 PM
Thanks for the support, any contribution will be well received  ;D I am currently about to read the Finnish epic poem Kalevala, to see if I can get some mythology. But also I have lots of work at university, so it will be a slow work.
Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: santur_bard on May 29, 2020, 11:14:51 PM
Getting into the Kalevala myself, the Runes are truely beautiful material, the English translation is sweet but I have to assume the original Finnish is stunning.

In the Kalevala for instance Joukahainen's boast to the mage Wainamoinen about about knowing where perch, whiting and salmon can be found match up so well to my Unreal experience of the value/obtainability of these tings.

Essential 'Unreal' living items are referred to almost in a guide in the Kalevala 'this grows here', 'this looks like this', or tracts about spruce and juniper that run through the text make my Unreal experience more immersive knowing a bit more about the cultural and religious background of Iron Age Finland and the Soumi.

Starting to read the adventures of Lemminkainen is definately making Unreal a deeper and more humourous experience.
Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: JP_Finn on May 31, 2020, 06:36:30 PM

u before o

Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: Brygun on July 24, 2020, 03:40:20 AM
Im seeing reports in the BAC of crashes with BAC and EE going when people select ropes. My own BAC-yes EE-no game isn't making this crash. Thus it appears to be an EE issue.

If you look at page 36 of the BAC thread you will see the existing conversations.

Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: Brygun on July 24, 2020, 03:48:51 AM

If an item like rope is moved to different menu how does EE cope with that move? Does it matter?

Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.0.0
Post by: Ezezaguna on July 24, 2020, 04:26:22 AM
I just read the issue, but it is weird. A raw diagnosis that I can tell is that 1) when I was first testing the EE a crash happened with some entries. That was fixed when I deleted the jpg files related to that entry; 2) if an object that is 'cited' in the EE goes to another menu it shouldn't be a problem, since the EE just uses the item name to link it to a text file (the NFO)

I'm going to do some tests now.


Due to the pandemic I have been idle, covid hit hard where I live. Therefore I didn't update the EE to the version 3.63. I'm going to do that now.
Title: Re: Extended Encyclopedia addon v1.1
Post by: Brygun on July 24, 2020, 02:14:05 PM

It was associated with a BAC .zip file erroneously copied into the truetile folder. Don't understand how that did it but that .zip is there in error so has been removed. Users must remove that file from their own Unreal "truetile" directory manually. Copying in a fresh BAC will not delete the extra file, it must be manually removed.